Thursday, May 21, 2020

Unable - Poetry.

Sometimes we are all unable to love someone, someone we once loved... a lot! We are unable to forget him. Unable to forgive him as well. Unable to let go. Unable to let them ruin our lives anymore than they already have. Unable to continue as we are. Unable to express all the feelings we have towards him. Unable to stop the tears too. Unable to not touch our heart and feel sorry for it. Unable to think ahead and look forward. We may be unable for many things. So I wrote a poem for all those unable emotions and causes that love creates. But I challenged myself on this one. I wanted to find an adjective that started with 'un' and continue with every letter of the alphabet. But for the "X" I had to settle with "ex" instead. I ended up loving how this poem came out. Plus it is so raw! What do you think?!

[11.10 P.M. May 20th 2020.]

Unable... you became unable to fight for us, unable to love me,
unbearable... you became unbearable to talk to, unbearable to be with,
uncommon... the map of happiness towards our love,
undiscovered... the sharp tree branches of the forest we dealt with...

Uneasy... to be with you, though it was easy to fall for you,
unfortunate... to feel the way you made me feel now,
                                                      though at first it wasn't so...
ungrateful... that's how you are now, though I was grateful for you,
unhinged... you became unhinged as we fell apart, you broke not one but two hearts...

Unimpressed... you became with me and how my lips tasted on top of yours,
unjust... what you did to our love story, to our family,
unknown... the person you turned into, a stranger not a lover,
unlovable... I couldn't love you anymore though I tried...

Unmasked... your true face came out and I did not know you at all,
unnerving... the feelings you left inside my gut,
unorthodox... the way we ended things, but...
unplanned... the pain my heart and soul would feel for months, years...

Unquenchable... the thirst I once had for you and you had for me as well,
unrequited... the love we created, written into story books and poetry verses,
unsung... the melody our bodies created as they made love for the first time,
untraveled... the road I took to find you, explore you and love you...

Unusual... the beautiful story we created through thousands of miles away,
unveiled... the feelings that I poured into all the poems I wrote for you,
unwritten... the pieces of the puzzle that made up our beautiful love story,
unexplained... the thoughts we felt, the heartbeats we skipped...

Unyielding... the soul that fought for you but you lost it,
unzipped... the heart that opened for you in its full bare-naked self... my heart!
But you decided to throw it all away,
so I had to finally put myself first, I decided not to stay...

...Unable, now I am unable to love you, feel for you,
I am unable to forget and forgive all that was,
but I won't be unable to feel love for someone else,
I won't be unable to be loved back, you have lost your chance...

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Thursday Moda #212: Looking Forward, Part Two.

Life is wonderful - we all know that. Despite its overwhelming abundance of frustration, sickness, pandemic viruses, uncertainty, despair, fear, fever, shortness of breath, tears and anger that it is filled with lately. Planet Earth is still sacred, it is our mother, our nature, our air, our oxygen, our breath of fresh air. We may feel like we are on the edge right now and I don't blame anyone for feeling that way, but this world has gravity, too, things will change. Because remember what goes up must come down and vice versa. WE CANNOT LOOK BACK, IT WON'T DO US ANY GOOD. INSTEAD, WE HAVE TO BE...


I wrote about looking forward in last week's Thursday Moda post also. (Please read it, if you haven't yet.) And how do we look forward?! By being active in our our daily routines as much as we can. By staying positive that at some point things will get better. By trying to find some normalcy day in and day out. By breathing the fresh air outside and admiring beautiful Mother Nature with all it has to give us. I did just that a few weeks ago when these photos were taken. Such a delightful background too, true natural beauty all around me, plus it was a beautiful day full of Spring's delights! Look at that sky and those fluffy clouds!?! What the photos don't show well is how clear the water was, you could see the little fishes swimming in it. What these photos don't show at all is how there were a couple of young guys in their twenties fishing, right there in the middle of the water that came up to their knees. What these photos don't show is a couple in love that exchanged stolen kisses, or a grandmother with her three grandkids, or a little family of four having a picnic outside. But these photos do show how much fun I had. They show a true smile and a face filled with hope. They show eyes that stared deep into all the beauty surrounding me and admiring it, as I wanted to capture as many photos as possible, while still enjoying my time outdoors, far away from everyone else, not stuck with a mask on my face. These photos also captured a little bit, my poor attempts at exercising a little outside. They show my love of bright lipstick and the color red. They also show my love of my new-ish and only pair of denim overalls which were worth every penny. They are Madewell after all and they are so well-made. I have worn them at least 5 times this year. With Memorial Day Weekend coming up this week, I think this pair of medium-wash denim overalls paired with a red t-shirt is a perfectly patriotic outfit as an inspiration for some RED+WHITE+BLUE STYLE. You can make this Memorial Day-Inspired OOTD even more Americana by pairing it with a pair of crisp white sneakers like Converse, Keds or Adidas. =) What do you think?!


