Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week-Ending Casual.

Good Morning on this lovely, bright, warm, sunny, busy, fun Sunday. This is sort of an unusual, busy & sport-oriented Sunday for us in Albania. In the capital of Albania, Tirana, where I live, today there are 3 marathons going on: a running marathon, a bicycle marathon & a marathon for handicapped people. About 5 or 6 main streets are closed off for cars for a period of 5-6 hours while these marathons go on. =) They are accompanied by cheers and an orchestra and this is done as one of the many activities to celebrate 100 years of Albania's Independence which is on November 28th 2012. As a matter of fact since Mid Summer and until the end of the year, there have been/will be many fun, unique, artistic, sportive, educative activities here, both on weekdays and especially on weekends. As we approach the big holiday, I am curious to see what else is next. Due to me being pregnant and quite sick over the summer and since I work a gazillion hours, including weekends, I haven't participated in any of them, but I have to walk by the center down-town daily so I have gotten to see sneak-peaks of some of them. =)

Today's outfit is simple, casual, a little sporty (if I should say) and it was perfect for running to buy some baby stuff 2 weekends ago when it was still blazing hot, out. I love this little top. It is sort of a baby-doll style. It can be dressed up or down. Looks really good with shorts, too. A couple of these photos (I posted two up-close photos with this outfit on my Facebook) caused a little controversy on My Facebook, because of my belly. I had 3 girls/women say that my belly looked very small; 2 of them mothers themseleves. At the time I just entered 24 weeks so to them my belly was small for how far I was in my pregnancy and that it was unhealthy. I by no means am unhealthy. I have never overeaten during this pregnancy because I haven't felt the need to. I eat every time I feel hungy and I don't leave the table feeling like I didn't have enough to eat. I also snack on fruits and juices all day. I, sometimes have worried too about my belly not growing a lot, but as far as the doctors are concerned it is perfectly normal and that NOT every woman grows the same during her pregnancy. During that time (when the photos were taken) I had gained 8 lbs, now I am at about 9 lbs gain. I think the optimal healthy weight to gain for a pregnancy is about 20-22 lbs. I still have my third trimester left which is also when one gains the most weight. So what do you girls think, do I look too small for being 6 months pregnant? Like I said I am not concerned because less than a week ago when I had my ultra-sound it was reconfirmed to me that my baby is perfectly fine and normal in weight and size. But I figured I would still ask, especially you that have already been through one or more pregnancy. Let me know - thank you. =)

Wishing you all a Super Sunday!!

Flowy, Baby-Doll Top w/ Pink & Yellow Flowers: H&M.
Ivory, Nylon, Stretchy Camisole w/ Wide Lace on the bottom: White House Black Market.
Heather Gray, Comfortable, Elastic-Cotton, Capri Leggings: Old Navy.
Ivory and Red-Printed, Silk, Strappy Sandals: Simple Shoes.