Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Holiday Series 2018: Christmas Style.

Good Morning. We are just 8 days away from Christmas. My little girl will get a few presents (toys and books) under the tree. Today both Vivian and I are back to present you the 5th installment of The Holiday Series 2018 and this time Vivian and I and ten other stylish bloggers are sharing Christmas Outfits for you all. I am so excited about this particular post because I love Christmas and it is also the biggest holiday/celebration in my family. I also love dressing up a bit for it. I am also excited because any chance I get to match my sweet girl I will take it. The Holidays in particular are a great time to wear matching outfits with your littles.

As I mentioned, Vivian and I will be wearing matching outfits this Christmas. And these are not the only Mommy+Me Matchy Plaid Outfits we have in mind. Both of our White, Red and Blue Plaid Flannel Tunics are by Old Navy (recent) and we will wear these or other plaid shirts/dresses come Christmas day. That's because I think Plaid is perfect for Christmas and I cannot think of another pattern that symbolizes the Holidays better. I really can't. Plaid is festive without trying hard at all. I paired my button-down with Olive Green Ponte Leggings by Loft and these Faux Suede Grey Wedge Booties by Target. Vivian wore Shimmery Silver Skinny Pants with Shimmery Silver Mary Jane Flats to match. Both her and I dressed up our simple yet put-together outfits with necklaces. Love my Tulle+Gems Flower Statement Necklace by Sugarfix, by the way. We also wore fun accessories in our hair. I have on a Navy Big Elegant Bow Clip with light pink and white stripes. Vivian has a Bold Tulle Bow Headband which is Maroon with Silver and it is by Cat+Jack from Target. Even-though Vivian is at that age where she doesn't have a lot of patience for pictures these days, she had fun during this shoot and we actually wore these outfits IRL yesterday on a Wal Mart run and Starbucks date. What do you think of our Matching Plaid Outfits, today?! I couldn't help but notice that other ladies had plaid in mind too since it is the pattern most of us wore. Debbie's shirt is even pretty much identical to mine. I also loved seeing a lot of red and I love that like half of us dressed up. Choosing a pair of pumps to wear for Christmas is a great idea, but this year I decided to dress down a little bit. Take a peak at everyone's outfits and Christmas plans, below.


SHELBEE Shelbee on the Edge "This Christmas I am feeling a bit of a “Bah, Humbug” so when Charlotte Russe offered all of their employees a sweater of their choosing for $10, this cute “Bah, HumPug” sweater seemed perfectly appropriate for my holiday mood lately. Ironically, however, the sweater has cheered me up immensely! I paired it with a mixed plaid scarf in Christmas colors (from Target last year) and my fuzzy camouflage coat (also from Charlotte Russe). Tan skinny jeans (Target) and dark green sock booties (Burlington Coat Factory) finish the outfit. But it wouldn't be Christmas without my red pom pom earrings (Rosegal) and my favorite knit hat made by my grandmother circa 1950’s. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and blessed holiday season!"
MAUREEN Little Miss Casual "I don’t know about you, but my family get togethers are very casual.  Even during the holidays, we like to keep things low key and most of our time is spent indoors.  So, when it comes to dressing for the holidays, there’s only one thing that comes to mind - a good Christmas sweater or better known as an ugly sweater.  Personally, I am a sucker for an ugly sweater and believe everyone should own at least one in their wardrobe."
CHRISSY Granola and Grace "Christmas will be In Florida for is this year so the temps may be in the 50’s, but the temps may be high 70’s so there’s no preplanning on the outfit for me. However, I’m looking forward to making new memories with our little family!"
AMBER Avec Amber "Christmas is a time to gather together to celebrate the year’s highs, reflect on the lows, and appreciate each other as we look ahead to another new year. My family keeps it casual, so this cozy plaid wrap, sweater, and jeans combo is an ideal Christmas outfit choice."
CHERYL Cheryl Shops "Merry Christmas, Ada! While I live in San Francisco, I was born and raised in Chicago, which is where I spend Christmas with my family. I'm always excited about going home for the holidays, because I get to break out all of my wintry things: cashmere sweaters, leather skirts, and wool coats. This look encapsulates all of those elements, plus a fun pair of shoes for a little holiday sparkle. If it's snowing, however, I might have to change out the shoes for some Uggs! "
JENNIE A Pocketful of Polka Dots "This year for Christmas I thought I would step outside my norm and wear a fun holiday sweater! I usually like to dress up a bit, but liked the idea of doing a cute and casual look. My red Hunter boots add to this festive look."

