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Recapping 2015: July and August.

Finally another year in review post! Finally I am sitting down to write another detailed throw-back/recap post for my 2015 year in blogging. We last left off with June. You can also read April+May here, March here and January+February here. July and August of last year were a little unusual and off months for me. See, there were a ton I had to do, a lot of people to see, places to visit, things to get ready for, another vacation and my big upcoming trip+flight back to Michigan. Over 75 outfits were worn during these two months but not even half of them were blogged. I had several other blogging buddies who helped me during these hot Summer months. They took turns guest posting for me. In today's post I am highlighting some of my favorite looks from these Guest Bloggers, too.

July was not only a super busy month for me but also a very hot month. My cousin from Michigan visited Albania that month so we got to see him and his new fiance a few times. I also managed a few date nights wi…