March 2014 Reflections and Top 3 Looks.

I like reflecting on the previous month of blogging, both fashion-wise and non-fashion-wise. This month, this post is coming a few days later than usually because I wanted to get the 30 for 30 challenge started first. The fact that today is already April 5th is hard me to believe. Where did quarter of the year go so darn fast? March was a weird month where I wasn't happy with a lot of my looks. Part of is was not feeling inspired. Part of it was the crappy March Weather because it was between Winter and Spring, in any given day, pretty much. And on a personal note, we made some changes at home and were quite busy. At the end of the day, I was simply tired. Vivian and I got back on our feet (from having a bad cold most of February), towards the middle of the month Vivian started walking on her own (more than 2 steps at a time) and by the end of March Vivian even started going to Daycare. So there were a lot of personal changes and challenges as you can see.

In March there were 28 Posts, not all of them featuring OOTDs, however. There were three two-fer posts, most of which shared Outfits with my Colored Corduroy Pants. March was a month of Sweaters and Puffy Vests. I tried to wear a bunch of Heavy Sweaters while it was still cold out, before putting them away for next year. I also wore mostly Neutral Dresses. However I kept My Pants Fun & Colorful. My Green Skinny Jeans from Old Navy & Wine Corduroys from WHBM (which were both neglected for far too long) were worn twice each. I also wore some Bold Patterned Pants such as the Mint Paisley pair from Old Navy, the Black+White Geometric pair from H&M and the Blush Aztec pair also from H&M. My new Aztec Cardigan was worn twice, as was my Popover Chambray from Joe Fresh. As far as Jeans, the Medium Wash Boot-cut pair from Aeropostale and the Dark Blue Skinny Ankle Jeans from The Limited were worn the most. My feet were kept dry in Boots such as my Taupe Over-the-Knee pair and my Gray Suede pair. I accessorized with lots of Belts & Scarves and I wore a couple of Hats, too.

But, I guess the most unique post last month was for the "I Feel Beautiful" Link Up hosted by the Lovely Agnes where I took a couple of photos of myself early in the morning in my bath-robe without makeup at all, fresh-faced. Though, truth be told I don't wear a lot of makeup in real life. But to me this post was more than just going all natural. It was more about the inner beauty we as women have. And I am a real woman who posts real outfits which I ACTUALLY WEAR DAILY, not just because I have a Style Blog. I also did a couple of "Pinned It and Did It" Outfits; while one of them came out looking good, the other I wasn't pleased with. Last but not least LAURA of I Do DeClaire and I did a couple of Style Swap Posts where we swapped Outfits from each other and did our own takes on them. One of these Outfits made it into my top 3 looks and I loved the other one, as well. The first 3 Outfits are in my order of preference, the others are in no order (just random).

This by far is my Favorite Look because it is 100% me, these days. It was one of the 2 Outfits from my Style Swap. I totally made the look my own and loved the Softer Monochrome effect of the Brown Puffer Vest (which I wore for the first time) and the Camel Fox Sweater. My Brown+Leopard Watch as well as Gold Snake Bracelet were perfect to accessorize with. This Outfit was a Favorite among the bloggers who read my blog, too. =)
This is on top 3 because it is Simple, Easy and Casual while Put Together. It can work for coffee, lunch or even a business-casual office. It is my first time (in years) wearing a Denim Jacket and I think I did a great job layering it around a Sweater Dress, with the Long Necklace and Black Tights. This was another Readers' Favorite.
This is on Top 3 because it is a Fun, Girly Night-Out Look. It hits many trends (such as Radiant Orchid - the Color of the Year - and Aztec) but in essence it is a Very Simple Outfit. Not too fussy or too thought-out and most likely the Outfits that you don't over-think end up being the best ones.
7. Ivory Lace Dress and Houndstooth Blazer. (I almost didn't include this one. However, I truly love it.)
Least Favorite Look: Layers in Odd Colors. Yes, that is exactly how I am calling my Least Favorite Look of last month. LOL This (after wearing it and especially after seeing it in photos) was one of those "What was I thinking Outfits?!" While I do really like my Raspberry Cords and Green Military Jacket, together they don't go NO JACK, especially with the Graphic Sweatshirt added in the mix. Also, that Headband is definitely a cold-weather Accessory that should be shown with a Winter Coat and your hair down. And my Outgrown Gray Hair didn't help matters either. 
Which are your Favorite 2-3 Looks from above?
While I wasn't super pleased with almost half of my Outfits last month, dressing every day teaches us things even-though we make mistakes along the way. I don't live a fancy life. I am just a Mom doing her thing. Thank you for reading. Your opinions and critique is welcome, as long as it is constructive.

P.S. Linking up with Doranda, Kristine, Patti and Molly.
Have a Great Weekend Ladies!!


  1. I can't believe that it is already April! I love that you keep it real, that is important. I only post things I actually wear everyday as well. My favs are your dress and jean jacket and those awesome aztec pants - great looks!


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  3. Deleted bcz bcz of a typo ;P! I like your 1st outfit best. Nicely coordinated and the sweater is really cute! Your white lace dress is so pretty too!

  4. Hope April brings good thins for you and isn't as busy! I think #1 is my fav, too. It looks so nice on you and it's a cute pic!

  5. I like the fox sweater the best, and your clutch purses are so cute. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  6. Love 1, 3, and 7! And the shoes in 4! I think we do learn a lot about dressing every day by taking pics and blogging. It's been good for me.

  7. Oh, I love the sweaters with the printed animals !
    I cannot pick a favourite between the fox and the bird. Can you tell me where they are from?


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