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Bright, Almost-Neon Colors and Preppiness.

Hello and Happy Monday. I know a lot of you are looking forward to having many days off from work, spending quality time with family, enjoying a rich Thanksgiving meal and doing some Holiday Shopping for yourself and others this coming weekend. Probably the last thing on your minds would be the blog, but I plan on blogging daily or close to daily this week since due to living in Albania, there is no Thanksgiving here though I will celebrate with my loved ones, in spirit. At the most I got planned this week is getting some new Christmas Lights and a few Decorations and hopefully by no later than Sunday is putting the tree, up. =) What are your plans?

This is one of the 4 Outfits I wore on my last 2 days in Michigan, as a lot of relatives and some friends came to visit and say Goodbye to Us. This was only one of the 2 Outfits that I photographed on its own. I knew we would take a lot of Family Photos too, and since it was cold as well, I wanted to wear Bright Colors. We were inside, aft…