Currently, May 2018.

Oh April you were not the greatest or the easiest on me. But I survived you. I survived a month of no shopping, too. I also survived all the pain caused by my wisdom tooth and had it pulled off successfully and not with a lot of pain. And by the same token, I survived a month filled with so many lows and downs much more so than highs and ups. April was very expensive for me too as I had so many things I had to take care of - being an adult is not fun most times lol. April was tough and mostly quite chilly (weather-wise), but today is May 1st - which also happens to be Labor Day in Albania - fun fact. May is here and it is one of my most favorite months of the year. Perhaps because I was born in May. My uncle even shares the same birth-date as me. So, anyway, let's see what I am up to, this May.

celebrating: my birthday this upcoming Friday May 4th. I will celebrate it on the blog too on May 3rd during Thursday Moda and on May 4th too, with a bunch of my blogger friends who will celebrate with me, like every year, for my annual blog birthday party. In real life, I will probably do something small with Vivian during the day and I may go out at night with a friend. Nothing big, just dinner and cocktails and maybe a walk down-town. I am not in the mood for a huge celebration, anyway.

creating: poems and proses, lots of them. I have so much inspiration lately. Well my life has been through every cycle of the washing machine for many months now and it seems like it is about to get worse before it gets better. So, of course I am super inspired to write and to speak up my mind and put down all of my feelings and emotions into a blank paper, so to speak. 

wearing: short sleeves, bare legs, and open-toe shoes, for the third day in a row nevertheless.The temperatures have gone from mid to late 50s on the first day, to upper 60s/early 70s on the second day, all the way to 84 degrees today. And since we haven't really seen Summer since last August (that was 8 months ago), not only were these warm temperatures needed but after such a long, super cold and brutal Winter, even more so. You will actually get to see my outfit for today this upcoming Sunday on the third "The Sunday Showcase" linkup.

sharing: nothing just yet, but I am about to share some big news on the blog soon. I am not ready for it, just yet. I have to do it on my time. Please bare with me through this month and the next one because I have so much going on right now in my life and I am all over the place. I appreciate all of you who do and who read this blog daily and stop by and keep encouraging me and lifting me up! Also your positive thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated and I feel thankful for ALL OF YOU!

going: not going anywhere soon, at least not that I plan on. However this Summer, just like last Summer I plan on A) utilizing our local beach by the lake and B) hitting as many down-towns as possible. I am surrounded by such cute cities with cute down-towns. 

Leaving you off for today, but here are a few outfits from the past few years - that I have shared on the blog - during this time of the year. I noticed with these outfits that I was wearing a lot of color - jewel tones, purples, pinks and blues, so much pretty colors - and I looked put-together, stay-at-home as a mom whether I was holding a 3-month old baby or a toddler. The outfits I am showing today were posted in mid May from each of the following past years, which means in real life I wore them towards early May. Those adorable red bow, jelly, slide sandals are even remixed, here. I love looking back at and reminiscing about past outfits and how my style has changed or not.

Oh how sweet and little Vivian is here. How time flew. I love this colorblocking combo of Royal Blue and Purple. Both the top and skirt are in soft jersey cotton material, which makes them so comfy for a new mom. The mini skirt has an asymmetric bubble hem, while the t-shirt is a little dressy with a satin scoop band around the neckline which is shaped into a bow off the side (both pieces are from The Limited). Baby Vivian is coordinated with me in her purple cropped leggings and baby pink butterfly onesie. I kept my makeup simple and added purple square Kate Spade studs. Wish you could see my beautiful French braid, though.

This post was all about bows. I was talking about my Red Bow Jelly Sandals - which were the star of this outfit - and the Red Floral Silky Scarf in my neck which I tied into a bow. I think this outfit would be great for a casual office ambiance for the Spring. That is a dressy indigo blue denim blazer with a collar and double military-style buttons. If you can't wear those slide sandals to work, swap them for wedges, ballet flats or pumps and you are good to go.

I posted very little in May 2015 because it was such a horrible month for me that I will never forget. That is when Vivian was very sick and spent 10 nights in the hospital. This was one of the first outfits I wore once we were out of the hospital. I love, love this Palm-Print Midi Skirt so much and it looks so cute with the Graphic Gold-Printed Tee. Wish I had both pieces here, but if I go back to Albania this Summer I will look for them if they are still in storage and grab them. Also, here are the cute Red Jelly Sandals again and the fresh fuchsia carnations in my hand match the flowers in my skirt.

And we go from one beautiful palm print to the next. I just love this little Red+Pink Leaf Print Mini Dress with the flutter sleeves and ruffled hem, that I wore just last year. It can go on your shoulders like I wore it here or off-shoulder. With Cinco de Mayo coming up this Saturday, I think this dress or one like it would be perfect to style for then. But my Cinco de Mayo outfit this year will be completely different. You would have to stay tuned and see it on the blog this upcoming Saturday on the eve of The Sunday Showcase Linkup.

Tomorrow on Thursday Moda and on Friday, I am having my annual Blog Birthday Party so I am leaving the linkup start early, today. It will go LIVE at 2.00 PM EST, today. You are welcome to join it and please do not miss tomorrow's post. It will be filled with so much fashion and not just from me but from another 10 lovely blogger friends of mine!


  1. I hope May is much easier on you Ada!!!

  2. I've been sensing that you're in the middle of a rough season, friend. Hang-in there! It will eventually pass even though it probably doesn't feel that way right now.

  3. Oh Ada, I am so sorry your April was not great. Wishing you a fun, stress free and fabulous May!

    xx, Elise

  4. I hope May will be a better month for you. May 1st is Labor Day in Germany as well. :)

  5. I am sorry Ada to hear things being rough and difficult for you. I hope that each day gets better and I know that will take time. Hang in there and you are doing great by keeping up with your outlets and just taking things one thing at a time. That's all you can do just know you aren't alone and you've got a whole lot of friends ready to help you. Sending you a ton of hugs! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Maureen |

  6. Hopefully May brings some good things your way after a tough April - a birthday is always a great way to brighten your spirits. A blog birthday party is such a fun idea!

  7. Yay for birthdays and big news! Hope things get better!

  8. I hope May is a better and happier month for you. Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy your day!

  9. Happy birthday Ada! I hope May treats you much kinder.


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