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Deep Blue and Deep Red.

TGIF Anyone?! Well, I for one am thankful it is Friday. I leave work @ 5.00 and I should be home by 5.45-6.00. And tomorrow I am OFF (I haven't had a day off in exactly two weeks.) Since I only got 6 hours of sleep last night, I think I will take a nap and then wash my huge pile of dishes. I don't mind washing them by hand, and that's not just because we don't have a dish-washer. In USA, I always had a dish-washer (it's an American thing) but never used it. Sometimes (rarely) my dishes get out of control that we run out of utensils to eat with. But for me it's really a matter of getting to them, cause once I do I don't mind washing away, as disgusting as they may be. It gives me pleasure. Plus, I usually use a moisturizing dishwasher with a good smell (currently it's Pomegranate). I wanted to get them done last night but I got home sort of late (6.15) and was tired so I layed my feet and facebooked and an hour or so later met up my friend who has come t…