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Thursday Moda #187: My Sweet, Little, Pink Butterfly.

Don't I have a sweet little girl or what?! Every day I wake up and no matter how many things can go wrong, how much of a stressful day I may have ahead of me, I always look at her before she wakes up, as she sleeps peacefully next to me, her eyes closed and when she looks even more beautiful, I remind and tell myself how blessed and lucky I am. This creature who is six and a half years old and who is now a first grader is my beautiful daughter, my peace and joy, my happiness, my heart, my entire world actually. YES I AM BLESSED. GOD IS GOOD. And I am grateful!
MY  SWEET,  LITTLE,  PINK  BUTTERFLY. My daughter is my sweet, little, pink butterfly and I am not just describing her dress which is in a vibrant shade of coral red with bursting yellow and pink butterflies. Vivian's dress is the true metaphor for the title of this post. The title I chose is also a true metaphor about who Vivian is, really. Viv is a sweet little girl, who has a sassy, bold, bright and friendly personality…