5 on a Friday: 5 Things to Wear During the Holiday Season.


Good Morning you all and Happy Friday. Today I am joining my dear friend SHELBEE of Shelbee on the Edge and joining her weekly Friday linkup. Stop by her blog to read her latest. =) For the first time today, I am doing a "5 on a FRIDAY" post and since the holidays are literally next week and forward, today's 5 on a Friday is all about "5 Things to Wear During the Holiday Season" and here they are below, in no particular order.


1. SOMETHING LEOPARD. Leopard is timeless, classic, classy, seasonless, modern, trendy and always, always in style. Leopard is a neutral, super easy to wear and pair with other things. Leopard is wild and sexy yet anyone and everyone can wear it, any hair color, body type, age, gender, you name it. Leopard is particularly perfect to wear during Fall and Winter, even more so during the holiday season because it makes a statement, it is festive, cheery and a lot of fun. 

2. SOMETHING PLAID. Like leopard, plaid is also a very classic and timeless print. But it is more associated with Fall and Winter. Red checks or red and green checks are perfect for Christmas. Think red buffalo check, tartan, black-watch, scottish plaids. Anything plaid in red, white and green is perfect to wear during this time of the year.

3. SOMETHING BLINGY. Bling, bling, bling. Think embelllished sweaters, boots, dresses, skirts, beanies and more. Embellishments in crystals, pearls, rocks, sequins, metallic thread and much more. Think textured materials like velvet, ultra-suede, crushed velvet, lace over silk and of course lots of metallics and metallic leather. Think bling when it comes to jewelry too. Time to wear those bold crystal studs, not just neutral ones. I am talking about big studs be it crystal or even studs shaped like rose bulbs, pyramids, cubes, asymmetric stones, unicorns, butterflies, you name it! Time to get out your statement necklaces: big baubles, layered pearls, crystal necklaces, bold big chains, fun spiky necklaces and more. When it comes to bling, think of statement earrings and cocktail rings too, especially ones in fun jewel tones like reds, burgundies, blues, purples and greens. Last add some sparkle to your makeup too. You can do so by incorporating glittery makeup and metallic eye shadows and especially I suggest a fun metallic eye pencil as an eyeliner.

4. SOMETHING RED. You can never ever go wrong with red anytime of the year but especially during November and December. It is the color of Santa's coat after all and it is definitely the ultimate color of Christmas, the most classic Holiday color. It is time to wear lots of red lipstick and red glosses too. If you are 'afraid' of red since it is such a bold color, opt for a pop of it. You can do a bold red lip, red boots/shoes/pump, a red purse, red scarf or red beanie. Or you could wear a red coat over your black outfit for example. I think every woman needs a red coat.

5. SOMETHING GREEN. Aside from red, green is also the second best Christmas color. You can do any and all greens but the ones I suggest the most are shades of emerald or hunter green. Over the past weeks I have been wearing my bold emerald green statement earrings a lot (last seen here). A lot of times I match them to my emerald green bow on my hair and my emerald green beanie. I think you can add some green in other fun ways too, think a sweater, a purse or a scarf. Jewel tones of green are all over the stores these days because of the holidays - wear them and be happy doing so! You will be so festive and on trend!


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  1. I love green and red for the holiday season.


  2. I thoroughly agree with your five things to wear during the Christmas season!! Thank you for sharing and for the linkup,
    Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🐝

  3. This is a great list of 5, my friend! I got hooked on glittery eyeliner last holiday season and now I wear it nearly every day! I like the extra sparkle around my tired eyes! Thanks for hosting with me. Have a great weekend!



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