Thursday Moda #123 - Skirtmas in July Collaboration, Day 4: Black Midi Button-Front Eyelet Skirt.

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Here we are on day 4 of our Skirtmas in July series and we are just getting started lol. I say that because this is a 10-day series and the final day will be two weeks from today on July 26th - the same day I go on my 5-day vacation.  ELSIE from Polished Whimsy and myself invite you again to tag us and follow along with the #skirtmasinjuly hashtag on Instagram. In case you have missed it: here is Day 1 - we styled Ruffle Wrap Midi Skirts, here is Day 2 - we styled Faux Suede Mini Wrap Skirts and Day 3 - we styled an Identical Button-Front Striped Midi Skirt with Pockets (by Who What Wear). 

For our 4th day, Elsie and I are back with another identical skirt we both own by Target (from their Mossimo line), this Gorgeous Black Midi Button-Front Eyelet Skirt. But opposed to yesterday's post, this time around my look is dressy and suited for both daytime and nighttime and her look is casual. Both looks can work in some casual business/office environments. If you work in a museum, an art gallery, at a department store like Nordstrom or Lord+Taylor, or in the fashion industry you could totally wear my outfit. And if you are a teacher, a professor or a librarian you can 100% wear Elsie's Outfit because it is still very put-together even with sneakers and the prettiest Paris Graphic Tee. I am dying over Elsie's circle bag too.

On Tuesday Night after a long and tiresome 10-hour day at work, I decided to dress myself and Vivian up and do one of my favorite things I like to do in the Summer: visit one of the many cute down-towns of the neighbor towns that surround us. Of course we had to go to Northville, Michigan once again. There is something both modern new and old-fashioned about the downtown of this beautiful city. The very main center of the Main Street has that gorgeous little fountain with the umbrella and tables on the background. Vivian loves this fountain and always wants to throw coins there. But I forgot my coins in my car, I had to make some spare change just for my little girl. She threw 3 coins and made 3 wishes out-loud lol. That area by the fountain with the colorful umbrellas and little stage for outdoor Summer concerts reminds me a lot of my home country of Albania, Tirana specifically - the capital of Albania where I lived for 4 years and where Vivian was born (we came back to Michigan when she was 2.5 years old, that was 3 years ago). What we did on our night out besides a lot of walking and window-shopping... Well I had a very light and healthy dinner of a strawberry+beets salad complete with a non-alcoholic strawberry mojito while Vivian had French fries and a little pink cupcake. We made wishes by the fountain and I sat down by one of those tables with the umbrellas as she found about 5 or 6 little girls she befriended right away and played for about 45 minutes. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I captured some of our Northville-spent evening, there through the stories. We also decided to dress up for the 'occasion' because why not. You only live once! I put Vivian in her Light-Wash Chambray Dress (by Old Navy) with the white embroidery and scalloped detail. Her dress has a cute cut-out on the back. She wore it with her New Sparkly Pink Strappy Mary Jane Jelly Shoes by Cat+Jack (Target) and carried her Red Pom Pom+Stars Americana Crossbody Bag also by Cat+Jack from last Summer. Vivian's entire outfit had an Americana vibe to it, especially since she had her hair in an American Flag Bow Scrunchie by Forever 21. As far as my outfit, I will tell you 'the story' behind it, a little below... Sorry it is kind of long but I wanted to share it. =)

Knowing that Elsie and I would be styling the same Button-Front Black Eyelet Skirt today, I knew I had to wear it soon and take photos of it. I ordered this skirt last week and two days later my eyes captured the matching cropped top on the website so I decided to buy it though I don't really wear crop tops. It is the same cropped eyelet tank from yesterday's post and I really wanted to A) wear it with its matching skirt and B) post this outfit today because it transitions nicely from yesterday's post where we also featured another midi button-front skirt and I even wore the same cropped top - the best cropped top ever by the way. But see I did not know what shoes to wear though I knew I'd select one of my many shoes from Target and go for a head-to-toe Target look again (since my purse is from there, too). My first choice were the Nude Stiletto Laceup Sandals worn the other day with my other black eyelet skirt. Then I thought to wear the Camel Heeled Sandals from this post,then I even thought about the Taupe Laceup Wedges worn here but towards the end I thought I wanted to go for a pair of black shoes. I wanted to do my Black Faux Suede Block Heel Mules worn here but I debated whether they would be comfortable for all the walking. So, as I opened my main shoe closet and was scanning through my shoes, my eyes went towards the Black Faux Leather Open-Toe Perforated Booties by Target. They were my 5th choice of shoes, indeed. They are perfect I said. I envisioned the entire outfit in my head and I loved what I saw, even more so in front of the mirror. It resulted in an outfit that was dressy, modern, edgy, sexy and feminine. I felt like a million bucks in it and I think it is my favorite outfit so far from 2018. The Plum Crossbody Bag was the perfect color pop as were my Magenta Lipstick and my Colorful Charm Bracelets (1 plum and 1 yellow) by Sue Marie who makes them and sells them on Instagram. And both my skirt and matching top are under $55. Really this outfit is under $150 including the booties, bag, bracelets and stud earrings. Yes guys you can look like a million bucks wearing head to toe Target! I was so happy with how this black monochromatic outfit came together, my favorite from this skirt collaboration hands down!

