Saturday, May 14, 2016

THIS WEEKEND - volume 1.

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and just like that May is half-way over and we are heading into Summer. I love reading lists, Friday Favorites and weekend recap posts from several other bloggers, like Biana'sAndrea's and Tiffany's. My friend Monica also recently started a similar Five for Friday post which she turned into a weekly linkup so I am linking up with her this week. Well, I am starting a "What to do this Weekend" column here on my blog. I won't post it weekly but probably every two or three weeks on Fridays or Saturdays. I will include some things (4-6 things) for the current weekend such as what I am doing, suggesting, eating, drinking, wearing and such. A lot of these posts will be based on things to do locally, since I live in the Mitten.

Here is the first one, a few suggestions for the weekend of May 13-15. Enjoy and have a great third weekend of May!!

what to watch [THIS WEEKEND]: "Money Monster" - a new movie which is opening this weekend and it promises to be good. I know it hasn't gotten the best reviews so far but George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Jodie Foster don't usually disappoint and I love a Wall Street-based movie.

where to shop [THIS WEEKEND]: Gap - they have several sales going on, for many new arrivals and tomorrow May 15th is the last day to get $25 off for every $50 you spend, if you have any of their coupons (which I do). So I plan on doing a little bit of shopping there, tomorrow. I am attracted to several of their casual dresses which can be dressed up like this, thisthis and this. They also have some very chic, modern and classic striped button-down shorts right now, like this one or this one.

what to wear [THIS WEEKEND]: an Anorak or Wind-breaker over a Casual Dress with Sneakers - like Jessica has done here. It is supposed to be rainy, slightly windy and a little chilly. Putting an anorak, wind-breaker or utility jacket (like I have myself) over a casual dress with some lace-up sneakers or slip-on sneakers is a cool, modern, street-chic look. Plus, if it gets kind of warm, just take the jacket off. Don't forget to bring an umbrella though.

what to eat [THIS WEEKEND]: an Avocado Sandwich - it is in season, healthy, fresh and so delicious. Such a good sandwich for Spring, I swear. I have been making and eating a few avocado sandwiches lately. One I make all the time (similar to the photo) is with Italian or French baguette to which I spray some extra virgin olive oil and a dash of pesto and I add buffalo mozarella cheese, grilled chicken, slices of tomato and sliced avocado on top. Last but not least, I sprinkle a tiny bit of salt and pepper on top. It is divine!

what to drink [THIS WEEKEND]: a Starbucks Frappuccino - for all Starbucks lovers (myself included, though not necessarily a huge coffee fan of their coffee), try one of their frappucinos, this weekend. I know they are expensice but treat yourself every now and then. Want to hear something, all Starbucks stores in US and Canada are doing a special Happy Hour on their Frappuccinos every day from 3.00-5.00 P.M and that offer ends tomorrow. But if you have the Starbucks Rewards card the offer is valid until 6.00 PM each day. I am not sure you knew that but yeah! I actually tried a Frappuccino yesterday - I had the Mocha. There are several flavors to try like caramel waffle and double chocolaty chip which sounds soooo good. I might try the chocolate chip one or the citrus green tea today.

what Vivian is up to [THIS WEEKEND]:
photo taken on May 13th 2016.
Vivian is styling pastels by pairing a Graphic Tee (with her favorite character Peppa Pig) with a Chambray Skirt. She is currently obsessed with her hot pink faux (toy) glasses she recently got in one of her Easter baskets and she is learning about credit cards. She has seen me use my card several times and yesterday she said money as soon as touched it. I guess she knows credit cards are associated with money and buying things. After all she knows and loves the word 'shopping' and one of her favorite activities is shopping with mommy while she is being pushed (by me) in the shopping cart. Grocery stores and places like Target are her favorites lol.

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