Friday, November 6, 2015

The 6 Remix: Burgundy Buffalo Plaid Shirtdress for Fall.

Hi guys. It is Friday night, or Fri-YAY! And today, I am bringing back the 6 remix. 

I will try to continue doing these posts at least every other month. I was hoping to get one done each month, but first of all they are very time-consuming especially if you take all pictures in one day (like most of my pictures from today's post are taken on the same day  - being honest here). Plus, I do a lot of two-ways to wear it posts quite often, so I don't feel like I am not remixing or I am not re-wearing my clothes. At the same time, there are plenty of other clothes (that have barely been worn or not worn at all) that I want to wear, so a remix doesn't always work. Anyhow, today I am remixing my Burgundy/Berry Buffalo Plaid, Hi-Lo Shirtdress. I am so glad to finally wear this dress since I have had it in my closet for a month and a half now and you finally see it on the blog. So, you will see this dress styled 6 ways for Fall. Keeping with the 6 theme, besides the dress, I also added 5 other pieces I wanted to remix together with the dress (more than once).

The 6 Remix: Burgundy Buffalo Plaid Shirtdress for Fall.
I have worn 2 (well 3) out of all these 6 outfits. The first time I remembered to wear this dress was two weeks ago so I chose the first outfit for a casual engagement party at a local Mediterranean restaurant. I left the house around 7.30 and it was night out, so indoor photos it was. I also have worn the second outfit with a Pistons hat to a Pistons game, a week ago. The game was late and my brother snapped some pictures quickly before we left. Finally, a day after the game I wore the same dress with my leggings, black booties and a black belt (minus the scarf) very similar to outfit #6. I didn't take photos of that outfit that day because it was chilly out (I had worn a coat over the outfit). I planned on re-taking the photos outside, when I did the remix to shoot the other 3 looks, but yesterday when I finally got ready to take all the pictures of all the outfits featuring this dress, the neighbor next door was fixing his car, it was a little windy and my camera wasn't cooperating. So instead I decided to shoot the rest of the pictures inside and call it a day. Some photos are a little blurry. I am working with a new semi-professional camera and I still have to get the hang of it, sorry. So, which 2-3 looks are your favorite? I think overall I did a great job remixing this dress but I love all those outfits on the bottom row (4, 5 & 6).

Altogether, here are the 6 pieces I am remixing (itemized below). To be noted both cuff bracelets and both pairs of earrings, each got remixed twice as well (it just happened).

Let's look at each outfit on detail, now.

Look #1: Belted. 
This look is a little Dressy, a little Edgy. I ended up wearing it a few weeks ago to an engagement party at a local restaurant. We were told to dress casually. This is my version of casual. Actually, the outfit is quite casual but still feels pretty dressy. The booties and the sturdy leather belt make it a little edgy but the statement necklace and patent leather teal clutch definitely dress it up.
Gold Tone, Double-Stranded Chain+Pearl Necklace w/ Oval-Shaped Large Burnt Orange Stones: The Limited (similar by Lulu's, gorgeous option, love this), (pretty cluster option, great deal), (gorgeous silver-tone option by JC Penney w/ crystals+pearls, best deal, my favorite).
Silver Tone Smoke/Taupe Diamond-Shoped, Tiny Drop Earrings: White House Black Market (similar in cubic zirconia, my favoritel), (fun option by Macy's, best deal, love these).

Look #2: Sporty.
This sporty look was worn for our Pistons Basketball game, a few days ago. I went with my brother and it was a lot of fun. I layered with a Denim Vest and wore a Pistons Hat, Navy Denim Sneakers and even carried a Sporty Red+Black Tote. This look was casual, put together and Americana all rolled in one.
Blue Pistons (Baseball) Hat: Pistons (Borrowed from My Brother).
Silver Tone Smoke/Taupe Diamond-Shoped, Tiny Drop Earrings: White House Black Market (similar in cubic zirconia, my favoritel), (fun option by Macy's, best deal, love these).

Look #3: A little Fancy with pops of Teal.
This Outfit turned out so cute and I want to wear it soon for date night. The Teal Clutch makes the teal of that Pretty Tassel Necklace, stand out even more. And look at all those jewels on the Fun Black Stiletto Sandals. I love the look of the sandals (which show off my red toenails) paired with the leggings.
Long Necklace w/ Camel Wood Beads, Glass White Bead, Glass Teal Beads & Turquoise Tassle: Hand-made & Gifted (New) (gorgeous option by The Limited, great deal, my favorite), (fun option by BubleBar, comes in 3 colors), (similar w/ yellow tassel & camel beads, my favorite).
Hunter Green Marled Lucite Cuff: Forever 21.

Look #4: Vested and Belted on Top.
Oh how much I ended up loving this look I created with the vest half-buttoned and my brown belt on top of the vest. This outfit is great for early Fall or mid-Fall as long as it is pretty warm. For cool Summer mornings, you could swap the booties for sandals or ballet flats and you are good to go for a day of errands, looking cute and put-together.
Brown, Sturdy, Thick Leather Belt w/ Gold-Tone Square Buckle: Gap (very similar, comes in 4 colors, Splurge), (similar by Target, best deal, love this), (gorgeous option by JJ Winters, on sale).
Hunter Green Marled Lucite Cuff: Forever 21.