Thank you to all 50 of you who linked up last week. I enjoyed seeing your Spring Looks. You are rocking your everyday style, despite quarantine. Last week I noticed a lot of pretty shades of blue + aqua, white pants - a must-have piece for Spring and Summer, comfortable neutral sandals and a pop of bordeaux. There are a couple of Fabulous French Fashionistas in my favorite choices this week, too.

'Tropical Prints Are Perfect for Spring and Summer' you are right, Nora. Shades of blue, mint and green also look so Springy with white and a straw bag.
I would totally wear this Outfit right now, Jill. It is very much my style. That light off-shoulder sweater looks great with 'Cute and Comfy Wedge Sandals'.
I love an adorable Mommy+Daughter stylish duo. Christine and her daughter style 'The Effortless Chic Little White Dress' - theirs are linen little white dresses, which they paired with matching real flower crowns and matching gold sandals.
Katie loves a good print and a statement bag. 'Dots and Stripes' in blue are always a good idea for Spring and Summer.
Paula did her 'Stitch Fix Review for May 2020' and I loved her floral green halter-neck dress on her!
French-Canadian Beauty Lucy showed many beautiful, chic, stylish looks on her 'Fabulous Fridays' post. I loved her wide-legged floral pants with that patterned maroon+purple blouse. Tres Bien!

Thursday Moda with Elegance and Mommyhood

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sometimes... Someone...

Today I woke up inspired. Inspired to be super mom. Inspired to springify my bed a little bit, change the sheets and add some new Spring decorative pillows. Inspired to clean. Inspired to wash the dishes by hand. Inspired to talk on the phone. Inspired to listen to beautiful, soul music and love songs. And later on... inspired to write, so that I did. So I bring you the poem below. It's a little love poem. But it is more than just about love. It is about life and its struggles. It is about the broken hearts, the broken promises and the sadness and despair that a separation or a divorce can bring. It is about a woman, standing up again and being strong, so strong, and healing her heart and finding someone she can heal it with... Oh and this one totally rhymes! Hope you like it. HAPPY SUNDAY YOU ALL!!

[1.30 P.M. Eastern Time, May 17th 2020.]

Sometimes I hold myself by a string,
hanging on tight to a broken wing,
I have no voice to speak, to sing,
I watch in despair as the weather turns into Spring...

Hoping that Spring will burst in my heart,
I plant some roots on the inside,
let the green grow and the blooming start,
but I am scared to follow along as I fall apart...

But I promised my heart I will heal it,
I will water it like a plant, I will feed it,
I will not fall a victim, I will seal it,
I will let go as I start over, I will breed it!

...Because I know, I know I can,
yesterday I took an opportunity and I ran...
today I smiled like a little kid again,
tomorrow I will find the light that was missing while I was wan...

I am a human and once again I will smile,
I will find happiness and befriend it for a long while,
I will fall in love, I will find you even if I have to run for miles,
someone that will find me lovely and they will see my worth, my gile...

Someone strong and brave and open and kind,
someone who will love me with all of his heart,
someone who will see my true self naked on the inside
and break every wall that existed as our hearts bind!

I know you are there tying my strings tight,
fixing every thing that went wrong from the start,
turning Decembers into Mays and Junes bright,
kissing all my wounds with your own lips, with your own heart...

