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Currently, October 2017.

September was and felt like the shortest month of 2017, so far. Gosh every month this year keeps going faster and faster. I was so busy in September with a new work schedule for myself and adjusting to a new lifestyle schedule in general, since Vivian started school 2 weeks ago and she loves it - she is doing great. Just like in August, I was able to only do about 16 posts in September (same as in August) which is fine, that is still blogging every other day pretty much. However, October will be a busy and post-heavy month, since I am also doing a clothing challenge which was started and created by the lovely ALEX of The Cheerful Closet. I will be joined by 5 other ladies who have done capsule challenges before. I will talk more about that throughout this post.

styling: the 5 pieces I chose for my October challenge - which is called "The Common Threads" challenge and this is how it works. All of us 6 ladies participating get to choose 5 different pieces (it can also be an acc…