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Thursday Moda #137: Millenial Pink (Again), Red and a Little Gingham Cutie.

If you follow me on Instagram (please do, if you don't already and I really appreciate it), you already know from my latest post that our temperatures dropped, they dropped a lot. This week has been freezing. Mornings and nights are as low as 35-38 degrees and during the day 44 degrees has been the highest but very windy which makes it feel a lot colder. It is funny how last week during Thursday Moda I blogged my short-sleeve tweed dress which I styled with no tights (as is) last Tuesday when I wore it - when it was 82 degrees - while the day I wore this outfit coats were a must as our temps were cut in half. That is Michigan for you. I am not surprised though as it is already half-way through October AND even some states like Texas had some cities experience temps in the high 30s and low 40s. Plus, it has already snowed in some areas in America.

MILLENNIAL  PINK  AND   RED. Just like yesterday's post today I am continuing to wear Millennial Pink because I love it and I am obses…