Look #5: Mixing Lots of Patterns.
I finally bought the Infamous Blanket Scarf that everyone and their mother and grandmother has, so late in the game I know. So of course, since I got it this week I had to try it over the dress. So I mixed two different plaids with paisley/floral (tights) and a pop of leopard (clutch). Despite the plethora of patterns, the warm bright colors work together. I also added Red Suede Pumps. Red and Leopard work so well together. We are going out to dinner tomorrow night and I want to wear this outfit exactly, red heels and all.

Look #6: Head to Toe Monochromatic.
For this outfit I mixed and matched shades of Burgundy, Maroon and Brown. Literally everything I am wearing besides the booties are in that family of colors. You wouldn't know, but a strong berry color or a wine color mixes well with brown. Also, the Black Booties (since they are leather) mix well with the leather strips of fabric of my Burgundy Leggings. And I did wear a very similar outfit to this already minus the scarf, except I had on a Black Belt and carried a Black Purse (rather than a brown belt and a brown purse).
Brown, Sturdy, Thick Leather Belt w/ Gold-Tone Square Buckle: Gap (very similar, comes in 4 colors, Splurge), (similar by Target, best deal, love this), (gorgeous option by JJ Winters, on sale).

Here is one final look of all 6 outfits together, close-up. Final thoughts: jewel tones look great with this Dark Berry Dress. The Teal Clutch always stands out, in these outfits. Royal Blue, Mustard, Cobalt or Bright Yellow would look just as nice. And (not on purpose but) three of the bags I styled this dress with, were in the brown family. 
If you made it this far, good for you. This was one long post. So thank, you for reading it. Hope it helped, somehow.

Also, if you missed it earlier this week, I remixed some more berry, here.

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Lastly, this month, the theme for "How I Style It" Linkup is Plaid so I am totally in.


  1. OH, Ada! This is my absolute favorite all time The 6 Remix series of yours! That hi-lo top is adorable on you and I love EVERY single look (especially the one with the tassel necklace and scarf, haha). I know these posts must be a lot of work, but this one is great! I am going to pin the first graphic for inspiration! Also, I am doing a collab post with Jill on Thursday and I'm going to be wearing that gorgeous agate necklace you got me... and, I just won a giveaway from eShakti and I am using it to get a dress for our winter wedding series that is coming up! FriYAY!


  2. Love shirt dresses...they are so versatile. Cute!

  3. Such great looks!!!! Love them. :)

  4. I love these kind of posts from you, always exciting to see all the variations in one post! But it is understandable that it really takes much time. Pretty little dress styled in such lovely ways. Even don't know which one is my favourite...I guess the one with leggings, super!

  5. That's a wonderful versatile shirt dress Ada. And what could be better for Fall than some plaid? Love it with the denim vest, but especially like how the tassel necklace constrasts against it. Really makes it pop.

    Have a great week!

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  6. Ada, I always love how you are able to style things in different ways! I love all the variations of this dress and it's difficult to pick a favorite! I really like it with the blanket scarf, in fact, I think I might have the same or at least a similar scarf!

  7. Thank you for linking up to my Style Story Link Up!

    I think my favorite is the belted denim vest. Super cute idea Ada. I also like the second necklace and the tassel one too.

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  8. Just love that plaid shirt dress! So many different options of styling! Hope you are doing well!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  9. Love that plaid shirt dress and all of these styling options! The denim vest and blanket scarf outfits are my favorite!

    Doused In Pink

  10. I'm so impressed with how much wear you get out of one piece!! You style it so many creative ways - really awesome!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  11. such a versatile piece!! i love the color.

  12. Remix posts like this are definitely time consuming, but it is always fun to get ideas about how to restyle something. This is such a great dress and really lends well to remixing. I like all your looks!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  13. Great dress! There are so many great ways to style it!

  14. This dress is so versatile, I love it! My favorite way you wore it is with the blanket scarf, pretty color combinations.

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  15. Wow - great re-mixing and so many style ideas, Ada! Thanks for sharing all your hard work with Visible Monday xox


  16. Lovely dress Ada, love how you styled it! Think my favourite is with the leggings :)

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays

  17. I'm loving this dress, and all the ways you styled it! The color is gorgeous on you, and the plaid is perfect for fall. I think my favorite is with the plaid scarf!

  18. Wow! So many looks, Ada with one dress. You really showed us so many options! Thanks for linking up with us again this week.

  19. Great styling of the dress, I LOVE seeing people style pieces so many ways! Bonus, it'll help me with different ways to style my own plaid dress :)

  20. You look stunning in red, and what a lovely shirt dress. I think I like it paired with the jean vest and alone the best.
    Rachel xo

  21. Aren't shirt dresses the best?? There are SO many ways to style them!

  22. What a unique take to show your outfit 6 ways! I like it with the burgandy leggings. Thanks for adding your stylish point of view to the My Refined Style Linkup!


  23. All of these are great looks! What a versastile dress!


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