Sunday, October 15, 2017

Khaki Skirt and Red Stripes.

Finally, today, you get to see the 5th piece of my Common Threads challenge remix I am doing this month which had yet to be blogged. The 5th piece is this adorable khaki skirt which I have already worn twice. I have always loved khaki paired with red so putting this Khaki Utility Skirt along this Red Striped Ballet Tee was a no-brainer and I loved the results so much, what about you?!

This Khaki Utility Skirt by Loft was the perfect piece to pick as one of y 5 items for the Common Threads Challenge. The neutral earthy khaki color goes with everything. Plus I love the shape and style of this skirt. It is right above the knee, in a button-front style (but the buttons are hidden), it has pockets and a tie belt looped through a double half-circle buckle. Since the skirt has belt hoops you can swap the belt for something different or wear a more classic, dressier, leather belt. Loft describes this skirt as their Tie Waist Cargo Skirt which is another great name I'd use to describe this amazing skirt. Also, even if the fabric wrinkles a little bit, it is forgiving and doesn't look bad. Loft has another similar Olive Cargo Tie Belt Skirt (but I actually like mine more) and both skirts are on clearance currently, with an additional 40% off which makes them under 35 bucks each.

I had been looking for a few years for a great Boat-Neck Red+White Striped Tee and I a so glad I found this one (also at Loft) and it was purchased on the same shopping trip as the khaki skirt. They were having a sale on these great long-sleeve tees that day and they were 20 bucks each. This Red Striped Shoulder Button Tee - I love the metallic buttons on the shoulders by the way, perfectly nautical - also comes in a navy+white option and a colorblocked grey option (which I should have purchased too). These tees are full price currently but through today (Sunday October 15th), Loft is having a 40% OFF your entire purchase sale. Pairing the red stripes with the khaki skirt was a great idea. On Wednesday's post, you will see this khaki skirt again, styled completely different.

These Cute Red D'Orsday Faux Suede Flats are adorable aren't they?! I have had them for close to 2 years. But though I have worn them many times and blogged them a few times too, they are not very comfortable. Since I wore this outfit to work on Friday the 13th and I knew these flats would be on my feet for a while, I made sure I added some of those cushiony band-aids on the backs of my feet and these shoes were manageable I must say. A part of me wants to get rid of these and invest on a better, well-made and comfortable pair but a part of me doesn't want to part with these flats yet. This Marc Fisher pair looks very nice and they are currently on huge sale. Marc Fisher makes great shoes which are of great quality and comfortable too. Should I buy them?!

The  Jewelry  and  Sunglasses.
Isn't this Long Beaded Two-Strand Necklace perfect for this outfit or not?! It has wooden, red, dark red and turquoise beads. It ties the top and skirt together, perfectly. The necklace (years ago from The Limited R.I.P) also goes so well with those Skinny Oval-Shaped Multi-Faceted Crystal Burgundy Earrings. Every season Loft has similar earrings (the teardrop or oval shape changes slightly) that come in different colors and I already own 5 pairs of these type of earrings and love them. They are light, fun, perfect to add a color pop with jewelry and since they are crystal, they are pretty dressy too. Loft currently has these Dark Grey Teardrop Crystal Earrings and this Turquoise pair (I own all 3 colors this turquoise crystal style came in). Last but not least, I bet you didn't miss y Fun Red Cocktail Ring. It is the boldest stone ring. It looks like glass. It is big, bold and perfectly asymmetric. I have purchased this gorgeous ring on a whim for close to nothing at Wet Seal years ago. I get compliments on it every day from strangers, family, friends, co-workers, my daughter's teachers, etc. Since the stone of the ring is a dark red, it also matches those cute earrings to a T. Oh and this Taupe Sunglasses I have worn so much this year (though I own a ton of Sunglasses) have been purchased for about a year now. Taupe is a year-around color but these are perfect for Fall and yes they are also Loft (head to toe in Loft today - it is one of y most favorite, most-shopped brands you guys). I have noticed in the last couple of years that Loft has some beautiful sunglasses and I have purchased any pairs when they are on sale: usually between 10 to 15 bucks a pair. And the quality of them is great. 


