Currently, January 2021 and Thursday Moda.

It is January 2021 in America. It is January 6th 2021 to be exact and this day will be remembered as a dark, ugly day in the American history. That's because huge riots of thousands and thousands of Americans mobbed the Capitol Hill in our nation's capital DC. These so-called Americans and Trump supporters have hit, hurt, stolen, broken, damaged and even killed (a woman was shot, we just learned that she fatally died) today to "prove a point" when there isn't even a 'POINT' to be proven to begin with. I have been watching the news LIVE for the past few hours and at first I couldn't believe my eyes. How can this happen in this country, in this day and age and WHY?! It is so unfair, uncalled for, inhumane, brutal, unprecedented and UNAMERICAN to say the least. It makes me scared to think about what to expect this January with one president leaving office and a new one starting his run at the oval office. Unfortunately, I don't think the worst is behind us. This January will be long, scary and unpredictable - at least that's how I feel. But not let's focus on some personal goals and this month's Currently prompts by ANNE from Anne in Residence. Plus January is my daughter's birthday month and I am looking forward to her turning 8! And I am also doing a no-buy January, except for presents and birthday cake for Vivian.

beginning: To take down Christmas decorations. The 2 large Christmas trees are yet to be taken down but all the other nooks, the smaller Christmas tree, the bathrooms, the bedrooms, the kitchen, the fireplace and every other area that I had decorations at, were un-decorated today. I will be honest, the house feels kind of empty and not as pretty or festive, but at the same time less clutter. But, I am itching to buy a couple of new pieces to spruce through the living room and on top of the fireplace, to change things up a little bit. My mom and I are ready for a change lol.

feeling: Uneasy about the current state of our country, but optimistic about the future . I am hopeful for a change and for a much better 2021, especially with a new president, but at this very moment as I am typing this, I am scared about our country and all that is happening in the Capitol Hill and not only - our current president's nonchalant reaction to it all. I mean WTF?! Even Twitter and Facebook took down his videos and currently put him on a 12-hour block.

organizing: Mugs, cups, glassware, dishes, china, kitchen towels and hand towels. And it will be closets, drawers, shoes, coats and clothing storage areas next. I need to purge a lot, get rid of a lot and hopefully start selling some clothes ASAP. This January is a no-buy month for me. Yesterday I switched out all the Christmas cups and other Christmas plates for our regular ones and I will soon get out the Valentine's day coffee/tea mugs and kitchen towels too.

resolving: To Live Life to its fullest, this year more than ever, especially after the shit show that was 2020 - though on a personal level, it was a pretty good year for me. If 2020 taught us anything is to LIVE and live fully and in the moment! Don't delay that trip - Covid-permitted. Don't cancel that date. Go on a Girls Night Out. Take a million photos. Spend time with your kids doing silly things or kid things with them! Tell everyone you love that you love them - one day it may be too late. Make love. Call and text more often. Write more hand-written letters and cards. Spend more time with yourself, take yourself out on a date. Eat and drink things that are better and healthier for you. Read more. Write more. Reflect more. Drink water more often. Walk more. Take those vitamins. Exercise. Do things that challenge you, satisfy you and make you a better person. I will be writing more about all of this on a post coming up this January, about my word for 2021.

wondering: How cold the rest of Winter will be. It has been a pretty mild Winter for us in Michigan and I think it has snowed twice though never more than a couple of inches - we did wake up to snow on Christmas morning though, which was lovely! I love wearing my sweaters, cardigans, boots, coats, scarves and beanies but as the days are starting to get a minute longer each day and as restaurants are expected to open up next weekend (finger crossed), I plan on being outside a little more and of course the weather affects that too. Plus I am heavily job searching and if I have to drive for interviews in the foreseeable future, I would prefer the weather not to be icy or snowy. On top of that our construction in Michigan is always on full-time mode LOL so that doesn't help.

Now, I am looking back at three outfits I wore and blogged in previous years, during this month of January. For the outfits I selected to look back on, today, I focused on coats, Winter accessories and outerwear. Let's recap down memory style lane. Happy 2021 and God Bless America! 

