Thursday, January 17, 2013

Scarf Collector.

It has been raining like crazy today. I only got out around noon (got picked up with a taxi by a friend). The two of us had lunch out to one of the most favorite restaurants/eateries in Tirana. The place is always crowded and they have very good food and a large menu. We even had dessert. My friend is also pregnant, about 3-4 weeks behind me. She is one of my Best Friends. She is having a Baby Boy. So my little girl will have at least one friend her age, right away. =)

I love when you can take a cozy, warm scarf (with a little fringe) in a beautiful & neutral print (Leopard) and add pizzaz to an otherwise-simple outfit. Scarves are definitely miracle-workers that can make an outfit, for real. Especially when you are pregnant. Especially when you purchaed very little Maternity Clothing while pregnant. Especially when your outfit is neutral (Ivory Top & Blue Jeans)... Well, you get my drift. Speaking of scarves, I purchased 3 new ones last week and I love all three of them. They are all in beautiful prints and they cost me 13 big bucks (for all 3). And as I was organizing my scarves, I counted 26 of them (including these new ones), that is 26 that I have in my closet currently. There are at least a dozen more in boxes where I store Spring/Summer clothes and when I get to do my Spring cleaning I will make sure to get those out & place all scarves in the same place, because really you can wear them all seasons (depending on the material). I also have at least 25 scarves in Michigan. They are waiting for me to get my grubby hands on them, when I go this summer. I guess you can call me a Scarf Collector.

Off-White, Cotton Tunic w/ 3D Flowers by the Neckline: Gruppo Fiori.
Leopard, Knit, Off-White & Brown, Fringe Scarf: Purchased on a Street Vendor in Tirana (New).
Dark, Wide-Legged, Maternity Blue Jeans: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Brown & Gold. Leather & Canvas, Patch-Work, Over-the-Shoulder Bag: Coach.
Off-Black, Cozy, Leather Boots w/ Winter White Faux Fur Inside: Skechers.
P.S. Today is Megan's Birthday. She is turning 23. She is having an E-Party Extravaganza on her Blog, where I participated as well. Check Out My Outfit as well as many other ladies participating. =)