Thursday, October 19, 2017

Third Thursday Thoughts: October 2017.

Let's do a somewhat short (not too long - I will explain why below) brain dump today, since it is the Third Thursday of the month, shall we?! How is it that every month gets shorter and shorter or at least feels that way?! For realz though!
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- Today I worked for 12 hours straight, no break either. All I had time for was sip my coffee a few times through the day and refill it at work and yes sip it again when it was cold and old too. With the holiday season coming up, it is a busy season for us at work and even busier days await us ahead. It didn't help that my boss's boss was there for a good portion of the day. Her offices are in a completely different building than ours but whatever. And for that reason and due to the very productive work day, after I got home and took a shower, I ate my first meal of the day. Let's call it breakfastlunchdinner you all and yes such a thing exists. I am guilty of this type of meal at least twice a month lol.

- But I did go to the grocery store today after work (had to get a few things) and saw these amazing sweet pumpkin cake pops. I am not a huge dessert person. I like sweets but salty or nutty would always be my first choice. And, these huge cake pops looked so yummy so I decided to buy the 4-pack and have one at home after I had my Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. And let me tell you, the cake pops didn't disappoint or maybe they tasted better because A) I was very hungry and B) that time of the month my friends (sorry TMI). As I was checking out at Kroger, my eye caught a pretty all-pink ensemble area. But no, it wasn't the bright pink that even attracted me there, it was the most gorgeous, softest, chenille+fleece, pink+white socks - the only ones - hanging there. Not only were they gorgeous, sold for a great cause - Breast Cancer Awareness - but they were a steal at 4 bucks. These have such cute pom-poms on the back and the non-slip rubbery bottoms all written in the best message "Unite, Cure, Love". Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram (and you should =P), I shared all about my #BreakfastLunchDinner, my pumpkin cake pop and those incredible pink socks, of course.

- Yesterday was my brother's birthday. I have mentioned my brother a few times on the blog. He is my only sibling and my weakness. I love my brother to pieces. He is such a good young man and seeing the incredible and super loving uncle he has been to his only niece so far, I can just imagine what an incredible father he will be one day. His fiance is one very lucky lady. Once my brother's birthday passes, I always start to think about how close the holidays are. Halloween is literally in a few days and less than a month after that is Thanksgiving and less than a month after Thanksgiving is Christmas and soon after New Year's Eve. Boom, 2017 will be gone, filed under memories!

- ...But you know what, considering how brutal, criminal, murderous and fatal 2017 has been so far, we might as well welcome a new year, soon. First of all, we are all very weak against mother nature but oh man this has been the year of hurricanes, earthquakes and wild fires. They have caused billions of dollars in damages, so much property and asset loss and so many lives that were lost too. But as if that wasn't enough and again we cannot fight mother nature, the mass murders, random shootings in large open spaces filled with a lot of people, bombings, terrorist attacks, racism and hate crimes have been happening way too often and in different countries of the world. It is truly sad, we live in such a scary, nasty, hateful, spiteful world.

- Anyway, I am exhausted and I started writing this post at 11.21 PM and was hoping to pres publish by midnight. So I must wrap it up soon. But I kind of want to end it on a positive note. I am off this weekend (as I usually work Saturdays, too), but this Saturday I cannot wait to relax a little bit, celebrating Vivian's cousin's 5th birthday. Mollie is Vivian's favorite cousin and they are only 3 months apart. On Saturday, Mollie celebrates her 5th birthday and it will be in a bowling alley. It will be Viv's first time for bowling and as far as myself, I haven't bowled in ages. I am horrible at it by the way lol.

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Good night you all and  Happy Friday!