Thursday Moda #222: Wearing Blue for the National Day Against Human Trafficking.

Today, July 30th is the World Against Human Trafficking Day, a day you are supposed to wear the color blue. As you all know I have been talking a lot about this cause lately (you can read my previous two posts also: here and here). As a mom to a young daughter this cause is very important to me and very close to my heart, that is why I am honoring it and bringing it awareness to it today. And I am joined by a lovely co-host too, my friend ELIZABETH from Natty Gal who just like my daughter Vivian and I, styled her own pretty dress, today.

July 30 is the World Day Against Trafficking, a day to shed light on the multi-billion dollar industry that enslaves millions of children, women, and men around the world. The day was started by the United Nations as a way to bring awareness to the problem, and potentially save victims, or prevent others from being victimized. According to the United Nations "sexual exploitation is the most common form of exploitation (59% share) followed by forced labour (34% share)." As parents we have to be extra vigilant, especially with younger children, to monitor their online activities and social media usage, use parental control when needed and give our children the support they need. 

For more information, links, and resources, visit If you or someone you know might be a victim of human trafficking, or if you suspect someone could be a victim, you can contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-3737-888. 

Now let's focus on fashion and our own blue dresses. First of all I love blue and so does Vivian, especially Cobalt Blue which is such a happy Summer Color. So choosing to wear blue for the national day against human trafficking was not only in honor of this cause, but super easy for me, specifically choosing a blue dress since I own several. Read on to find out more about our blue dresses and how much fun we had yesterday together. This Long Cobalt Blue Maxi Dress was hiding in my dress closet (yes I have a closet just for my dresses) and hadn't worn since Summer 2017, shame on me. It is made of 100% cotton jersey with a little bit of stretch so it is very breathable and comfortable. Perfect for a warm yet a little bit breezy Summer day, like yesterday when I wore it. I love the halter neckline with the most beautiful detail on the front which looks like crochet but it is this intricate macrame twisting that is made out of the same jersey as the dress. I knotted the dress for half of the day and let it loose the rest of the time. It paired so well with my rattan belt (a recent purchase from Amazon and it is soooo good!) and that fun wicker crossbody bag that looks like a mini picnic basket (the belt and bag match so well together). For jewelry I chose bold statement earrings that are made of blue+purple threads and I stacked some gold bracelets and real sea pearls bracelets together on my left wrist, completed with my fun blue triple-stone ring (by Old Navy). I chose some Blue Mirror Sunglasses (by Loft) to add even more blue to my look and to honor this cause. Little Vivian doesn't have a solid blue summer dress except her chambray dresses, but she owns this gorgeous fish-print dress with the most beautiful tassel neckline. The fishes are in royal blue, turquoise and aqua. So pretty! Her dress looked adorable with her heart-shaped sunnies. Our dresses were perfect for the background against the lake and all the ducks and geese. We had a great day outside by this park next to the lake, yesterday. It is brand-new too and it is so clean and everyone is properly distanced. We bought some fries and sandwiches and drinks and decided to eat them in one of the tables+chairs built outside at the park, with the most beautiful view of the lake (we were literally just a few feet away). We also rode our bikes for a while and later on Vivian played on the playground for about an hour and a half. It was the perfect mid afternoon time, spending 3-4 hours together on a Mommy-Daughter date while looking cute. And it wasn't too hot either. We shall do it again, very soon.

My friend Elizabeth who is from my neighbor state of Ohio, has beautiful, polished, classic style so I was so excited to see what she would wear and how she would style it. She chose a stunning, fresh, cool caftan dress in a delicate summery print and styled it in such an elegant way with a neutral clutch and classic nude Tory Burch Miller Sandals. I was so happy to see that we were in sync with our choice of neutral sandals (I am wearing my gold sandals) and we both took photos by the water too, so even our backgrounds match! You can read more about Elizabeth's outfit and her voice on Human Trafficking on her post.

Last week you all loved my Riviera Look and I styled it. You loved that cross-shoulders top and my hat. Thank you so much. I was attracted to more denim shorts and lots of pretty polished Summer looks with a pop of sunshine yellow!