.LAURA I Do deClaire We celebrate Christmas by going to church on Christmas Eve as a family, all dressed up. My daughters get a Christmas dress each year. I like to wear something festive for the occasion that has some red in it so this skirt is perfect! On Christmas we enjoy opening stockings and presents as a family in the morning and then in the evening we celebrate our oldest daughter's birthday! 
MONICA Jersey Girl, Texan Heart "Happy Holidays y'all!  I hope you enjoy every minute of this holiday season with your families and friends.  I can't wait for Christmas because I love giving gifts and seeing reactions, and of course the food that my mom makes!"
ADA Elegance and Mommyhood "Nothing says Christmas to me more than Plaid. So this year, Vivian and I will be wearing matching plaid tunics (from Old Navy) for our Christmas celebration. We even dressed up our button-downs with pretty necklaces. But truly I cannot wait to see her face on Christmas morning as she opens presents - she is so excited! From our Christmas tree with love "Gëzuar Krishtlindjet!" That means "Merry Christmas" in Albanian - my native language."
CHRISTINE Bon and Chic Style “This Christmas’s Eve I’m going for a minimalist look with this chic black velvet slip dress layered with a simple white turtleneck underneath. We always go to Christmas Eve midnight mass and I like to wear a simple dress for the occasion. The sock booties complete this effortless chic outfit and will keep me warm too! Joyeux Noël."
DEBBIE Fashion Fairy Dust "Holidays at our house are super casual. Honestly, this look is dressier than what I'd be wearing; you'd be more likely to find me in this flannel shirt, but paired with boyfriend jeans and my Bearpaw boots. I did kick it up a notch for the Holiday Series though by swapping in my black pants and red suede pumps. The look is still casual and comfortable, but the pumps and pants makes it a little more special."

Here are some Holiday Mommy+Me Matchy Plaid Looks from Holidays Past. I am telling you, plaid is the pattern of Christmas!!

Coincidentally for The Holiday Series last year (photos below) I also wore some Plaid and kept it simple but put-together with skinny jeans, a fair aisle sweater, a buffalo plaid vest and some faux suede ruched knee-high boots.
Similar-looking tree also, yet different if you carefully pay attention. I never do the Christmas decor the same!

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Consider a Smile When You Are Down!

I haven't posted a poem here in about a month. Truth be told I haven't even written one in a while. But I did just write one and it has a very positive message, which is perfect now since we are in the holiday season. I think everyone should feel positive - or try to at least feel positive - always, but even more so now during the holidays. No matter what is going on in your lives, remember that there are always reasons to smile and be thankful for. And remember, someone always has it worse than you, always!

Consider  a  Smile  When  You  Are  Down!
[December 2018].

As sand through the hourglass,
each second, each minute we pass,
each hour that turns into twenty four,
each night that brings a new dawn,
when time goes far and away
and your kids grow as you blink an eye,
consider to smile each and every day
because life is short and it only gets shorter...

Consider a smile when you are down
and the world seems to face you with a big frown,
consider a thank you and be kind
to everyone that lands you a hand,
from the dark coffee you drink every morning,
take a second to feel grateful for each blessing,
look at the lights of the season and be merry,
atop the sundae of your life - be the cherry!

I know it is easier than it sounds
and life is filled with challenges, ups and downs,
but there is so much to be thankful for,
the gleaming eyes of your children you so much love,
the things they teach you every day,
the raw, funny and genuine things they say,
the hugs they give you and the kisses they blow,
the little hands that caress you with love!

Consider a smile when you are down
and the scary world is all around,
murderers, kidnappers, rapists, child molesters,
school bombings, crazy politics, drugs and incest,
there is so much pain and mayhem among us
but there are also angels that protect us,
little big heroes with kind hearts,
innocent children that love us!

There is a sun and a sky that greets us each day,
as we drive through the streets on our way,
each morning we drive to work and the sun touches the windshield,
let the bad phase away and just heal each wound,
life is beautiful nevertheless,
you will fall down again but you will rise and rise!!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Thursday Moda #145: The Perfect Christmas Plaid Scarf.

