Sunday, May 19, 2019

Be Charmed! - Poetry.

[7.30 A.M. May 20th 2019.]

We are so blessed to live the life we do,
follow our paths where they lead us to,
live our lives and make our choices,
filled with joy, hope and a spark in our eyes!

We are so blessed to see the sun greet us every morning
and pour that hot cup of coffee or tea,
as we do that someone woke up on the side of a street freezing,
a pour soul mourned someone dear to them who OD-ed!

We are so blessed to conquer each and every storm,
raise up from the ashes when the world around us is so cold,
hug and kiss the people in our lives who matter the most,
bless their lives like they have blessed our hearts!

As we go on each and every day
let's keep our faces smiling like a sun ray,
hide your fears and despair through happy eyes,
fake it till you make it in this world full of spies!

Be happy for yourself and have faith in you,
if you don't believe in yourself, no one will do,
throw away the misgivings and every disbelief, 
find the beauty around you and be charmed!

Believe in yourself as if you were the last one standing!
You will do great things if you do...
Let your plane be the last one landing,
in the destination of your choice, a happy life, so full!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday Moda #167: Black Coffee with Milky Cream.

Guys, I managed to post not one, not two but THREE New Outfit Posts between today's Thursday Moda and last week's Thursday Moda post, and let me tell you that's a miracle in itself, because this entire year I haven't been able to do more than one, sometimes two outfit posts in between one Thursday to the next. I might as well start posting outfit photos because that's what you enjoy most from me and because I currently have at least 20 outfits queued that have yet to be posted on this little blog. Also, I made it through the majority of the outfit posts from the 29 ladies that participated/posted for my Blog Birthday Parties and before this week is over, I plan on visiting and commenting on the rest. Thanks again to ALL of you who helped me celebrate my birthday, on the blog, this year. I appreciate it so much!

In case you are wondering why I titled this post "Black Coffee with Milky Cream" is because of the colors of this outfit. I have Black Skinny Jeans on with Taupe/Cream-ish Suede Boots from Old Navy with a Matchy Taupe/Cream-ish Velvet Bell-Sleeve, Short-Sleeve Tee by Loft. Between the Faux Leather Bag, the Smooth Denim, the Suede Booties, the Crushed Velvet Top and the Beaded Sequined Statement Earrings, I got a lot of textures going on here. Speaking of the earrings I love that they are shaped like flowers and that the millennial pink color goes so well with the blouse and boots. These earrings are so pretty - I have seen them all over blogs, Pinterest and Instagram feeds recently, in my color (a nudeish-pink), a sky blue, even a red or a fuchsia. My earrings are sold out but I linked several similar gorgeous pairs in 3-4 different shades of pink from Millennial to Hot Pink and Magenta. While the Orange Saddle Bag adds a pop of bright color to this otherwise Monochromatic but Neutral Look in Black Coffee and Milky Cream. BTW, this outfit can go from daytime to evening, from work to dinner. Just like that. And I wore it to both. What do you think?! Do you wear Black Coffee and Milky Cream together, or Ebony and Ivory?! Also, how do you drink your coffee?! I am really curious to know. While I love fancy flavored sweet coffee drinks,  I can also drink my coffee black (though rarely), with cream or milk only, with cream+sugar or with flavored cream. Really, it depends on the day.

Thank you to every beautiful lade that linked up on Thursday Moda last week. You loved my 'perspective poem' I wrote since I celebrated a birthday and grew a year older. I noticed a lot of earthy tones and neutral colors like camel, white, black and olive. Bu there are two very pretty Millennial pink dresses in the mix too. And yes ladies, Spring and Summer call for some great, casual, breezy linen pants (like some of you wore). I love the following Spring Outfits. Take a peak. =)

