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A Cold+Wet Day Uniform.

Of course I planned to post on my blog earlier and not take a day off again but my schedule this week is jam-packed (you will get to see a sneak-peek of it when I do my "currently" post) and yesterday I decided to do some organizing and take off some of the Christmas decor which is literally in every room and bathdroom. Have you taken down your Christmas tree and decorations yet? Technically January 6th which ends the 40 days of Christmas (which start after Thanksgiving) is the day you should keep your decorations until.
Anyhow, when it is cold and wet out, I like to bundle up with thick ponte leggings (usually even with a pair of tights underneath them), a cozy long cardigan with another thin layer under it, knee-high leather boots or rain boots, wool beanie+wool scarf, down coat and even gloves. This is what I did here for a very cold evening on a dinner date with my husband. A black+gray monochromatic combination is on point for Winter. Is this kind of uniform one you wer…