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13 + 14: Take One Pass it On, Part 1 - Floral Midi Skirt.

Another 'challenge' I wanted to accomplish within my 30 for 30 Summer Remix, was to do at least 3 Outfits where I took one item from the first outfit and passed it on to the second outfit, then I took another item and passed it on to the third outfit - OK you get it. In today's and tomorrow's post I am doing just that. First, I am starting with my Gorgeous Floral Skirt. I wore this Skirt in both of the Outfits on the same day, first for the daytime and later for late afternoon/evening when I attended a Baby Boy's Shower.
First up I did a Double Floral Look, mixing a Multi-Colored Bright Floral with a more Subtle Black+White Floral Print. I have mixed Florals before with this Midi Skirt, however Today's Inspiration comes from The Real Arnolds. Stylish Amy who loves Floral Print tried it here in a Dressy, Feminine Outfit mixing a Dress with a Kimono and I ended up loving it. I also love my own take and the more I wear both this Skirt and this Floral Jacquard Tank…