Jess' 'Olive Linen Trousers' are what Spring dreams are made of. Stylish, modern, chic, comfortable and styled to perfection for a hot day!
You want to know 'How to Dress Down a Formal Gown'? My friend Cheryl will teach you. She is such a great personal stylist and always does all kinds of neutrals mixed beautifully. Love the geometric color-blocking on this gown, too.
Elyse in her blonder new hair is looking stunning in a 'Pink Ruffle Dress' in that flattering wrap style with a hi-lo tulip hem and fun kimono sleeves.
Mireille has only been blogging for a couple of months but always joins my linkups. She recapped her 'Weekend Trip to Savannah' and I loved the easiness of her white linen trousers and knotted olive green tee. 
Nora designs and wears all of her own blazers. This time she styled a bold black+white striped masculine blazer 'with shorts'. Those black edgy stilettos are killer!
Darling Laura always styles wide-brim hats beautifully. But her 'Pink Button Down Dress' is the most adorable. Button-front dresses are a trend I am loving this Spring!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Black+White Halter Dress for Spring... or Summer!

Have an easy breezy Black+White Floral or Graphic Halter Dress and honestly you can pair it with any sandal or shoe. It can go from BBQs and Graduation Parties to all of your Wedding and Baby Showers and even a semi-casual wedding. My dress would be perfect for an Outdoor Spring or Summer Wedding. You can swap those Black Studded Flat Sandals for something dressier, like a black sandal with a block heel or a wedge. You can even do Bold Black Patent Leather Pumps and  Bold Colorful Statement Earrings. I have on simple Gold Filigree Earrings and almost no makeup, a few bracelets and a couple of rings. But rather than that, I let this Geometric Floral Black+White Halter Dress be the main entree of this ensemble, today.

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Monday, May 13, 2019

A Spring Day in Milford, Michigan.

Spring in Michigan is fickle... at its best! Let's recap the weather for the last 4-5 weeks for example. In any given day and night the temperatures have been between mid 20s (below freezing) to as high as almost 80 Fahrenheit degrees. Our Easter Sunday as well as Cinco de Mayo Sunday were two of our warmest days as I recall. Warm enough for bare legs and even short sleeves. But we had other warm days. Today's photos are from a Spring afternoon spent down-town Milford, Michigan, a quaint little town an hour east of Lansing which is the capital of Michigan. It is a place not far away from where we live and a town I called home for some years, too. The down-town is small but always popping with all the great restaurants and the bar scene, a Starbucks and a local cafe which we love - it has a play area for kids that Vivian enjoys and it is pet-friendly, they even have cookies for dogs. There are also some boutiques, a yoga place, etc. This gorgeous waterfall fountain is a trademark of Milford. It is located on the back (by the parking lot) of  a very small strip mall. It is such a popular location for photos too and not just for the regular folk. Many graduate pictures, engagement photos, wedding photos and pregnancy shoots have been shot right at this very spot. I have witnessed several on my own.

I own several Ponte Striped Dresses like this Royal Blue+Black one from Old Navy. I prefer them with some type of a sleeve. I have short-sleeved ones, 3/4-sleeved ones like this, elbow-sleeved ones and even full-sleeved ones. They are perfect for these Spring days, especially when the temperatures are in between. If I feel cold enough I will go with a denim jacket or long cardigan on top. A light kimono works too, for when the temps are not too cold. Because you need to layer for Spring, since you can literally experience 3 different temps at 3 different times of the day. And instead of loafers, you can opt to pair a striped dress like this with sneakers. They look adorable with regular sneakers as well as slip-on sneakers. But I love the combination of stripes and leopard. Also how unexpected but pretty the neon orange sunglasses look against the dark blue color of the dress. To dress it up a little I added a Crystal Statement Necklace which popped. You will be seeing me in many similar striped dresses this Spring, all the way through June. As a matter of fact since it is gorgeous outside today, I plan on going out somewhere, after I pick up Vivian from school. As you can see it was very sunny that day. The sun crated a glare on the lens of my camera, so I apologize about the glaring blob that appears in some of the photos, especially the closeup portrait ones. How is Spring where you live?! Are you in shorts yet?! Do you wear a lot of striped dresses for Spring?! Let me know in the comments.