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Shopping with Me for New Year's Eve 2013.

Just a few more hours are left in 2012. The New Year is knocking on our doors very very soon. So here is wishing you a Happy, Bright, Beautiful, Fun, Exciting, Hopeful, Healthy, Fantastic New Year 2013!! I know it will be a very different but very wonderful year for myself and my family with the addition of Our Baby Girl, joining our family in the month of January. =)

So, I will be staying home tonight. At almost 9 months pregnant I cannot really go anywhere. Every place will be smokey, loud and crowded - not for me, thank you. We will be having dinner with my In-Laws, as well as my Husband's Aunt's Family of 4, his Sister & one of his Sister's Best Friends. His Parents are setting a Big Family Dinner over their house. What are your plans for tonight? What do you plan on doing/going? Most importantly what will you be wearing?

New Year's Eve is usually a night for me to really get dressed up & glammed up, and even some sparkles are in the mix. Most likely I am i…

Week's Best Looks: December 30th 2012.

I love compiling the Best Looks which I present to you every Sunday, for a couple of months now. There were a lot of looks I loved this week. And a couple of these ladies are actually new to my blog roll but I already love their style. I kept in mind the Holidays and New Year's Eve too and I think most of these looks (just like last week) would be great for many Holiday Parties and New Year's-related parties. I have 13 Lucky Ladies, 13 Lovely Looks to present to you this year. That is fitting how 2013 is coming in 24  hours or so. When I put these looks together, I didn't necessarily think of year 2013 but now looking at my colages, there are exactly 13 of them. There is a lot of Red, Green, Orange & Hot Pink this week. Also, Stripes, Sequins & Polka Dots. =) A lot of ladies are showing what they wore for Christmas. Enjoy!!

And Ladies Keep Staying Stylish and Dressing Beautifully through 2013!! Happy New Year to You!!

This Week's Lovely Looks include, starting wi…

My Baby Story: 35 Weeks.

This week marked the end of my job, and as of Friday I started My Maternity Leave. Thankfully, in Albania, you can take your leave as early as 35 days before your baby's due date. I don't have 35 days left, less than that, but it was determined at my job that I would only work through the end of 2012. As a matter of fact because of budget costs, they are taking my position off altogether. But, because I have worked for a full year straight, full time and with insurance, I benefit a whole year of Paid Maternity Leave so I am taking all of 2013 off to raise my baby and be by her side. It is the best thing after all. It would cost me just as much had I gone back to work and paid a lot of money for a baby-sitter, a nanny or day-care. Now that days are flying by and 2012 is coming to a close, I am THATMUCHCLOSER to the birth and arrival of our sweet, little Princess. =)

To My Baby Girl:

Oh Sweet Girl, we had a 35-week ultra-sound on Friday and in 5 and a half weeks from the last ult…

Wheat, Fuchsia and Cognac.

It is Saturday and as of yesterday I am officially on Maternity Leave. My plan for the next 3-4 weeks or so is to relax, get as much sleep as I can, pack for the hospital, wash all the baby's clothes, at least the Newborn ones and the ones 0-3 months, put together her bed (my husband will, I will just dress it) and pretty much get ready for her arrival, as much as I possibly can. I also plan to see a couple of friends while I can. Ohh and I still have a bunch of outfits to show you since I am behind, some photos taken in the office. Today's included.

This is a simple outfit where I threw together two sweaters. The loose (well it is not loose now with my belly) magenta sweater underneath is quite thin, but paired with the thicker cotton cardigan, I was warm. This sweater definitely got too small for the belly, I am putting it away till after the baby now. It isn't Maternity after all. I call the color of this cardigan: Wheat. I love how you can really see the belly here.  A…

Decking the Halls (pt. 2) - Home Decor.

Yes, it is after Christmas but the Christmas Spirit and the Holiday Season is VERY MUCH ALIVE. Plus you are supposed to keep your Christmas Decor at least until January 6th - on the Day of Epiphany. This is the continuation to this post. This time around I will show you around our home: a small, modest apartment that is down-town - big city living you all. Most of the decorations are in the living room, dining room & kitchen area but I also added a little Holiday Glory to the Coat Hanger in the hall and to our bedroom (by my dresser).

Below I will show you the entertainment area, the book shelves, the coffee table, the dining room table, etc. This is a picture-heavy post. Hope you like all the photos. =) So let's start.

The Entertainment Area (where the TV, DVD Player & the Shelves of Books are). What do you think? I like all the little Porcelain Christmas Figurines and the tiny Snow Globes. I also like the Sparkly, Glittery Flowers & Leaf Branches I have added, espec…

Black and Fall Orange Layered.

Good Evening Fashionable Ladies. It has been a real busy day for me today so I haven't been able to blog a post today until now and it is quarter after 10, at night. How has your Thursday gone so far? Ready for Friday and the Weekend - the very last one of 2012?

This is my favorite Maternity top my mom purchased for me a few months ago, and sent it to me through the mail. I have been loving orange this year and wore it a few times in the summer. I also love its sister color Burnt Orange - which is definitely best fitted for colder months like Fall & Winter. I also love the cute style and the mini ruffles by the neckline, on this top. It is girly and pretty. I paired it with Black Leggings and my favorite Black Blazer this time around. This blazer comes with a stretchy Belt that has a round buckle with the logo of White House Black Market (where it comes from). I love that I put that belt over the top. Belts (as long as they are not very wide) look great over a pregnant belly. …