Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two-fer and Vivian Post: Strawberry Cords paired with New Items.

I have to start today's Post by acknowledging that today on March 19th my Sweet Vivian is 14 months old. And she can even walk on her own now (still crawls a lot though). Isn't she SUPER ADORABLE on the photo above, taken just exactly a week ago? 14 months ago today, she changed my life forever. She might have been born on a cold morning but she is such a warm little girl. She blesses me every day and for that I am so grateful. Happy 14 Months Vivian!!
OK, moving on because today's post is long to write (since I have two Outfits) and it is picture-heavy, but I had to include some with Vivi, especially since they were taken the day I wore one of the Outfits. I love doing Twofer Posts where I show you the same item worn two different ways (usually worn days close to each-other). The first Outfit was worn in early March and the 2nd just last week, when I wore all my Green to anticipate St. Patty's of course. =) It's no secret that I love Colored Pants. I also love Corduroy Pants. Bold, Colored Cords are even better! Plus, I love the Strawberry Color of these and the Boot-cut Style. Express needs to make similar ones, again. =)

When wearing these Pants, I also wanted to wear some of my New Clothing + Accessories. For the first Outfit I paired them with a Black+Gold Graphic Sweatshirt (that I got for free), my Olive Military Blazer & that Statement Headband. Pinkish-Red with Olive & Black? Sure, why not. It worked. For the second Outfit I am slightly more dressed up. I knew these Pants were the perfect match for my New Sweater which is like a Light Teal Green embroided with Red+Pink Roses. I quite like the Color-blocking between the two. I also added one of my New Scarves in Teal+Turquoise which mixes Polka Dots & Small Florals together. Between the Scarf & the Sweater I am mixing my Prints but keeping the Top part Monochromatic, too. And for both Outfits I reached for some Oxford Shoes as you see. (In some photos I turned the Scarf backwards to show you guys my New Gifted Necklace - just so you know). Do you own any Colored Cords? What Color? Do you like how I styled mine?
Black, Graphic "New York" Sweatshirt w/ Gold Shimmer Sleeves: c/o Sublevel (New).
Military Green, Military-Style Jacket w/ Pockets: Ann Taylor Loft.
Raspberry-Red, Corduroy, Boot-cut Pants: Express.
Black Skinny Headband w/ Mustard Knitted & Black Feathery Decoration: c/o a Local Accessories Boutique (New).
Black & Dark Blue, Patent Leather Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.

Teal-Green, Crew-neck Sweater w/ Red & Pink Embroided Roses on the Front: Koton (New).
Raspberry-Red, Corduroy, Boot-cut Pants: Express.
Turquoise, Baby Blue & Teal, Light Linen-blend, Polka Dot & Small Floral Scarf: c/o a Scarf Boutique (New).
Dainty Silver Chain Necklace w/ White Glass Stone: Gifted from Turkey, from a Friend (New).
Real Gold & Diamonds, Fine Jewelry, Tiny Hoops: Lord & Taylor.
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.

Vivian's Outfit:
Baby Pink Cardigan: H&M (New; Gifted).
Off-White Leggings w/ Multi-Colored Polka Dots (part of a 2-piece set): Carter's.
Turquoise, Tulle Bow Hair Clip w/ Polka Dots: Wal Mart.
Black Sneakers: Babies R' Us.

Here are 3 other ways I have worn these Strawberry/Raspberry Corduroy Pants.
1, 2, 3.

P.S. Of course I am linking up with Bri for her Third Thursday Threads which this month's theme is to remix an item at least 3 ways (I have shown you my Cords 5 ways); Danielle also for remixing a piece several ways; Jac (with Elle) because their Spotlight Weekly this week is to wear a Graphic Top (my Sweatshirt); as well as Ashley (and the Ladies) for their Green Week Link-up (my Sweater & the Military Jacket). I am also linking up with Melaina, Victoria, Agi, Tara and Bethany.



  1. love the second outfit. Yay for Vivian walk. Its so much fun watching little one grow up.

  2. I really like the pink pants with the green top! The high contrast between two such bright colors is beautiful!

  3. Love your hat in the second outfit! And I have to say that I really like your third remix. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - our kids are born around the same time of year, my girl and boy are just a week apart in January too, so yay for winter babies!

  4. Vivian is such a cutie. I love the bow in her hair! Your mint sweater with the roses is so pretty. It looks great with the colored cords.

  5. Adorable looks! Those cords are so fantastic, love the color!! Thanks for linking up with Tres Chic

  6. I'm sorry nobody has told you this, but you have some of the worst outfits I've ever seen. People here are just trying to be nice to you, but please, please look at other GOOD blogs and see how to put together an outfit. People are making fun of you at Get Off My Internets. and PLEASE get your hair done! Grey roots aren't cute!

    1. I think Ada has the right to dress just like she wants. If she wants advice, she will def ask, methinks. Fashion blogs are FOR fun, not to set rules for others how to dress.

    2. Sorry, using a tablet makes my commenting messy. Anyway, internez people make fun of almost anyone. Don't let the bullies set the rules. :)

  7. Aw! I love Vivian's cute polka dot pants, and her hair is getting so long! Those are great pants, I can't believe how much they go with! I really like them with the polka dot top and shoes!

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  9. I don't have colored cords because my mom would only let me wear cords in the winter when I was younger; I had a pair in dark green, in dark blue, and in tan. They were all wide leg. I still haven't gotten over that terrible phase. Nonetheless, I like your pink cords most with the black!


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