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Pretty in Red and Black.

Good Morning on this Monday. Is it another week starting or what? It was so cold this morning, there was frost on the ground. Both yesterday and today I have been wanting to wear a dress to work. The dress in itself is thin though I was going to wear thick tights & a turtlenck underneath it. But both days I haven't felt like a dress once I have seen the miserable weather. Yesterday morning was also raining hard when I went to work. I had to wear both a scarf & a beanie these last couple of days, I could have used gloves too. It is funny how the weather changed so fast & the temps dropped because just two weeks ago we were having a very mild Autumn and now it is Winter (for sure) all of a sudden.

To make up for me not wearing a dress like I wanted to, I bring you a Dress Outfit today which I wore on Albania's Independence Day on November 28th. I am usually 10 days or so behind with outfits posts because I normally wear at least 6 outfits a week (since I work 6 days …