And every time I need you, you will hold my hand,
you will let go of my headaches and caress my head,
you will love me tenderly and protect my heart,
and you will make love to me and call me "my wife"!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday Moda 211: Looking Forward.

"Take me back to fields of tulips, the sun shining, Starbucks roasting and restaurants putting you on a wait list. Take me back to bright colors, beaming smiles and blooming flowers on a pretty dress. Take me back to normalcy and dates with my gorgeous daughter. Come on Corona you overstayed your "welcome"! Those were my words a few days on this Instagram post (please follow me on Instagram if you don't already - thank you!) and a day after I posted that picture with that caption, on Tuesday of this week (2 days ago) I decided to have a mother-daughter date with my sweetie Vivian - something we had not done in two and a half months. As a matter of fact, Vivian hadn't left the house in almost 10 weeks. And honestly, it doesn't seem like A) Corona Virus will go away entirely anytime soon (I don't see it happening in the next 18-24 months) and B] life will not be the same no matter what phase of opening our states are at, nothing will ever be exactly the same again. With that said we shouldn't look back, but we should be...

Looking  Forward.
This is our reality and we have to accept it. I have accepted it, I hope you all do too. But we have to live and try to enjoy life, despite of this reality. We really have to. So, I tried to do that this week. On Tuesday, for the first time in 10 weeks Vivian and I went on a Mother/Daughter date in our beautiful little town. We grabbed a smoothie+cookie to go at our local cafe (the only place non-fast-food that was open), we walked a lot, browsed from the outside, walked about 2 miles up and down the streets of the downtown and completed our date with a drive-through lunch at Wendy's. It was good to get fresh air and try to find some normalcy in such abnormal, unprecedented times. Oh and we didn't wear any masks since we went nowhere crowded or surrounded by a lot of people and masks are not required outdoors when you walk, exercise, bike or go to at a park (I always wear a mask when I go grocery shopping or any shopping, to the post office, or to run errands anywhere else). It was also beautiful to see the blooming trees which made us feel positive and smile because SPRING! The white blossoms matched with Vivian's White Floral Dress while the reddish-pink tree blossoms matched with my red+blue Floral Portofino Blouse by Express. Vivian and I wore our denim jackets (it was cool and they were needed) and we protected our eyes from the sun with matching Tortoise Sunglasses, too. Vivian loved our little date even if we could not sit inside the cafe and for JUST a couple of hours it felt like there was no pandemic, no uncertainty, no fear but deep down I know that is not true. UNFORTUNATELY!


I am back with my THURSDAY MODA FAVORITES this week and hope to continue this every Thursday this year. I will stop by a lot of your blogs too. Time to get this linkup to the way it used to be!! =) Let's look at my favorites from last week, shall we?! So many great polished pant looks and pantsuit outfits, but also some bold and bright red floral dresses in the mix.

'All Red Dress-ed Up and No Place to Go' sure you can be featured on my blog darling Darlene. Looking polished and pretty in this adorable bold floral print on that ravishing red dress, completed with nude leather accessories.
Di is the queen of class, always! Her 'Spring Layers' feature soft pastels in blush, pink and beige. Love the addition of the bow-ed scarf.
In her post, Fonda shared a 'Top Ten' including Amazon products and 10 fantastic outfits she has worn for work or else. The 9th look featured this fabulous leopard blazer paired with a roaring graphic tee.
I knew nothing about the 'May Day Celebrations' that Tiina was talking about, but any reason to get dressed up, especially through this awful Covid-19 and since I am a May baby and I am all in. Her statement rose-print maxi dress looks even better accompanied by cocktails, as it should be!
Simple and fresh, Mica is in her signature style which usually involves a lot of 'Maxi Skirts'. Her navy-teal skirt looks great with the oversized leopard of that nude+coral tee.
Last but not least, Iris rocked a head-to-toe white look creating a bold, feminine and sophisticated pantsuit. Her post had useful 'Tips to Create Your Professional Wardrobe' and such a chic outfit to boot!

Thursday Moda with Elegance and Mommyhood

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