Best Friends - My Sweet Little Valentine.

My daughter Vivian - with that gorgeous perfect face and those brilliant, sparkling green-hazel-grey eyes - is my Sweet Little Valentine. She is my Sweet Little Valentine this year, last year, two years ago, since when she was less than a month old and 'celebrated' her very first Valentine's, basically since the moment she was born. This post is dedicated to her, my amazing seven year old (she turned 7 less than a month ago on January 19th) who wrapped up the first semester of first grade with a wonderful report card. It is about time I do a style post just on her. Though she is no stranger to fashion on my Instagram page, both on the feed and on my stories, especially when we show her daily school outfits which you all love. She even has her own hashtags that mommy uses: #whatvivianwore #whatvivianworetoschool #whatvivianworetochurch . In today's post I wanted to talk about my Vivian and focus on a few Valentine's Day Inspiration looks/outfits she has worn lately. You will see lots of red, baby pink, hearts, stars, bows, pearls, a little plaid and even some tulle. Without realizing, we did a little remix here too as Vivian is wearing her tan/camel faux suede cowgirl booties with 2 of her outfits and her black snow-boots with colorful patent leather hearts with her other 2 outfits.

In this outfit we colorblocked pink (baby pink) with black which is a great duo of colors. But, if you are paying attention every piece Vivian has on is patterned. Her new snowboots have colorful hearts on the sides, her black leggings have long strips of leopard on each side, her adorable tulle peplum sweatshirt has that textured lace star in the front and the oversized silver bow is in a colorful chain print (by Forever 21). The rest of her outfit is from Nordstrom (with the exception of the bow).

My daughter is very much like me, as far as her sense of style goes. She loves skirts and dresses. She loves colors and patterns especially heart-prints, flowers and polka dots. She is a mini fashionista and she owns many dresses and would probably wear a lot more dresses for Winter if I didn't stop her lol. It is Michigan after all and our Winters are brutal! This comfortable red gingham dress is made from a soft and warm flannel material (purchased a couple of years ago at a local boutique). It has a high-waist style which ties on the back of her waist into a bow. I love the big puffy sleeves and the little flowers embroidered in the front. Red and white are great colors for Valentine's so we decided to pair them together in this outfit, by layering the dress over a white cotton turtleneck and a pair of white leggings which have metallic silver+gold hearts on the knees and yes those hearts matched the hearts on her boots, perfectly. I braided Vivian's beautiful hair and used a long red ribbon to braid into her hair. I also accessorized with a large pearl barrette in the front (by Amazon). Scroll down to her final outfit to see another outfit featuring a red top, white bottoms, the same red ribbon and another pearl hair accessory. 

My daughter is my best friend. She will always be, though there are three decades of difference between us. Even-though she is much younger than me, I learn so much from her, every single day. Today for example I learnt how resilient and strong she is (which I already knew, but she is even stronger and more resilient than I thought). She is smart and sassy and so fun, like you can see from these pictures, from today's outfit she wore on her final day of school before her week of Mid-Winter Break. This was a fun day for the kids as they exchanged Valentine's gifts+candy+cards, celebrated their 100th day of school and even had a special Valentine's brunch at school complete with strawberries. It was also a day where the kids could decorate a shoe-box for Valentine's day with 100 things (stickers, drawings, whatnot). That is her shoebox she is carrying and so proud of it too, we filled it with large pink marshmallows inside for her to give to the kids in her class. Today was a day when Vivian had a half day of school so I too took the day off from work and picked her up from school. I had promised her that I would be spending today with her and we would even wear our matching Heart+Arrow "Best Friends" Baseball Tees that I purchased from Amazon for this year's Valentine's day. These tees are so cute, I am wearing mine as I type this and you can even see it today on my Insta stories, from today. Since it has been below freezing here for the last 10 days or so (and both Vivian and I, especially myself, have been sick for several days for that matter) a long-sleeve tee won't do so you have to layer. Vivian layered hers with a cute baby pink teddy zippered hoodie sweatshirt from Old Navy and we paired it with some fun navy blue patterned leggings and adorable tan/nude faux suede cowgirl booties (both leggings + boots are from Target). Last but not least she wore a festive burgundy+silver polka dot mesh rose headband from Target (she has this adorable headband in two colors). It was a casual Valentine's look that is festive and fun for a young girl yet not too Valentinesy!

My daughter is truly my daughter because she looks divine in red, just like I do. Viv is rocking this most adorable two-in-one layered red sweater by H+M with the most adorable plaid collar. Once again she is wearing mommy's favorite color - red - and showcasing this outfit as we entered the month of February. Rocking some print-mixing once again between her plaid sweater and those white star-print Cat+Jack leggings from Target. Cat+Jack makes the best leggings for girls. They are durable, perfectly stretchy and come in the best colors and patterns. Her nude/beige velvet pearl headband matched her boots perfectly. I got the headband from Amazon in a pack of 4 (Vivian and I share them) and we get compliments anytime we wear them. This time that red silky ribbon is tied into a bow to accessorize her ponytail with.


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  1. Oh my word, what a little cutie! Vivian has the fashionista poses down perfectly! And I love her style. Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you!


  2. Vivian is such a sweetheart! Her style is amazing. I hope you both have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  3. I love that little gingham dress! Very cute.

  4. So many cute outfits on your little girl! And loving her Valentine's box. I miss those days!!
    Thanks for hosting the linkup!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  5. All of her little poses are super cute.

  6. What a sweet little Valentine. She looks beautiful in red--like you, Ada!

    xx Darlene

  7. She is so cute in all of her outfits!

  8. Adorable!



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