I cannot believe that since last week's Thursday Moda until today I haven't been able to post a new outfit. I really, truly hope I can post at least 12 more outfits this month because I have so many outfits that need to be blogged and so many Holiday Style ideas for both dressy and semi-casual holiday looks. Like today, the unexpected combination of red with soft pink or millennial pink. Pink+Red might not seem like the 'typical' duo of colors to wear this time of year, for Christmas, but it can be so pretty, special and festive. Plus it is very feminine and automatically makes it more dressy!

Isn't this two-ply, super soft blanket scarf The Perfect Christmas Plaid Scarf. It is red, it is plaid - makes it so festive automatically. But I also love the classic black+white plaid print inside with touches of blush pink which I brought out today with my Millennial Pink Jeans and Mauve Perforated Booties. Well the perfect Christmas plaid scarf was purchased a few years ago when I was still living in Albania. In my 4.5 years there I got so many cute scarves. I love a good Plaid Blanket Scarf and besides the ones I have from Albania the following stores have great scarves (and not just blanket scarves or plaid scarves) each year: Old Navy, Target, Nordstrom and Loft. That is where the rest of my scarves come from with a few exceptions. I love pattern-mixing plaid with stripes especially when both patterns are in the same color and I love it that this time around they are in festive red. Makes this outfit a little nautical too. My skinnies and sweater are by Loft as are my gorgeous, perfectly-festive Square Pave Crystal Drop Earrings. The Mauve Suede Perforated Booties are from Nordstrom - I love them and wear them all the time. And those Notice-Me Mauve Red Sunglasses are by Ann Taylor. I could have done a red lip but I did a nude lip, instead. What do you think of this pattern-mixed outfit?! Yay or nay to wear red and pink for the holidays?! Do you own a "Perfect Christmas Plaid or Tartan Scarf?!

Last week I co-hosted with a Grace and this week I am featuring a Grace. But she is not the only one. There are several ladies sharing their beautiful individual style with some Holiday flair. A couple of the posts are a little bit different as they aren't entirely fashion-related. Both of these posts spread extra smiles and extra cheer as they feature a couple of special occasions like a baby shower and what wine to serve during a Holiday dinner.

Today's Featured Blogger is GRACE from Gracefully Styled who doesn't always link up with me but I seriously love her style and her neutrals. It is all very put together, easy to wear, stylish, comfortable, semi-dressy and pretty. This woman wears a lot of neutral colors and proves to color-lovers like me that you can never go wrong with earthy colors. As a matter of fact both of her outfits are in black and beige, yet both are A+. Her first Pinterest-Inspired outfit turned out so great. Love that amazing fur-trim coatigan and her over-the-knee boots. Super stylish for such a snowy and cold Winter. Secondly, she showed us how to style a Faux Leather Jacket with Jeans which may seem like an easy outfit formula but add on a statement-making leopard scarf and a two-tone black+tan clutch and she has a winner. So simple yet so chic! I also love that adorable purse she has carried in both outfits, as a crossbody and as a clutch. This lady lives in a very cold part of US as I can see from her Winter Wonderland photos but she is never short on style. You should navigate her blog for more easy everyday sophisticated looks, perfect for a working woman and a mom!

'How to Be Content' is something we grow to learn and are constantly learning, as Joling will tell you in her post. Her sporty outfit with very urban and uptown vibes is so darn chic. I would wear it this very moment!
Shelbee has a lot of 'Thoughts About Plaid' and from what I can tell she loves them and as usual I am loving her boots - she seriously has the best collection. But her mixed houndstooth dress with the fun gathered bell sleeves is unique!
'Red Pants!!' are a closet must-have in my opinion. Lately, I have seen so many fashionistas wear them. Take Lindsay for example, looking chic and Americana in her striped top and blue denim jacket.
'Light + Bright' is both Johanna's silver 2-piece Ensemble - which is stunning by the way - as well as the Pinot Grigio she is so elegantly pouring.
Beautiful mama-to-be Shannon is 'Showering Baby J' looking ethereal, princessy and boho in her white maxi and natural hairdo. The entire outfit matches the rustic vibes of her baby shower.
'Animal Prints Forever' - yep Di, I agree. I can never say no to a leopard print, especially how perfect those spots are in that classic sleeveless sheath of hers. Great shoes and clutch!