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Navy+White Pattern Mixing with Plaid and Polka Dots.

Hi Guys. How are you this Thursday? Any plans for the evening? I am watching the marathon of "Project Runway" today, mostly. I am anticipating tonight's finale. I am hoping either Dom or Justin win. Does anyone watch the show? If so, let's discuss. =)

My Mom, Vivian & I wanted to do some last-day shopping at the mall. But the weather is cold, raining hard and just miserable. I was afraid to take Viv out in such awful weather. The Outfit you get today was from another day of shopping (albeit it was warm & sunny). Coincidentally I didn't buy anything that day, despite going at Target. There were a couple of things I wanted but I kept my money instead.

This Outfit today came out so nice. I was so proud of it. I am wearing 2 Colors I love: Navy & White. I am pattern-mixing 2 Patterns I love: Polka Dots & Plaid. At the same time I am wearing a Pretty, New Chambray Top. And I am also hitting 2 birds with one stone. This Outfit is perfect for Laura &…