Today on my Instagram account the ladies of #WearItWednesday and I styled long cardigans for Winter. Some of these long cardigans are made of very thick material and they are pretty long. I call them coatigans because they are between a cardi and a coat, just like this marled olive green one by Target that I wore in January 3 years ago. When you wear one of these you don't need a coat. I paired this long cardigan/coatigan with my dark camo olive leggings, olive suede booties and a bright pink ruffled sweater underneath the cardigan (also by Target - coming IN CLUTCH!) This is a great casual outfit for a busy mom getting things done. I love the addition of the black beanie by Guess and those mirror sunglasses - I have had them both for years. My hot pink bag worn a a cross-body (also by Target) and bright pink lipstick also matched the sweater, perfectly.

This post featured a long, camel wrap coat by the beautiful, sophisticated Who What Wear line at Target (not the last wrap coat I am featuring today and not the only Target coat, either). I kept this outfit monochromatic by styling this coat with a brown+beige faux fur snood and a brown, floppy felt hat (which has been in my closet for a few years). Not to go unnoticed are my nude/beige Loft sunglasses. I don't know about you but I have to wear sunglasses when it snows. I love this look. Need to find this coat and re-wear it.

This post was all about outerwear - I featured this wool black/white/gray plaid wrap coat from Target - and paying attention to the details. Because in the Winter our outfits are not exposed so much - head accessories and hats, scarves, lipstick - wear something bright, it is Winter after all,  earrings, a pair of fun boots too can totally make all the difference! Don't you agree?!

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  1. We saw in the news here the riots and it's crazy to see - we spoke about it at the birthday party we were at - none of us understand it at all, so many strange things happening in the US. I hope things improve for you all this year!

    Thank you for the link up :)

    Hope you are having a great week and enjoying 2021 so far :)

    Away From Blue

  2. You have lots of great coats and other cozy toppers, my friend. And yes, 2021 is proving to be no better than 2020 just one week into it. It is sad and very frightening. I can't even watch the news or look at social media with all the blame that gets thrown from every direction. Simply put, there are bad people from every political affiliation, in every career choice, of any age, gender, race, or religion. There will always be bad people. So the good people must stay the course and just keep our lights shining as bright as we can. Sending you lots of hugs. May we get through this together!


  3. I don't watch the news and was saddened to hear and see glimpses of what took place. Heartbreaking, I am in prayer for our country.
    Thank you for the link up Ada!!

  4. I still need to take down my Christmas stuff. Plan on doing that this weekend.

  5. I'm keeping my tree and decorations up for a while! I just can't bring myself to get rid just yet! Thanks for sharing and hosting Hun. Jacqui x

  6. Stay safe my friend, I was glued to the news all day yesterday. Crazy times. I am completely undecorated and heading into Superbowl and Valentines planning. Gotta keep busy

  7. What an awful year 2020 was and the start of this new year hasn't been much better. Everything at the moment is beyond our control, we have to believe and hope things will improve for all of us. Happy new Year to you Ada. and thank you for hosting.
    Alison xx

  8. Just when you thought 2021 couldn't get any worse than 2020...yesterday happened. My only hope is that things have to get better from here, right?
    Cheryl Shops |

  9. Ada, you are correct in placing the blame on the president and his supporters in Congress. As Mitt Romney said, how about we just tell the truth???!! I am hopeful for positive things to come with the changeover. One has to watch the news and read to stay informed and not hide from the happenings of the day. On a happier note, you have a lovely coat collection shown here! And I can't believe Vivien will be 8 this month!! Such a fun age.

    Wishing us all a happier new year, my friend.
    xx Darlene

  10. Hey Bella- you are a hot hat girl!! Cheer up Sweetie, times are hard, I know...maybe we just stick to fashion and keep each other smiling xx

  11. Good luck with all of your organizing and selling clothing!

  12. Such a frustrating week, indeed, but I appreciate your optimism toward the future! We have to believe that things will get better. <3 Good luck with your job search and interviews, Ada, I'll be thinking good thoughts for you!

  13. Hi there, have followed you and your beautiful daughter on IG for awhile. Glad to finally get by your blog. Your Currently post offered a lot of food for thought. I especially like what you are resolving. Praying that this virus is soon completely under control and we can go on those dates and trips and GNOs!!

    Love your camel colored coat and that black and white plaid. Wish I could justify a new coat here. Mine is a little old and short in the sleeves but we really don't have cold weather much. Maybe once the season is over, I will try to find something on sale.

  14. I hear you. I saw the news and was in total awe - whatever happened ?!
    I was about to do a no buy January but then I bought something yesterday :)


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