Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Thursday Moda #184: Casual Black Mini Dress with Gold Leather Accessories.

As much as I love colors, patterns, florals, bold prints and such, every now and then I need a good piece in a neutral like grey, tan, brown and the best one yet - black - to build an outfit around. Before I had Vivian I worked part-time at White House Black Market which is a very popular all-American clothing brand that has many stores around the country yet gives you that hands-on boutique feeling every time you shop there, because of the way the clients are treated and the very unique and personalized shopping experience they provide. They literally dress you from head to toe since they make shoes too and let me tell you even their heels are comfortable and very cushiony - most of their shoes are real leather. I know all of this even better because I worked there for 2.5 years and to this day I own most of the many many clothes I purchased while working there which have resisted the time in two different aspects: they are classy, beautiful and classic plus in classy colors that go with everything (most of them are black and white or ecru) and also because they are quality pieces and so well-made. But yeah you will spend some money for them as they are not cheap. Think Nordstrom prices. But they always have great sales and for their card members they send a monthly mini catalogue which includes a coupon too.

This Casual 95% Cotton, 5% Elastic Casual Black Mini Dress is from White House Black Market from many years ago (when I used to work there) and so is my Long Silver Necklace with the Black Crystal Pendant, my Enamel+Gold Bangle Bracelet and my Black Crystal Drop Earrings. I love the subtle sort of floral/paisley print on this chemise dress and the very flattering rouching on the side that envelops the tummy area. This dress is easily a blank canvas to wear and pair with any colors. I would probably love it paired with red, magenta or fuchsia the most. But you can also go for a totally timeless, classic combination by pairing it with nude or gold. I decided to go for Gold Leather Woven Designer Bag and my very comfortable Gold Leather Ballet Flats with skinny bows (they are by Gap). I was also wearing Classic Black Opaque Ray Ban Sunglasses and a Silk Rosette Headband with 3 mini roses. I kept my makeup smooth and almost entirely-bare with a very light nude eye-shadow, a little mascara and a light pink gloss for my lips. I think this look is great to transition into Fall. A breathable cotton mini dress with sleeves is a great idea to wear this month since you won't be freezing but you won't over-heat either. You can totally add a blazer or a cardigan to this dress or to my outfit for that matter and make it office-friendlyindeed. What do you think?! Have you ever shopped at White House Black Market?! What do you think of their pieces?!

I am feeling much better now, after being sick for a few days and even missing work for 2 of them. My cold sore is still not completely gone though. Why do they take so long?! =D For the first time ever I even missed my own linkup last week, but I am back this week with a new Thursday Moda which you can join below. I am working towards my September goals and bucket list, but I have yet to make a trip to one of the apple orchards near us. What about you?! Have you gone apple-picking or pumpkin-picking yet?!

Now it is time to join Thursday Moda. And as always Thank You Very Much! And thank you for reading my blog and stopping by. I appreciate it especially since I haven't been a lot around this year.

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Late Summer Days (part 1): The Best Grandma & Downtown Milford.

Sayings like this on a random red brick wall, in front of a pretty home decor local boutique are great reminders that this is indeed a beautiful world and even on those days when you feel sick, beat down, angry, frustrated or unhappy, you should not forget how beautiful this world is and that you are worth it!! Worth it to live in this beautiful world and experience all the beautiful things it has to offer, let go of all the negativity and all the negative people, trust your gut and lead with your kind heart! I even mentioned similar things in my most recent Instagram post.
In these late Summer Days I am all about spending as much time outdoors as you can, visiting the cute towns and downtowns by you - like my mom, my daughter and I did this August day in Milford - and appreciate the beauty of nature, the warm (yet) days, the weather which is still warm enough to go without sleeves and legs fully-exposed and continue to make wishes by little fountains - why not?! That is one of Vivian's most favorite things to do: having a coin or two, closing her gorgeous eyes and very thoughtfully - for a good minute or so - thinking of one or more wishes she is about to make as she holds the coin with two fingers close to her face, and is about ready to toss it into the fountain. And she looks quite stylish doing it, too, like the day she wore this beautiful Living Coral Fit+Flare Guitar-Print dress by the Genuine Kids line at Target, accessorized beautifully with little lace-trimmed white socks + adorable patterned white sneakers, a rainbow-colored striped bow and her polka-dot little bunny aqua purse (also by Target). But let me sing praises to the other sweet lady in this post, my dear mama who is...

