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Skirtmas in July Collaboration, Day 5: Mini Skirts for the Weekend.

Happy TGIF you all! I have the day off today since I worked a very long day yesterday and I work a long day Saturday, too. Hooray! But the Skirtmas in July Series continues with the stunningly stylish ELSIE from Polished Whimsy who has been killing it all week. Once again the two of us invite you to tag us and follow along with the #skirtmasinjuly hashtag on Instagram. In case you are here for the first time this week, I am doing a week of skirts styled on the blog, in collaboration with Elsie and so far here is what we have worn:Day 1 - we styled Ruffle Wrap Midi Skirts; Day 2 - we styled Faux Suede Mini Wrap Skirts; Day 3 - we styled an Identical Button-Front Striped Midi Skirt with Pockets (by Who What Wear) and Day 4 we styled our Identical Black Eyelet Button-Front Midi Skirts (by Mossimo from Target). After talking with Elsie also, it looks like we are making this a 12-day series. There are still many pretty skirts ahead to be styled by us so we will continue with some next week…