Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Recapping 2014: Pants, Jeans and Leggings.

Welcome to the second edition of my 2014 Style Recap. I meant to post this yesterday, albeit the first day of work on a Monday after having 5 days off was indeed quite busy. Today I am looking back and reviewing my Most Favorite Looks featuring Pants, Jeans and Leggings. You can read the the first part featuring Skirts and Shorts.

The Best in Pants, Jeans and Leggings: As mostly a stay-at-home mom and running after a baby (turned toddler) I wore a lot of skinnies, jeans and leggings in the last year. Plus I love my Skinny Jeans and Leggings especially if the Jeans are Colored and the Leggings are Patterned. As you can tell - by the looks I chose as my favorites - I am not afraid of Color or Pattern. Most of these Outfits are not worn at work. They are just Everyday, Casual Mom Looks. I did include some Favorite Work/Office Looks as well. I ended up choosing 14 Favorite Outfits featuring Pants+Jeans and a Top 3 Outfits with Leggings. My Most Favorite 3 looks here are (from the order I have listed them below) the 2nd, 3rd and 8th Outfit. What about yours?
(The outfits are listed in no particular order of liking.) 

Pants and Jeans.

Floral Pants, Burgundy Blazer & White Blouse.

Ponte+Leather Black Leggings & Silk Paisley Tunic.

Black Leggings, Black Military Jacket, White Tunic & Leopard Pumps.

Floral Leggings & Black Silk Tunic.

Last but not least I wanted to share a Beautiful Photo of Vivian as flashback from exactly a year ago when we did her one-year Birthday Photo Shoot (a week before her first Birthday). In 13 days, my beautiful baby girl will be 2 years old. It is very cliche, but how time flies I will never understand, even more so when you have are raising a child. She literally grows every day. 

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  1. I just can't get over how gorgeous Vivian is! Time really does fly!

  2. I love all your colorful pant options! They really give your wardrobe a lot of variety. I like how you have broken up your recap into wardrobe pieces. Great idea!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. What a colorful 2014 you had! Looking forward to your creation in 2015 too.

    From Jing at www.bejingxu.com

  4. your the queen of printed and colored pants. Kids sure do grow up fast.

  5. Time flies, my friend! Happy 2015 and wishing you all the best in the new year!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. I think these recaps are so fun! I really like seeing what other people consider to be their favorites. Those silk tribal pants are so perfect :)

  7. You have so many great pants, and all so well fitting!

  8. What a great mix of looks, Ada! You have an amazing collection of pants, so many! And that's a precious 1-year photo of Vivian. Have a great week. ~Cynthia

  9. You are just too cute. Such wonderful and fun looks, Ada! I adore those yellow polka dot pants. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  10. I'm loving everyone's recap posts! You look cute in all of them! Happy New Year and thanks for linking up with J and me, as always! :)

  11. I love those silk printed pants on you, that has to be my favourite outfit out of the selection here too. They are a really nice print :)

    As it's summer I'm favouring shorts and dresses, but baby T will be mobile soon and I'll be back to wearing a lot of denim as the weather cools - so it should work out nicely!

  12. Happy New Year, Ada!! What a nice way to look back on some outfits from the past year! My favourite is the first one, I just love that combination. I'll have to get myself a polka dot blouse like that and recreate it! :)

    Madeline @ Cappuccino and Fashion

  13. Oh my goodness, how do I pick a favorite? You always look so put together Ada! I love the green pants with the chambray top. I think that is my favorite. But my single favorite piece of clothing is the black geometric cropped pants! I love those!! Happy New Year! Susan

  14. So many colorful pants and cute looks! My favorite are the black and white geometric pair!

    Doused In Pink

  15. What a great collection of fun pants! I love those tribal ones...you look fabulous!

  16. Ada, I love how adventurous you are with mixing colors and patterns in all of these looks! The geometric and tribal print pants are my favorites!

    Feel Great Fashion

  17. You have so many fun printed pants!

  18. Happy 2015 Ada
    Love the bright colors and all of the prints. You look great.
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  19. Great recap, Ada! My favorite outfit is the tribal pants. You have so many pairs of cute, fun pants!

    Nicole to the Nines

  20. I love your colourful items of clothing. Your yellow trousers definitely need to be in my own wardrobe! I'm wearing a coral off the shoulder top in my own post today Ada - love it!

  21. Your use of color and print is one of my favorite things about your style! Your'e my inspiration to try more of that in 2015!

  22. So many great pants looks! You have a lot of cute colored and printed ones!

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