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Red Americana Shirtdress.

Yesterday I shared a Very Bright Yellow Shirtdress with you on the blog. Today I am sharing a different shirtdress - in a deep red color - and it is currently what I am wearing also. Since the 4th of July is next week I am being my patriotic American self and styled it with White Chucks and pops of Blue via my Necklace, Turquoise Bracelet and Bag. What do you think?
Living in a large metropolitan city like I do, I see so much style and fashion every day especially street style. Today, at one of the local cafes I drink my morning macchiatto (it is a national coffee brand like Starbucks), sitting on two separate tables next to me, I saw ladies wearing dresses with sneakers like I am doing. One was wearing a LBD with White Leather Sneakers like this pair, one a Graphic T-Shirt Dress with White Leather Sneakers, one a Black Pencil Skirt with a Neon Green Blouse and Neon Colorblocked Sneakers like this stunning pair, one had on a LBD with Colorful Neon Running Sneakers like these or these …