As a matter of fact this outfit got at least a dozen compliments and I was hit on by 9 or 10 men (lol). From the 2 guys at the car-wash where our evening started, to both the clerk and two customers that totally checked me out and opened the door for me at the gas station, to some single guys down-town Northville and even the waiter who slipped me his phone number and the bartender who was paying attention to my ring finger. Yes, despite the fact that I had Vivian with me, this late 30s mama was getting hit on left and right in one single night. I even face-timed with a guy friend of mine that night and he told me I looked like a million bucks. Strangers: women, men and even couples complimented me and mostly Vivian and I. Everyone offered to take us photos (which I always appreciate, duhh). But the best compliment came from the most posh lady I saw walking down-town that night. I complimented her on her beautiful, sophisticated and sharp linen lavender pantsuit. She was wearing it with some block heel sandals and sea pearl statement earrings and rocking her silver bob hair. I complimented her first on her super chic outfit and she returned 'the favor' but did me one better by telling us that my daughter and I were the best-looking and best-dressed mommy/daughter duo she had seen in the last few years. She mentioned how youth and women in general don't dress up anymore and don't look together. She also said how she loves to look nice and dress up at 65 years old. I could have talked to her for hours, she was speaking fashion but after thanking her kindly I wished her good night. Plus it was already 8.30 P.M.

My Eyelet Midi Button-Front Skirt paired perfectly with the Matching Eyelet Cropped Tank. It gives the illusion of a dress. But at the same time it looks like two cool separates and emphasizes both my small waist and my curves (I have boobs). Both the skirt and the top are so pretty on their own, even more so when paired together. I will definitely wear them together again yet a little different styling. My tip in dressing up a Black Button-Front Eyelet Midi Skirt is to go with a black top like I did. You can do a silk or lace-trimmed camisole or a silk blouse tucked in. It would look fantastic with an off-shoulder or one-arm top too. To keep it dressy think lace, satin and silk on top. Also as far as colors, besides black on top, think red, burgundy or cream. To dress it up I would go for some type of heel like an edgy bootie, pumps or stilettos also in black. Head to toe black dresses up this daytime-feeling material like eyelet. Or you can do a tailored blazer over your camisole too.

My girl loves smelling the flowers as long as they are fresh and real. I love that about her.
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Last week you made me feel confident, pretty and sexy with all your compliments as far as me wearing my American Flag 2-piece Swimsuit, so thank you very much. As far as favorites from last week, I loved a lot of dresses, jumpsuits and skirts you linked. But since this is #skirtmasinjuly therefore Skirts Week I decided to focus on the skirts. Below are my Favorite Skirt Outfits linked on the last Thursday Moda. These ladies covered a few types of skirts you should wear this Summer: floral midi skirts, striped skirts, maxi skirts and button-front skirts. I also love all the fun Summery purses these ladies carried. Thank you to all who links up each week!

Emma was 'Feeling Summery in Bright Yellow' in the gorgeous ruffled blouse and even more gorgeous sheer palette floral midi skirt I am loving. I recently picked up a similar ruffled yellow blouse and Emma is inspiration!
My most favorite skirt outfit and most adorable skirt I am loving from last week belongs to Rachael who showed us 'What to Wear for July 4th', if you want to keep it dressy and classy. Her intricate eyelet one-shoulder top is gorgeous.
Wearing a bright floral flowy maxi skirt, Darlene was smart to go with a white top. 'Boho Style' has never looked classier or more feminine. Love her bag too.
For the second week in a row Di is featured on Thursday Moda, this time mixing the same green palm print but in 2 different-colored top and bottom. I happen to have the maxi version of her adorable coral skirt. She was for sure 'Independence Day Inspired'.
The French is always alive when Christine styles an outfit. She turned her 'Pinstriped Maxi Dress' into a skirt by wearing a camisole over it and pairing it with the prettiest wide cognac belt.
The always classy and sophisticated Jess styled a striped black+white pencil skirt with all black, pops of red and 'A Special Clutch' with painted frogs.

Target button up eyelet skirt | black eyelet | summer skirt | summer style | summer outfit | skirtmas in July | polished whimsy | pattern mixing and colorful style blog | casual look | fashion | style | outfit


  1. You look amazing in this outfit! Love it!

  2. Your rocking this all black outfit. Also got to love a skirt with pockets.

  3. Wow, sounds like an eventful day and see lots of people loved your outfit! I love the matching top, and at first thought it was a beautful eyelet dress. love this whole look on you, and Vivian looks adorable in her dress too!
    jess xx

  4. Pretty skirt and I love that you paired it with the matching cropped top! So edgy and fresh with the peep toe booties. Aww, that older lady sounds like such a dear. :)

  5. Aw it sounds like the perfect mother-daughter day! I do love that your skirt is in black eyelet and can totally see why you'd get so much compliment!

  6. what a great day, Black eyelet is the perfect material

  7. This is a beautiful skirt and I like how you styled it! Wearing all black is always a classic and your pop of color with your red bag is top notch! Love this skirt collaboration that you did. It really showcases your style and your co-host. I hope you are having a great week so far! Happy Thursday Ada!

    Maureen |

  8. As always, your little person looks adorable.

    Loving that skirt set! Black eyelet is soooo pretty and classy.

  9. Wow at first I thought it was a dress! Such a cute eyelet look Ada which is perfect for summer. You look great wearing it and your daughter is adorable as usual. She is growing up so fast :)

  10. Both of your skirts are just darling!

  11. I just love the fact you can style this skirt so many different ways! Win win!

    Sending love from Napa Valley!
    Paulina | SHENSKA

  12. Ada, I love the coordinating black eyelet pieces! So adorable and sexy. Obviously. Since you were getting hit on all over the place! Great look for a Mommy-Daughter date night on the town. And great for the ego to have men falling all over you, too!


  13. Love that she smells all the flowers. That skirt is so cute!

  14. Loving how both of you styled this skirt!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  15. You and your mini-me look so cute! Love that skirt on you!

  16. I love this two piece set. It seems to be so versatile and chic :)

    Xx, Nailil

  17. Such a fabulous matching skirt and top Ada, I love it! Thanks so much for the feature!

    Emma xxx

  18. Lovely eyelet piece, it's one of my faves.


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