Looking Back at Easter Styles.

Not scheduling posts ahead comes with its benefits. Yesterday, I felt like it was time to acknowledge what happened in Brussels and not focus on fashion. If you missed it, you can read my two thoughts here. I am having a late start to the day this Wednesday morning and I am so behind with editing pictures, so today I decided to look back on past Easter Outfits. I was going to do a Flashback Friday post with them this coming Friday, but let's throwback on this Wednesday, instead.

Year 2012.
Around Easter this time in 2012 is when I got pregnant. Of course I did not know about it until 5 weeks later. Also, during the end of April is when we moved to our new place, after 5.5 months in a tiny apartment. It was a very busy April to say the least.
This Ivory Wool dress with Chiffon Pastel Aplique Flowers was worn to work during the week prior to Easter. It was brand-new. I purchased the dress with Easter in mind. Playing off the lime pastel in the dress, I wore a very light Lime Mock Turtleneck underneath the dress. Also, my Glass Beaded Necklace has all the colors included in this outfit. And those Eggplant, T-Strap Wedges do certainly stand out. They are some of the very first shoes I ever purchased at Old Navy and to this day - some of my favorites.

I wore this outfit to work as seen here a couple of weeks after Easter. However, I wore the same Lavender Pencil Skirt and Ruffled Pinstriped Blouse for Easter Sunday to church (I don't have pictures of that right now, sorry). The only difference is that I wore Light Pink Pumps. The Pink Pumps said Easter much more than the Black Patent Leather Pumps, to me. Morning sickness hadn't kicked in yet for me and as you can tell I didn't feel or was big or bloated... yet.

Year 2013.
I remember Easter fell very early this year and Vivian wasn't even 3 months old. I have mentioned before that since I am Christian Orthodox, our Easter almost always falls later than the typical Catholic/American Easter, though I celebrate both, especially when I am in the States. 
This Yellow Shirt-Dress was worn during our Easter for Easter Dinner with my in-laws (in very early May). That year Easter fell on May 5th - a day after my birthday - and it was so hot out. With a newborn in tow, we didn't make it to church but we still celebrated and both Vivian and I looked pretty in yellow. You should check the original post to see her adorable Yellow Outfit, too.

I wore this Peachy Outfit to the evening service at church, that year. I went with a friend of mine and both of us had our babies with us. The very soft Peach Chiffon Maxi Skirt is actually quite cute, the pictures don't do justice to it. I added a bunch of other colors to the look with Colorful Jewelry. Lugging a baby around, I opted for Cute Snakeskin Ballet Flats.

Another Easter-Inspired Look worn during Easter week and also for a service I attended that day. Vivian was so little, a little under 3 months old. And look at me, I was wearing 2016's IT Color - Rose Quartz. I paired it with Burgundy Floral Leggings, a Cute Clover Necklace and some Gorgeous Fuchsia Suede Flats.

Year 2014
During April 2014 I did my very first 30 for 30 Challenge (I kind of want to do one of those again, this Spring or Summer) and I had only included 2 dresses (if I am not mistaken) as part of my 30 pieces so I was a little limited to what to wear for Easter.

Ultimately, this Ponte Black Shirtdress is what I wore to church for Easter that year. I kept it a little light with the Silk Silver Blazer on top. But I wish I had worn my Blush Patent Leather Pumps instead of these Metallic Loafer Wedges. I also wore Silver and Fuchsia Jewelry.

Also, a week earlier, inspired by Easter Colors, I worked Rose Quartz and Serenity. This Metallic Baby Blue Bomber Leather Jacket was a gorgeous gift from mom, by Nordstrom. And the Rose Quartz Bow-Patterned Silk Scarf reads Spring, doesn't it? So does the Feather+Rosette Headband. I loved this Girly Outfit.

It is fun looking back at these past Easter Day or Easter-Inspired Looks from my first 3 years of blogging. I have to say my style has changed a little and it has improved. So have the photos and their quality. If I take photos inside now, I make sure the background is pretty clean, not cluttered and distracting and the lightening is decent. Though I have always loved Flowers and Pastels for Easter, I think the best outfit to wear on Easter Day (especially to church) is a Dress with a Cardigan, Jacket, Shawl, Blazer or Shrug on top. Therefore my Favorite Easter Outfit yet is this year's. 

What are your favorite couple of outfits from above? I will share another Pretty Easter Outfit on Friday and come back here bright+early tomorrow morning and join the Thursday Moday Linkup. Thank you.

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  1. Love them. I'm not sure I could capture all of my past Easter outfits like this. Love that all purple one :)

  2. so many cute looks! I love how creative you are. Each is so unique and beautiful!


  3. So many great ideas for Easter this year! Lovely and colorful! I'm not sure what I'm wearing, I hope to look as nice as you do in all of these photos :)

  4. Love all these Easter looks! That first dress is my fave. :)


  5. How fun to look back at your archives, it'll be neat to see what you decide to wear this year .

  6. Lovely outfits Ada, love the top one :)

    Thanks for linking up..

  7. I always love throwback posts! The 2012 work look is so pretty! I love the lavender!


  8. It was fun to look back at all your Easter posts Ada--you had so many fun looks! I didn't know that Orthodox Easter fell on a different date than American Easter, that's really interesting!

  9. So many pretty easter looks! Love all the florals and pastels!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  10. Pretty cool that you have a visual record of things you wore!

  11. So many pretty outfits! I always love all your bright colors. Hope you're having a great week. Thanks so much for linking up with style Perspectives today!

  12. So many pretty Easter outfits! The first one is my favorite!

    Doused In Pink

  13. Loving how you are sharing so many great looks from the past! I am also loving those green pants! I have been looking for a pair and now I know exactly where to go. :) Thanks, Ada.

  14. Aw love seeing your past looks too, fab! Happy Easter.

  15. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Like the purple outfit. Happy Easter


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