Thursday Moda #273: Valentine Home Decor 2022.

Home Sweet Home, how much I Love You. Our little home that I have made ours with all of the things I have personally bought, selected and shopped for, including seasonal or holiday decor. And this time around I invite you to see my home all decked out for February the month of home and Valentine's Day. You can check out my 2021 Holiday/Christmas Home Tour as well and see how I changed things around. I am also once again co-hosting my Thursday Moda with my friend BRANDI from Pass the Prosecco so make sure you stop by her blog today to see her adorable, pin-worthy, Instagram-worthy post with the most adorable pink ombre heart balloon wall.
Just like with the Christmas home post, I decorated the main areas of my home. Of course the hub of the house - the living room and dining room. Also my kitchen, guest bedroom and little nooks like the coffee bar and bar cart got decorated. For the first time ever I also decorated a Valentine's Day tree. If you remember the silver tinsel tree on the hallway, from my Christmas Home Decor post, I gave it a valentine update by adding lots of pink and red ornaments, a couple of custom-made 3D hearts and the rest of the decor like the glittery heart clips, the trucks filled with hearts and more came from the dollar store. I used lots of pillows and cozy festive throw blankets. Things came either from Target or from small shops on Etsy. We all know I love custom-made things. Let's look at everything in detail.

For the living room you could say the theme was "Love" and "Hearts", the word love, the word heart as well as hearts and heart-shaped things are in every little nook of the living room. I love my Love pom-pom garland from Target and those adorable Valentine's day birds. I was able to purchase all the set this year (all 4 birds) and I placed them in different areas: coffee table, bar cart, side table. I am a huge fan of these $5.00 seasonal birds from Target, they are so cute and so well-made. I mixed and matched mostly Valentine's pillows with a couple of Winter-themed pillows. Most pillows are also from Target and so are the two little cozy blankets. The little truck sitting on the coffee table is filled with some Valentine's day little chocolate candy and truffles that we all are fans of, here, at our home. I love the wooden dark cherry tray which was ordered from Etsy from the same shop as the gorgeous, carved, colorful conversation hearts some of which we personalized with our names, too. I replaced my marble coasters for these fun coasters all printed with different saying or quotes. The 2 on top are love-themed ones, of course.
These conversation hearts are so beautiful and hand-made and such a great size too. It was fitting that for this table I would choose a little heart-shaped candle (Target for the win) put inside a red heart-shaped bowl filled with real conversation hearts hard candy. So cute!
I always love decorating with candles, I have so many, including seasonal ones. I added a cute "I Love You" ceramic candle to this bar area besides the wicker XO and hearts, a bar glass filled with tiny pink, blush, white and rose gold ornaments, a little lovey bird, a Valentine Kisses sign and a couple of additional little wooden and glass VDay pieces either from the Target Bullseye spot or from The Dollar Store.

I decorated this silver tinsel tree using mostly Christmas ornaments that would work for Valentine's Day such as pink balls, beaded+sequined sparkly pink ornaments, glittery hot pink nail polish bottle ornaments, a couple of heart ornaments, little white+pink dog ornaments, a set of pink teapot and cup and 4 dressed up and adorable animals (from Target) with which I created two couples, the male animals are dressed in fancy suits and vests and the female ones are dressed in twirly skirts and fur. What I purchased new were the glittery red and pink clips, the heart cut-outs, the valentine-themed cars and trucks, the foam pink roses, the red love envelopes and the 2 items I decorated the bottom of the tree with: a pink love-words valentine's day box and a big "Be Mine" red truck - and these were all from the dollar tree. Vivian made some ornaments too, clear hearts with red, pink, blue and purple pom-poms - they came out so cute! I absolutely love this little tree. This is the very first time I decorate a Valentine's tree - since I am a girls mama after all - but it won't be the last, that I am sure of!

My friend Brandi's coffee bar is so chic and elegant, ready for coffee or cocktails for a Galentine's or Valentine's celebration. She is ready to party too in her fancy outfit - love her fun little white cocktail dress and that beautiful pink/gold/white wall she created herself for easy+cheap using some mylar heart balloons from Amazon. Check out Brandi and all the the items she used to Decorate for Valentine's Day

How cute is this dining room table?! All decked up for love in red and pink with touches of black, white and silver courtesy of these stunning custom-made Valentine's Day ornaments all specially ordered via Etsy and they are so good and I am so glad I splurged on these, because I will use them every year from now on. They looked so good in the scalloped large glass bowl surrounded by the prettiest red candles from Target. The little pink striped runner is also from Target and I love the handmade beaded wooden red+white garland. The pink ombre faux book stack to which I added a bright coral pink bow to, is also quite cute.

This is the one bathroom I change seasonally or for the majority of the main holidays by swapping out some things, which is an inexpensive and festive way to decorate. I love how bit of a statement that large red plastic bowl makes, perfect to hold a soap bottle, a lotion bottle and a parfume. I filled it with some inexpensive foam roses too (bought a dozen of these in a bag for so cheap). To this bathroom, I added some festive towels and candles and  voila it is ready for Love month.

As a coffee and tea lover, the coffee bar is one area I am constantly changing, remodeling and redecorating around here. It is always complete with the cutest mugs or seasonal mugs. It is all about that Mug Life like that tiny sign says. This time around it's all about the Valentine mugs. I got all 8 of these new this year from Target. You can always count on Target for the best $5.00-$7.00 mugs. For the price they are totally so reasonable because they are so well-made and large, too. Plus so pretty. There is always a jar filled with coffee and one or more jars filled with truffles or little chocolate bon-bons. We are huge fans of bonbons and truffles like I mentioned, especially the Lindor ones which melt in your mouth. That little gumball machine is filled with milk chocolate and dark chocolate red-wrapper Lindor truffles, for example. Not pictured in my kitchen, you will see a few Valentine towels, too. 

And that's a wrap up for today, ladies. What do you think of my Valentine Decor?! Did you decorate for this month of love?! Do you usually decorate for Valentine's Day or just a little bit?! Let me know in the comments, Stay tuned because on Monday on the actual Valentine's Day I will be sharing my baby girl's beautiful nursery all decked out for Valentine's and it is my favorite decorated place for this month of love. Now join the linkup on the bottom and thank you for stopping by, today.

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  1. Yours looks like a home filled with love. Well done, Ada.


  2. Your Valentine's Day decor looks amazing! Thanks for the linkup!


  3. Cute decor! I love all the hearts, and your home is beautiful!


  4. You have the cutest Valentine's decor! You home looks amazing and so festive!

    Jill Doused in Pink

  5. Aw, Ada, all of your love decor is so fun and cheerful for Valentine’s Day! I really like the wooden heart message candy replicas! Those are so adorable. And your festive coffee mugs and coffee bar is great!


  6. So cozy and cute! Love how festive you are for holidays!

  7. You have so many cute valentines decor. I have a couple of things out. Since I don't have a huge collection. I'm slowy adding to it more.

  8. Your Valentine's decor is so festive and cute, Ada!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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