Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Summer Bucket List 2016.

OK, so I know Summer is half-way over and all the stores, retail brands and malls have all the Fall (and even some Winter) goodies and gear out, but make no mistake Summer ain't over! As a matter of fact, in my opinion Summer ends towards the end of September. More proof of the fact that Summer isn't over, I have more vacation and days off coming up in August, besides already going on vacation the first weekend and first week of July, too. You can read more about that here and there will be more Vacation Posts with Vacation Outfits this Thursday and Friday. So, I started writing my Summer 2016 Bucket list since late May and I added more to that list just this last weekend. I have already accomplished a few of these but I will give you an update on every single bullet of this Summer Bucket List when I revisit this post in late September. Now, my Sister in Law (who lives in Albania) is coming to the States for the first time ever, in early August, to visit us and of course I want to do a lot of fun things with her, that are also part of this list.

Without Further ado, here are the things in my bucket list this Summer. Some of these are things I want to do with my daughter so I have divided them into two categories:

Things to do with Vivian this Summer:

1) Go to the Zoo.
2) Go to an Outdoor Water Park.
3) Go Berry-picking at a local farm.
4) Dress up for no reason and have a long fun photo-shoot.
5) Spend an entire day with Vivian, without once looking at my phone or anything related to the web or social media.
6) Spend an Educative day at the Library with lots of reading and learning activities.
7) Have a Picnic Outdoors.
8) Have a Playdate with another mom friend and their toddler(s).

Other Things to do this Summer:

9) Have a pampering day: massages, pedicures and/or manicures, makeup, facial, getting my hair and makeup done - you know most or preferably all of these, just a full day on relaxation and pampering myself.
10) Spend a day down-town Detroit including going to the casino.
11) Read 3 books (I know this sounds like nothing to some people but these days with my schedule and being ever so busy, it is a stretch for me).
12) Visit Lansing or Ann Arbor or both for one day.
13) Have a girls' day complete with shopping, dining out, a movie and ice-cream date and such.
14) Have a long getaway beach vacation.
15) Visit the local beaches/lakes at least 3-4 times this Summer.
16) Tan at the front porch, in my swimwear.
17) Learn and make new salad recipes (and share some of them on the blog).
18) Try 3 new-to-me restaurants and even have dessert.
19) Learn how to make (and try) a bake-free dessert.
20) DIY something, such as those adorable Laceup Pom-Pom Sandals that are so IN right now.
21) Spend an entire day with my mom.
22) Go an entire month without shopping for anything besides groceries and eating out.

OK, so that's it my 22 things in my Summer Bucket list. I realize this is a lengthy list but most of these are indeed quite doable and like I said I have already crossed off several of these. What is on your bucket list this Summer? How are you doing accomplishing them so far?

P.S. A brand-new Thursday Moda Linkup will be here live tomorrow night Wednesday July 27th at 8.00 PM Eastern or 5.00 PM Pacific. Join me and see all the fashionistas. =)