I am thankful to my mom every day that I am the one that gets to call her mom. She is a wonderful woman with a very kind, genuine and quite forgiving heart. Her heart is too big and too forgiving sometimes. She is also very sensitive and wears her emotions on her sleeve. Lately she has had some hard times and been hurt and rejected a lot by people she thought loved her and cared for her. But - eventhough she doesn't read my blog - I want her to know that I am here for her, even more now since I have become a mother myself. I am here for my mom as a shoulder to vent or cry on, just like she has been there for me. And I haven't always been a great daughter. I know I haven't. A woman never as before realizes the importance and kindness of a mother, as the moment she becomes a mother herself. And even-though when I became a mom, my mother lived over 5000 miles away from me, I knew how even more crucial, more loving and more important she would become to me and my little baby, too. My wonderful mama loves my little Vivian to pieces and is such a fantastic grandma to her. I can always count on my mom for all the Saturdays I have to work and she has to watch Vivian for long hours. Vivian on the other hand loves her "nena" so much. She helps her with cleaning and organizing and plays sous chef when my wonderful cook of a mom cooks! 

I love these ladies so much, they have been and WILL ALWAYS BE THE MOST IMPORTANT WOMEN IN MY LIFE and the ones who will always have the biggest impact and influence on me! If your relationship with your mother is not the greatest, even if she hasn't been a good mom, I hope my post today will put you in the mood to call your mom, text her or try to talk to her, treat her to lunch, open up to her! She deserves it, trust me!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Sick Day.

I had planned to have a post go LIVE today for Wednesday September 11th where I would add the linkup at the bottom and another one go live tomorrow on Thursday along with the Thursday Moda. But here I am falling asleep, watching "Rectify" on Netflix, with a box of tissues next to me because I am getting sick. I have felt sick all afternoon since I got home from work. I already drank some hot black tea with honey. If I feel like this in the morning, I am afraid I have to call off work. So long story short, I am going to take a couple of days off and take a sick day when it comes to my Thursday Moda. Going on for 3 and a half years now, I HAVE NEVER MISSED OR SKIPPED A THURSDAY MODA LINKUP here on the blog, whether it has been Thanksgiving, whether I have been busy or on vacation, but I will be taking this week off and not worry about the linkup since I am sick and I need lots of rest and vitamin C. I will be back here with a new Thursday Moda next week and speaking off, I am looking for co-hosts so let me know if you would like to co-host Thursday Moda with me this Fall.

Lastly I wanted to take a moment of silence to remember September 11th and all the men and women that lost their lives on that awful, horrific day 18 years ago. We will never forget, America!!

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Friday, September 6, 2019

An Afternoon at the Park with Viv.

Spent an afternoon at the park near Vivian's school where a lot of parents from Vivian's school took their kids. There was a lot to do, besides the kinds playing in the playground. and jumping on bouncy houses They saw and fed chickens and roosters and even got to visit with the local police and firemen. Vivian had so much fun touring and checking out the police car and the fire trucks. She spent a lot of time with her best friend (not pictured) and we took a lot of fun photos of the two girls together. It was hot AF. Those flavored shaved ice cups were needed. They were definitely overpriced though.

I - as usual - was definitely overdressed for the playground, but that's how I roll lol. I love this black monochromatic look, slightly edgy too with the little holes and frayed distressing on the hem. These black skinny jeans are by Abercrombie, the grey pointy-toe suede loafers are by Express, the white embroidered tank-top and black tulle crystal-encrusted statement earrings are by Loft, while my oversized tortoise sunglasses are by Lord and Taylor.

And finally the bunnies - Vivian's most favorite pets. They were super cute and fluffy. Vivian had so much fun that afternoon. I cannot wait to do similar things with her this Fall at the local apple orchards and cider mills by us. After all, there are a lot of fun outdoor Autumn activities here in Michigan and we have some of the best apples in the world, some of which are locally-grown just a few miles away from us. FALL is in my opinion the prettiest season in the Mitten State. Have any of you ever visited or lived in Michigan?!