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Fashion Fall Colors Challenge 2012: WINE!!

Second Day of the Fashion Challenge, here. This is EXACTLY what I wore yesterday. I thought I would have a particularly hard time on this second day, because I didn't think I have many burgundy/wine or dare I say it "OXBLOOD" items that fit me now that I am pregnant. I don't own a ton in this color as it is. However, these low-waisted corduroy, skinny pants (which I love) served me just fine yesterday. I left the zipper half-way done and with a long T-Shirt over them - they were fine. As a matter of fact, I kept pulling them up all day but I usually sit at my desk, so they didn't bother me much. Then I did a Burgundy Cardigan with a Purple undertone to it. The cardigan looks lighter in the photos, sort of like a Magenta, but trust me, it is Burgundy. Yesterday ended up being such a gorgeous and warm day, too. =) My Burberry-Plaid Headband also has some Wine in it. The Baby Pink Tee worked perfect with the rest of the Wine coloring. I felt so put-together though c…