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Easter Inspirations.

Happy Easter 2016 Ladies (and Gents)!!
I hope you all had a great Good Friday. The thing I am looking forward to today is putting Vivian on a pretty dress, taking her out for a treat and then having dinner with my family. I am making salad, a special drink (I promise I will share the recipe) and my mom is cooking pasta and baked dessert. I have mentioned before, as an Orthodox Christian our Easter almost always falls on a different date and this year is on May 1st. That is when I will be giving Vivian her Easter basket, also. But, we also celebrate the regular Easter, we live in America, after all. =)\

Today, since I haven't posted since Wednesday night (due to being extremely busy) I decided to do a little catch up post and show you some Easter-related things. Hope to bring some Spring Inspiration your way. 

Easter at Home. I have mentioned before on the blog, that I liked to decorate the mantle and fireplace area as much as I can for the major holidays. As you can see my mantle got …