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Colorblocking Galore and a Bunch of Baby Beauty!

I am sorry girls. Once again, I missed a weekday from this month to post. I meant to but we had some Internet mishaps. Our Internet connection has been slow, inconsistent & cuts off often, lately. So since my brother was off yesterday, that was one of the things he took care of. It is better now. We will see.

Today's Outfit is a Rainbow of Colors. I got Green, Red, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Turquoise & Coral going on. It fits perfectly for Erin's (with Laura) Trend of the Week which this week is Colorblock. The major color-blocking is between the Button-Down Shirt & the Shorts. I also added 2 additional colors through my Sandals & my Earrings. My Neon Necklace is Color-blocked on its own: Orange, Yellow & Green. I repeated the Neon Color-blocking trend in My Bracelets. The Fireball Necklace I had it on me already & decided to leave it on & layer the 2 Necklaces, together. Today's Outfit reminds me of this outfit. The Tops are even in the same Re…