Red Dresses Collaboration for Women's Heart Disease Awareness.

I am so excited about today's collaboration with some of my best blogging friends. First of all, did you all know that February is not only the month of Love but it is also the month of Women's Heart Disease and Awareness?! Heart Disease is the number one natural leading cause of death in women. You can read more about it here. In honor of Women's Heart Disease the "Go Red" campaign was born, because red symbolizes the heart. And first it was simply wearing the color red but then the red dress turned into the symbol of Women's Heart Disease. Which brings us to today's post. It is all about honoring Women's Heart Disease Awareness. 11 of us women who blog - from late 20s to their 40s - got together to bring you our take on a Little Red Dress. I am extremely excited about this last February collaboration with these amazing women, not only because today's stylish outfit suits a very honorable, good cause but also because I get to wear a red dress. I probably own as many red dresses as I own black or white ones. Red is my color, after all! I love a good LRD! And my LRD today is a good one. I purchased it to wear it for Valentine's Day - which is the exact outfit I wore on February 14th this past Wednesday - and I happened upon it at my local Macy's. This particular red dress was the only one left at the store, in a size XSmall (my size - yesssss for losing a few pounds, it shows ...I think) on a clearance rack. It is by Michael Kors. It fit perfectly. The price was a steal! Of course I had to purchase it. Plus, this outfit received so many thumbs up and positive compliments. Everyone that saw this dress loved it!!

Red  Dresses  for  Women's  Heart  Disease + Awareness  Month.

Check out everyone's blogs today because every single one of these ladies has on a pretty red dress. But they also styled them beautifully. I cannot believe how different each red dress was and how different each one of us styled our Little Red Dresses. Laura with her very adorable mini Claire even matched theirs with denim jackets. Shelbee improvised by pairing a midi skirt with a tucked-in top, Kellyann is a modern+girly Dorothy in her beautiful gingham red dress - one of my favorite outfits today, along Jennie's outfit where she layered her sleeveless red sheath with a striped tee underneath and added a big black rose pin.
LRD (Little Red Dress) - Michael Kors via Macy's (on Huge Sale).

Long Loop+Crystal+Tassel, Red Statement Earrings - Express.
4-Stranded, Rose Gold+Silver Crystal Pave Bracelet Cuff: Charlotte Russe.
This Red Fit+Flare Dress by Michael Kors is gorgeous. It is in a very soft jersey material while the shoulders and highest part of the neckline, as well as the hemline is this perforated square mosaic see-through mesh piece that looks like a fun, modern lace. There is a hint of this same perforated mesh right on the waist. I think with the few pounds I have lost, this dress suited me nicely. I decided to go for Matching Red Statement Earrings which are shaped like a big loop with super long tassels (they are very light though). I bought them the same day as the dress and the earrings are from Express. As far as the other jewelry, I wore my Intricate Silver Crystal Pave Cocktail Ring (slso by Express) and 2 other Rose Gold Sparkly Little Rings (by Charlotte Russe). But look at that Grecian Cuff. Such a statement-maker with all the four strands of pave crystals (it was a steal for 5 bucks at Charlotte Russe). I decided to go for a Colorful, Jewel-Toned Clutch and grabbed this oldie but goodie from my clutch drawer. It is a Teal Fold-Over Patent Leather Clutch by Old Navy. Last but not least I wore my Nude, Faux Suede, Peep-Toe Laceup Sandals (they are DV by Target) and even-though you cannot tell I have on super-thin nude hosiery. And no I wasn't cold on the photos taken outside, despite the snow. That is because it was about 45 degrees and it is warm for us since mostly our temps this Winter have been below 15 degrees. I snapped a few photos for about 10 minutes without freezing (while I had the car running and getting warm) and then I left my home. Not pictured but I wore this LRD with this Blank NYC Black Moto Jacket and a Pink Floral Scarf over it, mixing sweet+girly with sexy edge. I had a great Valentine's day and dinner and like I said this pretty outfit got a lot of sweet compliments. What do you think?!

Today, I am also joining the "Spread the Kindness" Linkup hosted every Tuesday by my friend Shelbee, who is also a part of this Red Dress collaboration and her story is a little more personal too, so go ahead and join our linkup today and read Shelbee's post. Shelbee and I are totally spreading kindness and positivism today in our blogs with our beautiful red outfits. Shelbee is always such a positive, upbeat, genuine, wonderful person actually. I cannot wait to see what you are all styling, wearing and doing lately! Thank you for reading! Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. I love the dress you chose for this! You look so confident and fierce!

  2. Love, love this whole look Ada! The dress is gorgeous and you look fabulous in it, but I also love the nude heels and beautiful accessories you paired it with. This outfit is a 10!! Thank you for all your hard work on this collaboration.

  3. Ada you are smokin' hot in this red dress - no wonder you're not freezing in all that snow surrounding you - you must be melting it - ha! This is a great dress on you!

  4. What a wonderful cause Ada and collaboration with these wonderful bloggers! I adore the detail of the neckline of your dress. So chic!

  5. what a great way to dress for a wonderful cause. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

  6. This red dress looks gorgeous on you! Love the mesh details

  7. Look at this super cute sassy red number on you! And for such a great cause!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. I love the color Red...this is such a beautiful dress, & the earrings are droolworthy.

  9. Love the red dress on you and it’s so great for heart disease awareness! Love!

  10. Thanks for this collab! You look stunning in this dress.

  11. Ada, red is your color, my friend! My goodness, you are stunning! I have a similar red dress with the cut out detailing, but it was just too cold here for me to style evidenced by the mountains of snow in my red outfit photos! Thanks for another amazing collaboration and for sharing my link up and Kayla's touching story as well! (Sorry I took so long to get over to comment, but this week has been completely out of my control, for some reason.)


  12. Ada, thank you for letting me be a part of this collaboration. It means the world to me to have found a wonderful friend in the blogosphere and I am grateful for all the kindness you have shown. Your MK dress is gorgeous and you look spectacular! Love how it fits on you and the neckline detailing is superb.

    Maureen |

  13. Beautiful dress ADA! I have one red dress. It does not fit :(

  14. Love your dress Ada. Such a great awareness campaign. Thanks again for sharing at Creative Mondays, you will be one of my featured blogs tomorrow :)

  15. Beautiful dress Ada! Red really suits you. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  16. Beautiful dresses and wonderful cause, Ada! Thanks for sharing this with Vis Monday, xo


  17. The dress cut and color are pretty together, also what a great cause to be wearing red.

    ~ xo Sheree

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