April 2014 Reflections and Recap of the 30 for 30 Challenge with Top 3 Looks.

Today is June 2nd and I finished my 30 for 30 Spring Challenge hmmm a month ago on May 3rd. So this review and recap for this challenge and my Top 3 Looks from April (including the looks up to May 3rd, since they were part of the challenge) is quite late this time. But I have had a very busy Birthday month this past May, and I took 2 days off blogging pretty much every week. I say, better late than never.

On April 1st I started with the challenge where I first showed you all 30 pieces I selected and stipulated that I would wear my Nude Pumps and Rain Boots if necessary. I also mentioned that Puffer Vests and Winter Jackets such as Leather Jackets or Coats wouldn't count. I was able to actually create 35 Outfits worn in 30 days. Truth be told there were 38 but 3 ended up not being photographed not because I disliked them or hated them but one time Vivian managed to get a huge stain on my Chambray Shirt, other times I ran short on time or Vivian was sick so I couldn't really snap a few pictures, so that was that. Due to 35 Outfits in a 30-day time-frame, I had to shove quite a few two-fer posts your way. In April I posted 28 times but 3 of those times were not related to the challenge. 

On a future soon-to-come post, I will break down the number of each piece worn, as well as tell you what I learned about this challenge. I will probably post it along my May Budget post. For now, let's look at the Challenge's Best and Worst Looks. I usually pick a Top 3 Looks (plus a few other Favorite Looks, in no order, worn in a given month) and a 1 Least Favorite Look, but I am being more thorough and harsh with this challenge so instead you get 3 Most Favorite Looks (and 5 other that are favorites, but listed in no particular order) and 3 Least Favorite Looks.

Top 3 (and more) Looks:
Hands down my Most Favorite Look of this challenge involved my Cobalt Pencil Skirt and Red Portofino Shirt (famous by Express) paired with this Denim Jacket. I love how both the Skirt and the Shirt are so Bright yet color-block beautifully. This look is totally Americana with a Nautical feel, especially since I added a Gold Chain Necklace to it. It is very Simple but Well Done! I'd give it an A+!! Perfect to link up today with Katie+Co. for Skirts Week.
This was a special Outfit worn on a Fun Date Night for the Visual Arts and Books. It was another Outfit I planned in my head first (LOL!!) but in which case it totally worked. The combination of the Tougher Faux Leather+Plaid Pencil Skirt with the Softer Fitted Lace Tee was great. I felt Chic, Sophisticated, Sexy and 100% Woman in this. I added the Nude Pumps because they seriously go with everything and matched the Nude Lace Tee to perfection!
The Owl Sweater was such a great purchase for me last Fall. I am glad I included it in this Challenge. Paired with the Navy Skinny Pants and the Wedges and topped with the Bright Yellow Vest it totally looked Cute, Fun, Bright and Happy. I am glad I added some Yellow Jewelry also. You could definitely see the Bow-Tie on the Owl much better with all this Yellow. I know I have "repeated" this Outfit before and similar Outfits to this have made my Top Looks on previous months. But when it works it works - simple as that.

Which brings me to my Most Favorite piece to remix - my Cobalt Blue Pencil Skirt. I created 5 Outfits with it and loved EVERY SINGLE ONE. I could have easily paired this Skirt with any of the Tops, Cardigans or Blazers I had included. I could have even worn it over the 2 Dresses (making them into Tops). Seriously, this Bold and Bright Skirt can do no wrong! I am not shocked that 2 of the looks created with this skirt, made it in these 8 looks above. Easy pieces to remix were: the Black Skinny Jeans, Brown Cords (surprisingly), the Blue Jeans (they always are easy to remix!!) the Red Portofino Shirt, the Cobalt Plaid Button-down (I even wore it once on reverse), the Gray Owl Sweater, the Lace Tee, the Denim Jacket and the Silver Jacket (which also surprised me). I found the Silver Wedges and Polka Dot Pointy Flats the easiest Shoes to remix, considering the pieces I had selected as clothes. No wonder a lot of these pieces made up my Most Favorite Looks as well: Red Portofino, Cobalt Skirt, Denim Jacket, Silver Wedges and Black Skinny Jeans all shown above twice. I also loved remixing my Red Plaid + Faux Leather Pencil Skirt and 2 of those remixes made my Top Looks.

Bottom 3 Looks:
OK, so this Outfit is totally my Least Favorite. I pictured it in my head and it looked much nicer but in real-life as well as in pictures it translated horrible. The combination of the Dark Colors, the Pointy Oxfords and the 2 Loose Layers over each-other totally ages me. This is one look for someone at least in their 50s, I think. I sort of look at this and feel like Mary Poppins (minus the huge purse). Something I will definitely never repeat again.
Another least Favorite look with this same Sweatshirt. Once again I pictured it knotted over my Orange Tee but I didn't get the results I would have wanted. The Brown and Orange Colors compliment each-other though. By recapping this challenge I am finding that this Sweatshirt looks much better if I layered something over it than under it. Because it has a hi-lo hem plus it is supposed to fit a little loose.
There is nothing wrong with this Outfit as far as it doesn't look bad. But it is quite a yawn, which translates into boring, especially for a Fashion Blogger. It is just Blue Jeans tucked into Boots and a Cardigan buttoned-down. At least the Cardigan has some Polka Dots. I'll tell you what though, sometimes boring Outfits are OK in my book, as long as they look nice and proper - which this does.

