Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Little Edgy, a Little Girly Bohemian.

Guys, I have been neglecting the blog and haven't had time to post. It takes so much to prepare a post: take the photos, delete the bad ones, edit the pictures, write out the post, edit the post, find the links to the items - which I have been slacking in the last couple of weeks, promote the post on my Instagram, etc, etc. But as with everyone, the start of my Summer has been so busy and I go into more of a routine/normal schedule next week. Case in point, I started writing this post two days ago and still didn't hit publish because I wasn't ready for it to go live. Thing is, though I have had a bunch of days off since I had to watch Vivian as she finished pre-school, I have been busy and tried to spend some quality time with her, rather than focus on the blog. This is still a hobby after all. Tomorrow is also "National Splurge Day" and I plan on 'splurging' by A) going to the beach (our nearby lake) with Viv and B) treating myself to some cute things from Loft which I had avoided for weeks, but all their tops+sweaters, plus a bunch of their dresses, skirts and shorts are 50% OFF right now! Yup Yup!! 

Anyway, while I have been amiss here, I have been very much alive on Instagram and Insta stories so please follow me there. I post very different content on my Instagram account from the blog, always, and a lot of raw posts and favorite quotes - some of which are quotes by me - as well. =)

Anyway, this outfit is from May but totally Summery too and a simple, cute and not-in-your face option for 4th of July since I am subtly wearing red, white and blue, don't you think?! I think the busted-knee jeans make this a little edgy though still very appropriate for a busy mom. I love these Skinny Busted-S=Knee jeans by Abercrombie. They still have them, though I have had mine for a long time. I got the size 27 but should have really gotten the 26. They have a lot of give. I think I could probably fit into 25s too (which means a size 0). Boo-ya weight loss! The Cute Poplin Red Blouse (clearance find at Target) definitely has that Bohemian Vibe to it as do the Light Father Blush Pink Earrings by Loft. The top and earrings are both totally girly too and I love that the white flowers of the top have a blush undertone to them, which matched the earrings. Last but not least, all praises go to these DV by Dolce Vita Taupe/Neutral Ghillie Wedges I got at Target last year. I have worn them at least 6-7 times so far this season. They go with everything and stayed tied-on! I reccommend the DV wedges from Target so much. Actually the Dolce Vita line at Target always has the cutest shoes!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday Moda #119: Skin, Shorts and Sweet Spice.

So, I had an entirely-different outfit planned for Thursday Moda today, but I have forgotten my camera in the office and that's where that said outfit is 'hiding' in the SD card LOL. That outfit was completely dressy, sexy and somewhat fancy, the opposite of this Skin+Shorts Look. Lucky for me, my other memory card is indeed on the laptop I use and it still has a few outfit pics I have not posted or edited. Therefore you get this totally unglamorous and somewhat unsatisfying look, today.

So, I called this post "Skin, Shorts and Sweet Spice" because the Skin is referring to my Cold-Shoulder Grey T-Shirt which I knotted off the side on the front therefore showing more skin than just bare shoulders; the Shorts obviously that I am wearing; and as far as Sweet Spice that is my metaphor for my little girl Vivian who is as sassy as she is sweet. Love her so much. She saw me snapping photos and ran to my arms to take some with her mamma. =) I wore this outfit on a hot day last weekend but it didn't turn out as cute and photographed even worse. This tee is long enough for me to knot in the front, plus it is slightly large on me though it is a size small (I got it last Summer at Loft). Unfortunately it rode up and it even shows in some of the photos, showing a lot more skin and tummy than I would have liked. Thankfully for me, I only did a walk in our neighborhood and watered our plants, while wearing this outfit. I changed into something nicer and more mom-like afterwards. The shorts are from 5 years ago from Old Navy and my favorite Black Slides with the embellished pearls are last Summer's from Target. Target has a version of black pearl-embellished slides this year, too. I also had no makeup on except my 'eaten' neutral lipgloss but I do have very sensitive eyes which cannot stand the sun so I wore a pair of Tortoise Frame, Dark Sunglasses. My sweet Vivian is dressed way cuter. All of her pieces are new. I love her White Tulle Skirt featuring Multi-Colored/Rainbow Dots -- very appropriate to wear this month of June too since it is Gray Pride month. I also love her Colorblocked Orange+Camel Sandals.

So, I was taking this photo myself and Vivian ran towards me to take the photo with me (that is why my right hand is like that, ready to hold her hand). Unfortunately the timer clicked before Vivian could be next to me, but I still wanted to include not delete this outtake because it is cute and real and all of these photos are as real as my life gets on the days I am OFF and a stay-at-home mom. 

Last week about 100 ladies linked up and the linkup saw some new faces and a couple of returning favorites. There are 3 new faces on the featured looks too. I loved the easy, breezy outfits this time around and all the little white dresses or white in general. I am also loving all the wide-legged and palazzo pants and jumpsuits.
Nicki has on the cutest 'Gingham Dress'. I love the tiers and the fact that it has long sleeves. Adorable on her!
New to the linkup is Julie alongside her beautiful daughter Lauren who both wore 'Wide Leg Crops' and if you are as young and fit as Lauren is, do show lots of skin via a cropped top.
Elizabeth is having some 'Photo Shoot Fun' but her eyelet-sleeved LWD and gold Tory Burch tote stole it for me. So gorgeous and polished!
One of my favorite mom bloggers, Rachael shares 'Affordable Basics' like her black t-shirt dress and black gladiator sandals. I love how she styled the dress with the sweatshirt tied around.
I feel you Stephanie with all the 'Instagram Insanity' but let's talk about that amazing green jumpsuit. I love the wide-legged look so much and that Cult Gaia dupe bag is perfect with it.
Elsie always does a great job with her 'Color Crush' series. Her mustard lace skirt is stunning and she pulled off little socks with her silver pumps!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Mom Babe Athleisure + a New Thursday Moda.


I have used the term "Mom Babe" for months now and I want to explain it a little. To me a Mom Babe kind of outfit is the an outfit that is simple, casual, relaxed, perhaps even with a sporty or an athleisure vibe but that still looks good and put-together. It is totally a mom outfit, for a busy mom, a mom on the go, a stay-at-home mom or a mom on her day or on weekends off running errands. Just like my simple, casual yet put-together outfit today where I wore Black Athleisure/Workout Leggings (love the chevron stripes off the side) and paired them with a Classic Baby Blue+White Striped Button-Down Shirt, a Light-Wash Denim Jacket on top, with my Tasseled Leopard Loafers and some Fun Rose Gold Mirrored Sunglasses. My loafers are a couple of years old from Charlotte Russe, Leggings are new-ish by Meijer's (who is also a grocery store, but they have many cute clothes), Button-Down Shirt is by Banana Republic and the Denim Jacket is by Aeropostale. These photos didn't come out nice and I couldn't check them afterwards because my camera did this weird thing where I couldn't open the pics, so I do apologize that most of the full-length photos look blurry or very bright due to the sun. My jacket was originally 98 bucks but I got it for like 80% OFF. It is the perfect light wash denim jacket and it is embroidered completely on the back.

I wore this outfit last week when I took Vivian to her last day of pre-school. A lot of times when I take Vivian to school, I would be off from work so I didn't necessarily dress up while taking her to school. But I am never the type to go out in her PJs and sweats like I have seen many moms do during school drop-offs or pick-ups. I always want to look nice. It was a little chilly that morning so the jacket on top was totally needed.