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Pinstripe Over Pinstripes.

So it has been one of those days. You know the days you wake up feeling restless and lazy, despite the fact that you had a full good night sleep?! Yeah that. But despite these lazy feelings, I cooked myself breakfast, swept and washed the living room and kitchen, did dishes (by hand) and folded some clean clothes. Now I am reading some news about a TomKat split. I was a little shocked about when they got together - theirs was a real speedy romance - and I am not gonna lie, I am a little shocked now too, that they announced their divorce. There was one beautiful thing that came out of that 7+year long relationship: their gorgeous daughter Suri. That child is beautiful and fashionable, so stylish and pretty - she takes after her mom, Katie Holmes, whose style and beauty I admire.

Here is a Dressy Trousers' Outfit for you. I actually own a lot of dressy pants and classic, professional trousers but you see me much more in skirts and dresses, instead. I love these trousers though. They…