So, my Least Favorite piece to remix (you guessed it) - the Tiger Sweatshirt. I did manage to create 4 Outfits with this Sweatshirt because I pushed myself to utilizing it, since I knew when I included it this was a wild piece. Like I said above, I much rather prefer the Outfits where I layered a Completer piece over it, like with the Puffer Vest or the Black Blazer. They are not my most favorite outfits I have ever done, but they are not too shabby. I don't regret purchasing this Statement piece though because I think worn with Jeans, Simple Pants or Leggings is fine for a casual day running errands close by. Some pieces that I found difficult to remix were the Burnt Orange Graphic Tee, the White Graphic Tee (surprisingly), the Black Shirt-Dress (very surprised about this), the Brown Silk Blouse and the Polka Dot Cardigan. Also, for shoes my Cognac Boots which I thought would be super versatile and smart to include, were indeed the ones I found harder to remix or reach for. Unfortunately the Tiger Sweatshirt and the Cognac Boots made it twice into Looks I hated; the Dotted Cardigan, Orange Tee and Black Shirt-Dress all made it once, as well.
So, which are your 2-3 Favorite Looks I created during this Challenge? What do you think of my Least Favorite Looks? Stay tuned for part 2, including my May Budget Post all about what I bought in May.

Happy Monday you All!! Enjoy this new week and the new month!!

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  1. I enjoyed your recap and what you learned from the outfits you didn't like! You had so many cute looks but my favorites were #1 with the cobalt pencil skirt and #8 the nautical dress.


  2. Wow! Great job with the challenge Ada! Love, love, love the lace and leather look, that is a great skirt! (2)
    I also like look 5, I may have a thing for skirts!!!
    I want to try something like this too!
    Thanks for linking up as usual!

  3. Your blue skirt is definitely practical and a good building block for outfits!

  4. My favorite look was the pencil skirt with the lace tee. When I first saw it I loved it. May I feature it in my "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me" series? Linking the post back to your blog, giving you credit of course? Just let me know. Rachel co

    1. OH WOW THANKS SO MUCH RACH. I love that I have inspired you. Yes, of course you may feature it. It will be my pleasure. Just let me know what day you will write that post?

      Thanks again. <3 Ada.

  5. Love this post Ada!!!!! Great recap!!!!!



  6. This is quite a collection of outfits, Ada. I have to agree with your top 8. My favorites are number 5 and 8.

  7. Aww so fun--you killed it at the challenge and look FAB doing it :)


  8. Great job on your challenge! I love how you remixed all your outfits, but I really like your second outfit the best :)

  9. Great job with the challenge! The first look is my favorite. That color combo is great!


  10. You hit it out of the park girl. I love #2!

  11. I am in love with your second outfit- the lace and plaid really work together! I have a tiger top very similar to yours and I also struggle with how to wear it. You may not like your looks with it, but it has actually given me some ideas on how to wear it so thank you!

  12. You have got some sassy outfits! I love that blue pencil skirt and the fun plaid one, too!! Great looks!

  13. Good work on the 30 challenge! I like 5 and 7 .....
    Have a happy week!! :)
    xox, Crystelle

  14. Isn't it interesting how our legs look better in heels instead of flats? I love to pose in heels even if I don't end up wearing the heels because the posing looks better to me, anyway. Great ensemble here, Ada. ♥, Renae

  15. I think these challenges are too fun. I've never participated, but love admiring the ladies who do!

  16. Love those cobalt blue skirt looks! Pairing with red was such a bold choice, but looks great!

    Thanks for joining Skirt Week!

    Katie @ Style On Target

  17. You had some great looks during is challenge, I feel like a learned a lot about what goes together doing this challenge too.

  18. I think the 30 for 30 is a great challenge to undertake when you want to be able to look at your closet in a new way. Sometimes we get really suck on pieces and forget how much potential they really have. Glad this was such a success!
    Chic on the Cheap

  19. Love the cobalt and red mix! And awesome for you ... the 30 for 30 sounds super challenging, but fun! Glad it worked!

  20. I love the striped dress the most! It was a cute look!

  21. I admire how much time you spend on each of your posts. The cobalt skirt is a great piece that instantly brightens up each look! Http://morepiecesofme.com

  22. That cobalt pencil skirt is such a workhorse! And thanks for the super-sweet comment on my blog!

    ~ Sarah, Shades of Sarah

  23. Really enjoyed reading your recap! Congrats on the challenge! Not sure if I could have made it through! I adore your cobalt blue pencil skirt! Such a great addition to your closet! I love how all your outfits are so sassy and fun! You definitely know how to have fun when it comes to dressing!

    xo, Erica

  24. I love the recap! You do such a great job with the 30x30 shots every time you do it! Love it! :)

  25. I love the recap! You do such a great job with the 30x30 shots every time you do it! Love it! :)


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