Thursday Moda #277: Currently, May 2022.

OK, I haven't done one of these since November of last year - that's 6 months ago - so it has been quite some time. Since May is my birthday month I figured I would do a "Currently" post and update you on my life. The last 6 months - since I last did these currently posts - have been so busy for me and filled with so much joy because of our adorable, loving, sweet baby Gisele. I don't sleep a lot - and that's ok - but I am at a great place in my life right now knock on wood. I feel very blessed and I am thankful and grateful to God for everything. Thank you God for my beautiful family, for my health and for the health of all of my loved ones.

consuming: Lots of Coffee. It is always needed (coffee) when you are raising babies or toddlers, especially a baby that wakes up a few times at night, like mine does. Thank God for coffee. Speaking of coffee, as much as I like treating myself to Starbucks sometimes, most coffee drinks I am drinking these days is at home, especially with the inflation and prices going up daily.

feeling: Constantly Tired (read above), but also very happy. A baby may mean a lot of lack of sleep, constant exhaustion and sometimes stress - if we are being honest and keeping it real (like I always keep it real). But the happiness a new baby brings, the joy, the satisfaction, the positive good vibes and fresh energy of a new baby, there truly are no better feelings than that. Gisele has changed my life once again and made me a mom for the second time and I thank God every day that she is mine and for bringing that sweet baby into our lives. We are so in love with her!

finding: the Cutest Mommy+Me Summer Outfits for me and my beautiful girls. I am looking at you Target and Old Navy - they have lots of adorable matching dresses for mothers and daughters, and many mix+match outfits for the family like dresses for women, skirts for girls and rompers for babies.

following: no one in particular. I may be the only person that isn't so much (or at all) into TikTok. Like I have an account that I have opened quite some time ago but I never use it and I never go on the app to see people's videos and viral reels. I think Instagram consumes enough of my time with viewing videos and stories daily. Plus social media can be super addicting and toxic. Plus these days I prefer spending my time doing things with my girls and watching sweet Gisele growing every day.

spending: Money on my girls (what else is new?) LOL. Read also the third prompt "finding". Vivian has grown a lot since last Summer and has gotten a lot taller too. I am also transitioning some of her outfits and pieces from a size M girls to a size L girls. Where did my baby go?! And Gisele my sweet baby girl is growing out of clothes weekly and she is so tall for her age. The boxes of clothes I have filled up that she has outgrown already - oh my!

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  1. Welcome May! I remember those days of constantly being tired- but super happy too, just like you:) I too opened a TikTok account...but never go there! Still trying to figure it out. And I love how you're doing all those cute Mommy daughter looks- so lucky that you have Target! Have a great rest of the week bellissima Ada xx

  2. I don't have a tiktok. Never got in to it and don't see myself doing it.

  3. Lovely update, Ada! Glad to hear that you are doing well <3


  4. It was nice to read your update! It's so much fun buying outfits for girls so I understand!

  5. I agree Ada - babies may mean lack of sleep but boy, the joy is immeasurable! Also, social media is a time suck -better to be IRL with your beautiful family!

  6. Oh you are not the only who is not into TikTok! I am not into any of it and stay far away from it all!


  7. Glad to see you back, Ada! It was nice to hear your update-I am happy for you and your family, and the joy your new baby, Giselle brings!


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