Bundle Up, Buttercup!

I have been MIA guys. MIA on the blog, visiting and commenting on yours. MIA with outfit posts and posts in general.  I haven't had any time to join any linkups either. I could so use an extra hour of time each morning, every day. I am sure we all can, right?! Besides life, being busy and getting in the hang of things with a new year and the start of a routine after Vivian started school (after the Holiday break), I have not even photographed a lot of outfits. The first couple of weeks of January were warmer so I shot more outfits then, especially the first week where I had a lot of days off due to Vivian's holiday break. But mornings are tough and busy so shooting my work OOTDs has become tougher. Plus it is Winter. So the only outfits I have shot this month are mostly casual or weekend looks, most of which were indoors and a couple were outdoors. As you can see, weather took a turn for the worse and all of a sudden, it felt like Alaska here. Besides snow and more snow (it is falling as I am writing this), the temperatures took a complete dip with lows as low as -15 degrees (that is NEGATIVE freaking 15) overnight and the high of only 25 degrees. That is frigid! So today, tomorrow and the rest of this month I will be blogging the January outfits I have been able to shoot, most of which are indoors and a few outside for which I braved the cold (like I did this day). Also, I have a few more outfits to show you where you will get to see my Christmas tree. In reality this Thursday marks 2 weeks since I took down the Christmas decor with the exception of mine and Vivian's bedroom where she has her little XMas tree, too.

So, that's right Bundle Up, Buttercup! It sure is freezing out and it shows! I have been wearing my warmest coats lately. That includes this Long Camel Classic Coat (it is a Medium and I wish I owned it in Small even an XS, it swallows me; it is by Who What Wear by the way). Underneath it, I am wearing an office outfit with a thick mini skirt, thick tights, a blouse, a wool long cardigan and my faux fur snood, plus my Black Flat OTK Boots, which you get to see in the photos. Also, that Brown Floppy Hat makes a huge splash fashion-wise and I love how the brown plays with the tan or camel. But I was wearing gloves too, though I took them off for 2-3 minutes just to take these photos. In reality I took a few more pics but they came out complete shit, since it was very windy and snow was floating everywhere. So since I was freezing, these are all the photos you get and I apologize for the lack of photos and their bad quality but such is life. Like my very smart, newly-turned-six daughter says "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"

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  1. Ada, you look like a snow princess! I love this elegant look, so fantastic on you!

  2. It's so strange seeing you with snow while it's so hot here! Hope things get a little less hectic for you soon so you can return to blogging :)

    Thanks for the link up.

    Hope that your week is going well :) Still so hot and humid here with the heatwave!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Love this chic winter look Ada! That hat is perfect.


  4. Stay warm. The weather has gotten nasty here as well.


  5. Such a cute and cozy look dear! Love the pop of color from the clutch.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  6. You look so chic and warm! Love the pop of color too!

    xx Leah / www.leahbehr.com

  7. We all need breaks and more time, don't we Ada??
    You look fabulous all bundled up!!


  8. You look super cozy Ada! I'm cracking up on Vivian...I have heard (and maybe even said) that a time or two at my house for sure! And I feel you...I could use an extra hour daily as well.

  9. Ada, this is beautiful. I didn't see it in January so thank you for linking it. Do join me again this Monday for another Muttonstyle Monday.

  10. Gorgeous cosy winter outfit! I love the hat and faux fur scarf. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  11. You look so cute yet stylish! I love your selection! ◡‿◡✿

    Blog de la Licorne


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