Tuesday, November 24, 2015

50 Tastes of Wine and a Blogger's Gift Exchange.

50 tastes of Wine?! OK, it is more like 5 tastes of wine but you get my drift. We will get to this cute Thanksgiving-ready outfit in a moment but first let's talk about a Gift Exchange or a Bloggers' Swap. 

And today I am wearing one of the items from the Swap I did with my blogging friend CARRIE from Curly Crafty Mom. I am wearing the Burgundy Infinity Knit Scarf, which you have seen a couple of times before, on this blog. Carrie is a very talented DIY-er and crafter. I loved her Hot Pink Tassel and Beaded Necklace she made for herself a few months ago. I wanted one for myself. So, we came up with a Gift Exchange idea. She would make me a couple of these Gorgeous Hand-made Tassel Necklaces (and include a couple more things) and I would pick out a few gifts (I did mostly jewelry, as well as a scarf and a flower pin) for her, in exchange. The anticipation was fun and the thought that went behind our gifts was nice, too. Carrie styled a few of my items today on her post, so make sure to check out her cute outfit. Have you ever done a Swap or Gift Exchange with another blogger? Would you ever do one?

Staying true to the name of her blog and her Crafty Artistic Self, Carrie sent me 4 items she made herself as well as this Knitted Infinity Burgundy Scarf she had purchased at Target. She also got me a Fall Craft Toy for Vivian (not pictured, because I couldn't find it).
These were the 2 Tassel Necklaces that Carrie made for me. I will be showing the Pink Tassel one worn in my outfit, tomorrow. While the Turquoise one has already made an appearance on my blog a couple of times  (here and here). Better yet both of these tassel necklaces will mix+match very well with my new tassel bracelets I got from Pumps & Pushups.

Besides making pretty jewelry, Carrie is the queen of monogramming. She has so many beautiful monogrammed items in her home. She made me two monogram cocktail glasses in gold letters. One of them has cursive letters and the other has print letters. I, of course put them into good use. I am using one of them in my bathroom to store some makeup such as lipsticks, eye pencils and lipglosses, while the other is sitting pretty on top of an armoire and it stores it some of my daughter's bows and hair barrettes.

Last but not least, this Infinity Burgundy Knitted Scarf was a gift that Carrie purchased from me at Target and I love it. I have also worn this Burgundy Scarf before (here and here) and at least 2-3 other times, not shown on the blog. This time around I styled the Scarf as a Vest which I have done before with Infinity Scarves. I am wearing a lot of Wine or Burgundy, from the lightest shade (my shoes and necklace) to the darkest (my leggings). This Outfit is perfect to wear for Thanksgiving Dinner and I am actually thinking of wearing a very similar one. It is pretty casual yet still a little dressy. I definitely look like I made an effort. This Tunic Tee which is white with burgundy stripes and burgundy pannels on the shoulders is very, very comfortable (perfect for stuffing yourself for Thanksgiving). It is a Boyfriend fit so it definitely fits loose (I am wearing an XS). It is a pretty recent purchase from Old Navy. I paired it with my Oxblood/Wine Leggings, Velvet Rose-Patterned Mules, the Infinity Scarf-as-Vest and a Faux Fur Black+Leopard Hat. I happen to love Burgundy with Leopard. Also, the black part of the hat matches those black faux leather pannels on my leggings. I dressed it up with a Bold Bauble Necklace, a Gorgeous Crystal Cuff, a Silver-Embellished Quilted Purse and some silver Hoops, (all these accessories besides the necklace are by White House Black Market). It ended up being such a Chic Look that received questions as in "Where did I get that?!" and compliments. I ended up loving this Monochromatic Wine Look and all the textures.

The Accessories:

And in case you are wondering, below are the items I got for Carrie. Carrie loves gold-tone jewelry so I got her 3 gold-tone necklaces: a long one with druzy stones, a vine necklace with an amber stone and a dainty necklace with a boy+girl charm (for her kids). I also got her a faux python teal watch, a faux python burgundy bracelet, silver hoops with turquoise stones, beaded burgundy dangly earrings, a gold silky rose pin/brooch, an eggplant-purple pashmina scarf and a little coral bow for her daughter Autumn. I think Carrie liked most of these items and she has already worn some of them. This gift exchange was such a great idea and I am open to do this again in the future, with another blogger.

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Have a Great Thanksgiving Weekend everyone!!


  1. You look great dear!


  2. Aww! What a fun swap! And so awesome to do it the week of Thanksgiving because I am DEFINITELY thankful for my blogging friends :) Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Stripes & burgundy is one of my favorite color combos and I love the blogger swap you did!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I love all the items Carrie got you, especially that scarf. Lovely outfit too.
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

  5. Love all the textures in this look! I adore that bag and the jewelry is so pretty. :)


  6. What a fun idea! I love it. And gorgeous outfit :)

  7. Love burgundy and those pants are too fun!

  8. Ada, I had so much fun doing the gift exchange with you. I am not sure how I found time to make those items, but I did just for you and I am so glad you love them! I really need to try and make some tassel bracelets sometime with chunkier beads. This outfit is one of my favorites of yours, maybe it is because of all the burgundy! I love the pants with the leather panels on the bottom and that NECKLACE is gorgeous as are you! Have a great Thanksgiving, Ada! Glad to have met you via blog-world!


  9. So fun that you two swapped gifts. I love seeing what you each go because it shows about your personality. Her monograms are amazing! I like seeing you style some of the items too.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. Love the leggings. The leather panel is super cute


  11. blog swaps are always fun.


  12. I just love al of the burgundy in that outfit! And the shoes are stunning. Love those tassel necklaces! Carrie is really talented!


  13. What a cute look! Perfect for Thanksgiving!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

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  15. Your gift exchange sounds like a great idea! :)

    The gifts you got are lovely, they are such nice necklaces!

  16. Love the necklace, you look so festive! Thanks again for linking up with me for Wedneday's Wearables at Momfluence. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  17. You know I just love those burgundies on you! Those leggings are fabulous!! I hope your Thanksgiving is as grand and beautiful as you are!!

  18. Love the burgundy pants! What a fun exchange for you!!

  19. You both got fabulous gifts! You look fantastic in this burgundy outfit! Love your shoes! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Ada!


  20. Super cute look Ada! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  21. what a fun exchange love it and I adore your hat. It would be perfect for me LOL

  22. How fun! The necklaces are so cute, but I gotta say I'm lovin' those shoes Ada!

  23. How fun to swap gifts! Those tassel necklaces are so cute! I love your burgundy outfit and those fabulous shoes!

    Doused In Pink

  24. Such a fun idea! I love the items you got each other! That druzy necklace you got her was beautiful1


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