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Iris Blue, Lavender, Olive and Wine.

Hi Everyone & Happy Hump Day. It is beautiful out, Sunny, Bright, it's supposed to get up to 75 degrees. When I took my baby out & had my morning coffee outside, around 9.30 AM it wasn't as warm so I didn't wear as light of an outfit as I would have liked. My Doll looked adorable in her Coat-Dress with Hearts though. Whoever sees My Baby Girl compliments me on how beautiful, vibrant & grown she is. I must say I agree biased or not. I am so proud of that little Angel!

I tried to find a Clever Title for today's outfit and I wanted to come up with things: 2 Flower names (Lavender & Blue Iris) & 2 Food names (Wine & Olive). Just like yesterday we have a Color-blocked Look with 4 Colors, plus today we have Layers between the Tights, Skirt, Top, Blazer & Scarf, plus a few Different Textures: Velvet, Corduroy, Linen, Nylon & Chiffon . Besides the Print which is in Lavender/Light Blue & Olive Green, what makes these Tights interesting is tha…