If you guys missed it, over the weekend I shared a Fabulous 16-piece Fall Capsule Wardrobe for little girls (toddlers through 8 years old). With the kids being back to school, you and them both have less time in the mornings. Capsule wardrobes make dressing so much easier and for more you can see it all here. I will be doing one of these for Winter too and the seasons after.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Toddler Girl, 16-piece Fall Wardrobe Capsule.

You guys all know I love to remix my closet and I love a good capsule (at least once or twice a year). While I own a lot of clothes, there are some that I wear and remix more and some closet staples that are perfect to remix into many different looks. With school back on and trying to think of how to dress your little one in the morning for when they go to PreK, kindergarden or school, it is sometimes easier to think of a capsule wardrobe for your child/ren as well. When you have a much smaller wardrobe to select from, choosing their outfits in the morning when you have a million things to do is much easier. 

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Therefore, today I decided to show you a 16-piece Fall Capsule for a toddler girl or young girls (let's say 8 and under). I strategically selected 16 pieces including 3 pairs of shoes that can be easily remixed into at least 30 outfits (I could think of 30 outfits with these pieces and I even noted each one of them with pen+paper, myself). I am a savvy budget shopper and most of the clothes that Vivian owns come from either Target or Old Navy. She also wears other brands and some of her more unique pieces are purchased at boutiques or online. But most of her clothing and everyday pieces come from none other than Old Navy or Target. Both of these stores always have very cute and reasonable clothes for kids. So today, I decided to do show you my Toddler Girl's 16-piece Fall Wardrobe Capsule selecting pieces from both of these stores. 


Now, let's get the rundown on all the 16 pieces I selected (found on the widget above) and tell you why I selected each and every one of these pieces.

For Fall I think two dresses are perfect: a Sweater Dress and a Tutu-Skirt dress. Old Navy has these sweatshirt top dresses with the tutu skirts every year and Vivian already owns a few of these dresses. They are perfect for colder weather and your little girl can still be girly. Of course a knit dress or sweater dress is a must too. Since most items in this capsule are in neutrals, I selected a fun, bold, Stripes+Polka Dots Colorblocked Sweater Dress which I am currently eyeing myself to get Vivian.

Here I included two pairs of patterned leggings: one floral and the other one has these fun crayon-print ones that Vivian already owns and loves. She calls the "her school pencil pants". I also chose a pair of solid leggings in a bright color and the best part is their material - they are so soft and warm. And of course a pair of skinny jeans are a must for this time of the year.

For tops I chose a Peplum Tee because they are so cute and look great with leggings, skinny jeans, jeggings, etc. I also chose a Graphic Tee, a Hooded Sweatshirt and a Regular Sweatshirt. All of the tops I selected are so cute and most of the are in neutral colors which will be great since I selected two pairs of patterned leggings and a pair of bright leggings too - red ones.

In this category I definitely wanted to include a Cute Poncho but this can be substituted by a Puffer Vest, a Long Cardigan or a Fur Vest if you prefer. Of course a cardigan is a must and much needed over the tee when it is cooler outside. And for even colder weather I had to include a coat or cold-weather jacket. I chose a cozy, comfy and warm Toggle Down Coat with a hoodie - I love the dusty grey color of this too and it is currently 30% off. I might have to buy it for my girl. If you live in a longer climate or state, I would substitute this for a Denim Jacket, Bomber or Moto Jacket - something in a lighter material and not as heavy.

I wanted to keep the shoes versatile and chose 3 completely different pairs: a pair of Ballet Flats, a pair of Booties and a pair of Sneakers. All the colors on these shoes are neutral and will go with everything else I selected. I just ordered the Fuzzy Furry Silver Sneakers for Vivian though she also has some Baby Pink Furry Pom Sneakers, too. 

