Currently, March 2019.

A new month and here we are with a new set of "Currently" prompts and joining Anne this March on her weekly linkup.

scheming: Hahahaa: NOTHING!! What should I be scheming?! 

reading: Nothing unfortunately, and it pains me to say that =( . I do read to Vivian though (daily) or she reads to herself so I hope that counts. Thing is I have been so damn busy. It has affected all of my hobbies including the blog, Instagram, reading and writing, too. 

buying: A couple of bathing suits (both for me and Vivian) when they were on sale for BOGO and some new Ballet Flats. 

making: sure I continue to purge, purge, purge my closet and Vivian's and continue to box up clothes to take to Goodwill or Salvation Army, etc. This is always a work in progress and it will take each season to get more and more stuff out (not just clothes) and remove any and all clutter and junk. But I am determined!! 

accomplishing: My Work Goals for the most part. Datelines, goals, challenges, contracts, projects, presentations etc. -- I have nailed them all recently at work and hope to continue to do so. It is not always easy or doable, especially since this Winter, Vivian has had a lot of days off from school due to all the snow and super cold days we have had during Polar Vortex. Therefore I also had to miss some work days and make up my work at home and some days she had to come to my job, too.

Now, let's take a look back at several outfits I have worn and blogged around this time of the year, in the previous years. Since Green is a huge color trending this year for Spring and it is also the color of the month of March due to Saint Patrick's day, I am 'focusing' on outfits featuring a little bit of green. =) Coincidentally, all of these outfits feature pants or jeans, too.

This was one of those "Pinned It and Did It" Challenges I used to do years ago when I hadn't been blogging for too long. The original outfit featured Bright Kelly Green Skinny Jeans with a Striped Tee and a Cropped Navy Cardigan on top. I put my own twist with a half-buttoned Long Navy Cardigan which I belted with a Cognac Skinny Belt and I also layered a tissue-thin Navy Gingham Scarf. Keeping with the 'green theme' I have on a matching set of Green Glass Beaded Necklace+Earrings and my Stretchy Bracelet is in a Teal Green. I love the athleisure appeal of this outfit with those Embellished Tattoo Rocker Sneakers. Plus, I was a stay-at-home mom to a just-tuned 1-year old baby so this outfit was perfect for a busy, new mom to a very young child. 

Ohh I love this outfit so much and though it is 4 years old, it is totally something I would wear today, too. First of all Grey and Olive Green are my favorite neutral colors and Camel, Beige or Cognac is a close third and this outfit has all of these colors. Plus black, plus chambray. So all in all this outfit is composed of neutrals altogether, yet it is not boring and it looks like I am wearing color. I also love that I paid attention to the details. My Light Periwinkle Blue Skinny Belt matches my Chambray Button-Down while the Cognac Faux Suede Studded Boots match the Cognac Panama Felt Hat. Thing is I do not have any of these items, but surely I can re-create this outfit or this ootd formula. I definitely love this look and its equestrian feel!

Now, these Kelly Green Pants are almost the same color as the skinny jeans from the first outfit, however these pants are more suited for work and that is exactly where I wore this outfit. I happen to love the addition of leopard to Kelly green so these Tasseled Leopard Loafers were perfect for this look. And it was chilly enough that I needed this Olive Utility Jacket. I like the addition of Bright Orange too. The Neutral Cream/Ivory Blouse keeps the look polished and elegant, however.

This was during one Thursday Moda post I co-hosted with Jennie. Jennie and I styled Spring Totes - coincidentally we both chose Cognac/Tan Leather-Looking Totes (every woman needs a leather cognac tote in my opinion) - and Peep-Toe Shoes. I kept with the cognac color as far as accessories go and I matched my Laceup Cognac Peep-Toe Sandals with my tote. I also wore another Cream Blouse, but this time a Pussy Bow Blouse. FYI: my Moto Jeans, Bow Blouse, Floral Bomber Jacket and Beanie are all from Target. Shocking I know!!

As you all know I love doing these posts monthly and recapping previous outfits I have worn. I hope you do too. Which is your 1 or 2 favorite outfits?! Let me know in your comments. My two favorites are the ones featuring hats (and neutral skinny jeans).


  1. I think you should be scheming about getting yourself some good reading time ;-) But way to go with the work accomplishments - it hasn't been easy to stay on track with all of these snow days! Hendrik had yet another one yesterday...

  2. I love the last outfit. I haven't been reading any books either. I do read Dr. Sues book to Baby girl along with other kids books.

  3. Sorry to hear you've been busy, hope you get more time soon :)

    Thanks for the link up.

    Hoping your week is going well so far :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. Doesn't it feel good to be getting some things accomplished even if you're busy? I love the feeling of accomplishment when I'm getting things done!

  5. I am loving all your green outfits! My favorite color. I have been floundering around trying to get things done lately! And I have been reading more than normal but not nearly as much as I’d like to. I find myself wasting more time than anything! I just need some sunshine and warm weather to get me motivated again!


  6. Bathing suit shopping is painful for me! I'm not ready for that yet, lol, I never am! I know when my boys were little I read to them but rarely had time to read anything myself.

  7. Life has been so busy for so many of us. 2019 is proving to be a crazy year. Good on you with the purging I need to get on that

  8. I love these festive look!! Your green floral bomber is amazing!

    xx, Elise

  9. I'm so glad I've made purging my closet a regular habit...though now it's seem there will be nothing left to purge for some time! I get you on the least you're looking cute in all that green! :)

  10. Such cute green jackets Ada! I love the bomber and the style as well as the green moto, it all looks great! I am adding more Spring clothes this year, and donating pieces that are old etc in the closet. Its a project :-)
    jess xx

  11. I just started reading a book and I do love it. I don't have a lot of time to read but I'm enjoying my 20 minutes of it!

  12. Love seeing all this green inspiration! Hope you are having a great week!

  13. It's a busy time of year! Good luck with the closet purging—I did a bunch in January and still feel like I need another round!
    Cheryl Shops |

  14. Oh, I'm working on purging too. I did those posts on KonMarie and MonMarie-ing my closet. Now I'm working on Kimono... and that's taking forever. Have a great week.
    x, Julie |

  15. I need a Kelly green pair of trousers like yours. If you want to purge those, I can send you my address.


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