Thursday, February 14, 2019

Thursday Moda #154: Two Casual but Festive Valentine's Day Looks.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! I have a slight fever, redness, sniffles, sore throat and congestion as I type this (you all know we have lovely Winter here in the mitten state lol). Also, I hate the new InLinkz Linkup -- the website should seriously go back to the old linkup. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!! But I want to keep things light, positive, lovely, happy and red and pink today since it is Valentine's Day after all. With that said I got not one but two Casual and Festive Valentine's Day Looks today. And they both have two things in common: Bright Floral Tops and Pants. I shopped the closet for both of these outfits I put together. Every piece I have on is over 3 years old. In reality, I wanted to wear a gorgeous red dress for you today but our weather and extreme cold says otherwise. After all I have three new red dresses from Talbot's. But February is not over and this is also Women's Heart Awareness month, therefore you should wear a red dress! I did however wear and blogged a Gorgeous Red Dress for Valentine's Day, last year (photo below).

For this outfit which features sexy black (the main color), splashes of fuchsia via that gorgeous 3D Flower Silk Blouse and Rock N' Roll vibes, I wanted to colorblock black with hot pink. I wore Coated Black Faux Leather Jeans (by Forever 21), paired with 3 layers on top: the Beautiful 3D Petal/Flower Fuchsia Blouse (by Armani X), a Ribbed Black Cotton Short Cardigan (by The Limited) and a little Seamless Lace-Trimmed Black Camisole (by White House Black Market) which peaks from the neckline of the pink blouse. The Block-Heel Black Leather Booties were the perfect shoe choice here, especially paired with the leather-looking pants. I swiped a coat of metallic-mauve lipstick over a hot pink one. And as far as jewelry/accessories I wore my Leopard-Print Bow Headband (from Albania) and my Pink Square Kate Spade Studs. I layered on rings and bracelets too. The Love Pink-Strap Bracelet is from Wal Mart. I have on a Red Stone Ring too and on the other hand I wore a Gold Chain Tennis Bracelet paired with a Lime-Colored Precious Stone Bracelet and a matching Pave Silver+Lime Ring.

I own a lot of blouses and pussycat bow tops, like this one I am wearing here. This is by far my most favorite pussybow blouse and one of my favorite blouses in my closet. I love, love the silk material and the big, bold and super feminine red rose print. This Beautiful Blouse is by White House Black Market. And it looked so good and unexpected with the Olive Utility Jacket on top (by Old Navy) -- a combination I should remember to try again. The super feminine top makes a yin-yang effect with the more masculine-looking military jacket. For bottoms I chose Boot-Cut Jeans in a medium wash denim. For the jewelry I have on a bunch of rings and the same bracelets as the previous outfit but I also added a Crystal Silver Pave Watch. My Double-Sided 360 Black Stud Earrings (from Albania) looked cute with that Layered Beaded Necklace which has white pearls and black crystals (by White House Black Market). Dressing up this look for a Friday at the office, I chose Red Satin Pumps to match the red blouse - they are festive and dressy too. I also choose a Fun Silver/Gray Textured Cluch with a large tassel hanging from the zipper. I actually think both of these outfits are dressy enough to wear to work if you work in a business casual office or more casual environment. After all despite being casual, they are also totally put-together and a little dressed up. Which of these two Casual but Festive Valentine's Day Looks is your favorite and why?! Let me know in the comments.

If you thought last week there were a ton of cute Valentine-inspired Outfits shared via my Thursday Moda linkup, you thought right! I don't even know how I narrowed it down to these favorite outfits. As you can see plenty of red and pink in the mix - just like my two outfits, today. But I also see gorgeous coats and beautiful purses. Check out these beauties, below.
This week's Featured Blogger is my beautiful and super kind Floridian friend KELLYANN from This Blonde's Shopping Bag who absolutely killed it in her Valentine's Attire with those bold, beautiful, statement-making red pants! First of all, how fabulous are those pants and how wonderful they look with nude heels! I love red with nude. She actually showed us three different ways to style these fabulous pants. I thought about including two of the three looks in the collage above but which would I exclude?! I love ALL 3 ways she styled these pants and all the pretty blouses and clutches she chose for them. There is something to be admired for every outfit but I am dying for the matchy all-red outfit with the red button-down shirt. Perhaps because red is my favorite color. Perhaps because Kellyann also looks divine in red! Perhaps because this is like a super stylish, modern-day pantsuit and she would kill it in any office. Kellyann's style is colorful but always classic. She wears pink like no other! She is also super nice and always has your back. I just love her and you should too!

Grace is the most popular Michigan Blogger and she travels a lot, too. In this post she ran down several outfits and tips on 'What to Wear at the Airport' and I just loved this particular look that is modern, sporty and put-together. Plus that cobalt coat!
It is Summer in Australia where Mica lives so she can wear all the 'Frill Sleeve Tees' and this particular one is in hot pink, which makes it perfectly festive for today!
Nora is 'Looking Stylish in Neutrals'. Her poncho-like peanut butter sweater is beautiful and she designed it herself!
Rama has a dress under her coat and looks so dressed up and sophisticated. But I wanted to focus on her 'Cocoon Coat' because it is truly amazing and a little retro, too.
Shauna, let me 'Read All about It'! That long jacket in a newspaper print is fun, eclectic, trendy and perfect for Valentine's day because it reminds me of love letters. In love with the sweet red Chanel bag, too.
Last but for certainly not at the least less favorite, we have my friend Cheryl killing it in a red leopard dress and fun strappy black suede shoes. Another option on 'What to Wear' for the day of love, especially if your plans include a special dinner date at a fancy restaurant.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Valentine-Themed Cocoa, Coffee and Chocolate Bar. Plus Linkup.

