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Leopard and Red for a Breezy-Cool Summer Outfit.

Good Afternoon Friends and Followers. It is Monday which means a new week begins and the end of September is also upon us. Where did this month fly by? It started great for me though because husband and I sprung a little vacation for ourselves the first week of September. Also, last week was great because the temperatures cooled down quite a bit, to the point that in some evenings and mornings was even cold, a blazer or light outdoors jacket was needed. But I knew it was too good to last. We are back to 80-85 degrees of heat this week, starting today. It is supposed to be about 60-70 in the evening but still it is hot for the daytime. Yikes! While I enjoyed being back in a silk skirt and a tee with sandals, bare legs and no sweater or blazer over, I was also secretly wishing the lower temperatures would continue. But, even though I don't know Tirana very well, I know you get pretty much 5 months of summer here whether you want to or not. =P

We all know leopard and red are forever …