Skirtmas in July, Day 12: That's a Wrap + Skirtmas Linkup.

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!! If you follow me  on Instagram you know from my posts that I have been on a beach vacation with my daughter Vivian, visiting Holland and Grand Haven, Michigan. We saw so many beautiful places: buildings, historic things, flower gardens, water fountains, sculptures, street art, lightouses, etc, etc. Western Michigan is truly beautiful! We had a lot of fun. But 5 days went by super quickly. I drove home late last night, had dinner and went to bed so I am finally writing today's post kind of late this morning. But it is Day 12 of our #SkirtmasInJuly series with ELSIE from Polished Whimsy - our last day of this awesome collaboration and style challenge series we have done all through this month. Hard to believe it is July 31st hmmm?! 5 more months left in 2018!!

For the 12th and Final Day of Our Skirtmas in July series Elsie and I are styling Wrap Ruffled Skirts which is fitting because A) it is a Wrap and B) our first two style posts on this series featured both Ruffle Wrap Skirts first and then a Wrap Mini Skirt. My love for wrap skirts (ruffled or not) is huge, especially this year. My wardrobe has gained several of them. Elsie and I both wore very Summery Prints today: I have on my Light Blue+White Asymmetric Skirt by Loft (very similar to the blue+white ruffled wrap skirt that Elsie shared on her very first post on Day 1) and Elsie has on an adorable Short Gingham Ruffled Wrap Skirt. I love how she styled it too. She owns so many beautiful chambray tops and has shown their versatility styling them with her different skirts. I also adore her Gorgeous Hot Pink Sandals I missed out on from Target, last year.

Also, just a reminder, in this series we have styled/worn: Day 1 - Ruffle Wrap Midi Skirts; Day 2 - Faux Suede Mini Wrap Skirts; Day 3 - Identical Button-Front Striped Midi Skirt with Pockets (by Who What Wear); Day 4 - Identical Black Eyelet Button-Front Midi Skirts (by Mossimo from Target); Day 5 - Mini Skirts for the weekend where I did a Super Casual Friday Look and a dressier Sunday Brunch, Shower or Night-Out Look; Day 6 - Denim Mini Skirts for the Weekend ; Day 7 (which was also our Tuesday Skirt Linkup day) - the Crane Midi Skirt for Sunday Best; Day 8 - Colorful Pencil Skirts; Day 9 - Colorful Pleated Midi Skirts, Day 10 - Black Eyelet Midi Skirts; Day 11 - Pineapple Midi Skirts and today on Day 12 we are wrapping up the series with yet another Patterned Ruffled Wrap Skirt. I hope we have inspired you a lot during this month as to how to style different skirts for the Summer and as far as I am concerned Summer isn't over till the end of September, guys. 

The second day of our vacation the weather was only about 70 degrees for a high, mostly in the 60s, so not warm enough for the beach, at all. We decided to get all dressed up and drive up to Grand Haven instead, a place I hadn't been since when I first got married (but it brought up good memories). Grand Haven is truly beautiful and it has some of the most gorgeous flowers ever. Today's photos are indeed from our long afternoon/early evening spent in this beautiful coastal town. I will talk and focus more on Grand Haven on a different post. But as you can tell the main park has some of the most gorgeous flowers and plants I have ever ever seen. I loved them! We also ate a late lunch/early dinner there and it was yummy. One of the local cafes we stopped too, also had cute areas for pictures. 

As fas as our outfits I decided to do a Blue+White Monochromatic Look featuring my Ruffled Wrap Blue+White Striped Skirt by Loft I scored for under 20 bucks (wanted this skirt for a long time). My "!Que Bonita Senorita" White Muscle Graphic Tank by Target was the perfect match for this. I also wore my Taupe Ghilly Target Wedges and carried my large Circle Straw Tote Bag (new from Target and I loved it, I used this bag daily on our vacation). I added a few bracelets, some of which were yellow to match the Yellow+Navy Bow Headband in my hair. My Gorgeous Super Light Cream+Black Statement Earrings are from Talbot's and I love them! (They are currently on clearance.) Vivian coordinated me in her Striped Little Dress (by Land's End - I lbve their clothes, especially for kids). I love that I did her hair in two little top knots and added a Gorgeous Large Lavender Bow to one of them. I love her Minnie Mousse Black+White Striped Sunglasses too, matching the striped dress. Viv too loved all the flowers and fountains we saw and made sure to throw coins and make wishes by each fountain lol. Vivian's identical socks, shoes and bow are linked on the collage as are my identical skirt, tank top, lucite bracelets and straw bag.

 Her poses kill me and it is all her I swear. Future fashion blogger, you think?! Two things are certain. Vivian is most definitely my child. And she is definitely not shy!!


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 Now go join our Tuesday #SkirtmasInJuly Linkup. We have loved this series so much and Elsie and I have loved our skirt collaborations. We both love wearing skirts and own a lot of them. Therefore we decided to collaborate each month, so the last Tuesday of each month we will do a skirt-themed post with a linkup, you are ALL WELCOME to join!
skirtmas in july



  1. Glad you had a great vacation. I know I can't get over the fact July is over with. Baby A is going to be 1 in less then 3 months.

  2. Love the asymmetrical hem on your skirt Ada! It's so chic and the stripes are perfect for summer. Your vacation looks like a success!

  3. It's so wonderful that you had such a nice time on your vacation. Love the skirt too, Ada!!

  4. Oh Vivian it's such a doll! I really enjoyed the skirtmass serie as a skirt lover! Thank you very much!

  5. All around cuteness is abounding in these photos! You are both so gorgeous!


  6. That is the cutest skirt! Love your bag too!

  7. Such cute outfits!

  8. Love that bag. Hey, thanks for commenting on my post about the ICONA in Avalon. I came over to join your link up. I'm doing link ups now too (this is my first one), so please join me on Wed if you want to link your posts.

  9. I tend to have been all about the loose pants or dresses this summer. You've inspired me to look at my skirts. Next week at work will be about the summer skirt. It will, I vow. Super holiday by the looks of it. Do come and join Bo and I on our continent drift #linkup this week. Returning the invite, Thank you btw for popping to my blog and inviting me:)

  10. What a beautiful skirt!

    SSG xxx

  11. This is a great skirt and I could totally see myself getting lots of wear out of itm. I like how you paired it up with a graphic tee for a completely different vibe.

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