I love Valentine's Day decor and this year our coffee area got a little festive in red, white and pink. And it didn't even cost much because all I did is purchase all the candy, festive Valentine's napkins, a pack of Hershey's hot cocoa, one of the candles, the paper hearts and the paper straws. Everything else I already had including the mugs, containers and jars. First of all, it is not just a coffee bar. You can also make hot cocoa, add marshmallows and eat a truffle, candy or Hershey Kiss. To make it even more lovely-dovey and festive I added some cute and great-smelling candles in red and white jars and of course that DIY Hot Pink Heart Garland I created myself. I got the hot pink paper hearts (in a pack of 25) at the dollar store and made them into a garland by simply using clear tape on the backs of each one. 

The paper straws (all from Target at the dollar area) are all festive too: red, red with white hearts, red+white striped or in different pink stripes. I put them inside that white porcelain jar with the red heart cut-outs. The Sugar and Cocoa Chalk-Written Porcelain Jars are from a few years ago from Target. One has a red lid and one a soft pink one. I bought these scrumptious Lindor Truffles (in pink and red wrappers), Red-Wrapped Hershey Kisses and Red M+Ms all at Wal Mart. I put the Lindor Truffles inside that Lucite Jar (printed with red, turquoise, light pink and fuchsia hearts and has a red ribbon on the lid) from Wal Mart while the M+Ms and Hershey Kisses are inside little white glass jars. The mini marshmallows are also inside a white jar and I tied a striped pink/red/turquoise ribbon to the neck of the jar. While the Hot Pink Clear Mini Jar has tea spoons inside it. The Sweet "Peppermint" Candy towel I have had for years too. I think this kitchen towel works for Valentine's day and Christmas season, too.

Not pictured - cause I added them afterwards, a couple of days after I took these original photos - are red and pink paper napkins I put on the side of the bar. As far as the mugs I have had all of them, none of them are new. I need some more Valentine's themed mugs but what I had was fine for now. I alternated between cream/white mugs and heart-patterned mugs. I do want to buy a couple of red solid mugs for the future - something to keep in mind for next year. After all red is my most favorite color and red mugs can be used during Christmas, too. 3D Rose has the cutest Valentine's day mugs now and they can be found at and are on huge sale for 55% OFF. Love this one and this one. I have linked more in the widget, below. You can add a fresh bouquet of flowers to your coffee bar too, too if you like. It is thoughtful, beautiful and fresh flowers always smell so fresh. I love how festive, inviting and cute this coffee-making area turned out, and on a budget too. I think all in all even if you have to buy everything from scratch, it won't cost you more than 35-40 bucks. Do you like my Valentine-Themed Cocoa, Coffee and Chocolate Bar?! Did your coffee bar got a facelift or a little makeover this Valentine's day! Scroll down below for similar or identical items like mine, to make your own Valentine's Day Coffee Bar. =)

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Merlot Mini and Heather Pink Sweater.

As I am typing this, my daughter is in the playroom playing with her dolls and yet another snow storm has hit Michigan. Icy rain, snow, black ice and cold windchill temps among other things. Therefore, for the 9th day this season, Vivian had yet another snow day from school. But I am back in a red and pink outfit or a Merlot Mini Faux Leather Skirt and a Heather Pink Bow-Back Sweater to be exact. Both pieces are fun to wear now, since this is Valentine's week. The deep red faux leather mini skirt is by Express - isn't that zipper sexy?! While the pretty soft pink (like a heather pink), light, ribbed sweater is by Loft. I love this sweater so much. It isn't just any Blush Pink Sweater. It is a pretty marled pattern and that chiffon cream bow tying on the back of the neck makes it romantic and perfect for Valentine's day. You can purchase these sweaters currently. It comes in this pretty marled pink, a heather gray and a navy color. They are all on sale too but hurry -- they are going fast. These pretty and dressy sweaters have gotten 4.5 star reviews on the website. I decided to do a monochromatic leg look and paired the Merlot Mini Skirt with matching Merlot Opaque Tights also by Express. The Knee-High Boots are by Target. They are like a taupe/mushroom color and they are ruched in a faux suede material, with a block heel. These boots are very comfortable and stylish, too. As far as jewelry I also kept it romantic and sort of festive for VDay. The Red Rose Red Plastic Stud Earrings are by Aeropostale while that pretty "All Good Things are Wild and Free" Charm Necklace is by a small business, my friend Sue Marie from Hidden Beaded Treasures made it. She makes beautiful jewelry and I have purchased many necklaces and bracelets from her. Check her out! How do you like this outfit today?! Are you wearing pink and red this week?!

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