Cheryl has always been one of my most favorite fashionistas. She shared 'New Link Up Party' and a darling outfit featuring distressed denim shorts and a lovely oversized bohemian neutral blouse.
My Canadian friend Linda wore Canada's colors in her cute chucks and America's colors in her dress. She truly is a 'Labour of Fashion' in her casual but adorable getup.
You want to know 'How to Style Wide Leg Pants the French Chic Way'?! Look no further than French beauty Christine. She kills it with that nature-colored silky strapless bustier and those neutral polished trousers!
I am all about 'High Waisted Shorts that Are Booty Approved' like Tilden's and I think I found some too. Hers look cute with the cropped floral top.
Alison always does bohemian midis and maxis so well, whether it is with booties, sandals or wedges. She looks put-together 'Easing Out of Lockdown' and going on her everyday.
Grace has been appearing on my favorites list a lot this Summer but she keeps looking so adorable! This time darling Grace played dress-up in her 'Mom's Closet' and I am glad she did because that top is darling and asymmetric button-down styles are so IN right now!


I am so glad Elizabeth decided to co-host with me today and shed light on such an important and crucial issue. She looks beautiful in periwinkle and sky blue! Her style is pure elegance and so classic and classy, like you can see from the collage below. Plus she has one of the best blog designs, love the header especially. And Elizabeth is such a classic, timeless name and one of my favorite girl names. Elizabeth has collaborated with me before, more recently in my blog birthday party in May. She makes me eager to purchase less items yet add a few pricey pieces to my wardrobe that will forever be timeless, like her stunning black+tan Chanel ballet flats.
From Elizabeth's Mouth: 

"Natty Gal is a blog for the 40+ woman looking for a simpler, more satisfying (but still stylish) life.  My topics rotate between fashion, lifestyle, recipe, and travel posts.  I love encouraging other women to narrow in what makes life most satisfying for THEM and then to ditch the unnecessary rest.  Life is too short to get bogged down with things that don't add value!  My fashion style leans toward polished/casual.  I've adopted a modified capsule wardrobe method, building a closet of quality, neutral basics that coordinate well together and provide a lot of options.  BUT, I also save some room for some colorful/print pieces to keep things fresh and interesting!
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  1. What a great post!! I did not know that about today!! I'm gonna go change right now into something blue. Thank you- you're always so on top of things my beautiful friend. and love meeting new bloggers, will go check her out now. Have a great rest of the week xx

  2. Isn't it funny how you both chose water as your backdrop? Blue just says water, doesn't it? I love that cobalt maxi and the belt and bag are perfect complements!! Thanks for highlighting National Day against Human Trafficking. Such an important cause!!

    xx Darlene

  3. yea today I actually wore blue both on the blog and in real life

  4. You are shedding light on such an important topic! And you look gorgeous in blue!

  5. I am going to have to check out Natty Gal's blog! Thanks for sharing about this topic as I think we tend to try to forget about things that makes us feel sad but it is important to be aware and to know what we can do.

  6. This blue dress is so pretty on you, Ada. I love that belt! Viv is a cutie, too! I love outdoor picnics... I can't wait or the fall when it cools down, I'd like to have a couple! Thanks for sharing this topic!


  7. That blue dress looks really nice on you but I have to say you are passing a very important message. I'm so glad that we are creating more awareness on human trafficking.

    New post

  8. I think it's very good to spread awareness for this. I read a book about it and didn't know it was that huge and everywhere.

  9. You both look great. Also what a great way to get the word out there about human trafficing.

  10. Such an important cause. <3 And thank you so much for the feature, Ada!


  11. Ada, thank you so much for inviting me to co-host on this incredibly important day and for the very kind words and introduction you gave me! I adore both of your looks, particularly the crochet/macrame detail on your dress, your fabulous earrings and the awesome elephant charm dangling from your bracelet. Vivian is summertime cute girl perfection. I always love seeing you "work" together and am inspired by the very special and close relationship you share. Have a great weekend and I will be in contact with you early next week!

  12. Thanks for highlighting this topic Ada. You all look fabulous in your different shades of blue.

  13. Blue looks beautiful on you! Such a sophisticated color!


  14. You and Vivian both look beautiful in your blue dresses, Ada! Thank you for highlighting this cause as well.

    I hope you have a great weekend!



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  15. You, Vivian and Elizabeth look so beautiful in blue. I love the color blue as well and it reminds me of calm and serenity. I am so glad you are bringing awareness to this topic. It's so important and my heart hurts for those little babies. I hope you are well and happy Wednesday!

    Maureen |

  16. Such a great post, Ada, and a very important topic! You look amazing in blue. This dress is so pretty and I adore the crocheted neckline. Vivian is so adorable, too. Thanks for spreading awareness and linking up with me.



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