Don't forget about the accessories. I don't think they should necessarily be included in the capsule but they should be added to your little girl's outfits when needed and I promise they will make each outfit look different and unique too. I didn't include socks, tights or hats, beanies and scarves for example. Your little girl can also wear belts with her jeans or carry a cute little purse, sometimes. It is the accessories that can even change the same exact outfit.

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You can shop this toddler girl's 16-piece Fall capsule below. All items are very reasonable too since they are all $30 or less.

Try this Fall capsule for at least a month because I can assure you, you can create 30 looks out of these 16 pieces.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Thursday Moda #84: Fall Mustard Cardigans for Workwear.

Good morning. As you guys know, this Long Cardigan I have on today is one of the 5 items I am remixing for the Common Threads Challenge. My dear friend WHITNEY from Whitney à la Mode - who is also my co-host this Thursday - is one of the 6 ladies doing "The Common Threads Challenge" with me. I noticed that she chose as one of the items a Long Mustard Cardigan, so I figured why not do a post where we style our cardigans. Mine is between a mustard and a camel color: I'd call it a spicy mustard shade. It is the softest chenille cardigan by Loft. I have worn it 4 times so far through the challenge and I cannot wait to style it again with red, navy and cream.

If you don't know Whitney, she is also from Michigan like myself and she is one of the few bloggers I had known that I was lucky to meet in real life (2 years ago). She is a sweetheart on top of being a very stylish teacher who puts together comfortable but super chic and classic looks. When Whitney sent me her photo I was pleasantly surprised that she also dressed up her cardigan over a LBD. Just on Monday I did the same where I wore this outfit to work. And let me tell you it was hot, but mornings are chilly and so can be the building I work at, so as usual a cardigan is a great layering piece. I paired mine with other great Fall colors: navy, olive and beige. I happen to think that this fabulous mustard-in-camel shade goes so well with the colors I paired it with. Like Whitney, I kept my toes comfortable and wore some Ballet Flats and I love that Whitney did the same. Whitney and I both wear and love wearing flats, a lot.

I love it when pieces work together. At first glance my Navy/Olive/Sky Blue Floral Wrap Skirt (a year ago from Who What Wear via Target) and Olive with Yellow Tank Top (at least 10 years old, by Bebe) look like a dress. I love that they both have matching colors and ruching detail. The asymmetry on the skirt makes it modern and fun. The colors of the skirt and the fact that it has lining makes it a piece that can be worn year-around. Even the tank top, since it is olive with yellow, it would fit for all seasons. I love the sash detail that ties in the back, it mimics the ruching line on the chest. This tank top is not only comfortable but super sexy and makes the girls look good.

I touched on these flats a little bit on the blog, yesterday. Funny story about these flats. I have been looking for some Nude Leather Ballet Flats. I wanted them to be soft and comfortable. I was at Banana Republic last week and I asked my sales lady (after I had checked out) how come they didn't carry shoes anymore. She said they weren't carrying them at that location but asked me what size I was because there were some that were returned. I said 6.5. She brings out 4 pairs of shoes including these flats, another pair of flats and a pair of mules - all perfect for Fall too. There were my Nude Ballet Flats and they were perfect. Better yet all of the shoes she brought out were on sale, with additional percentage off. After I used my Banana Republic Visa, I paid under 75 bucks for all 3 pairs and they are all real leather, well-made shoes. I cannot wait to wear the other 2 pairs.

Thank you to everyone who linked up last week where you saw my Ochre Mustard Chenille Cardigan styled for the first time. As always I have such a hard time choosing favorites. My picks from this week cannot be any different if they tried. It goes to show you that style truly is as personal as a piece of jewelry.
'Hats' are an accessory that not every woman can wear without looking foolish. But Laurie has the snazziest fedora on, paired with the most gorgeous pumpkin-hued jumpsuit.
'Sneakers with a Tulle Skirt'?! If you are Stephanie you can pull off anything. Even in her second trimester, this pregnant mama does street style justice. Radiant!
Jess is totally 'Transitioning to Fall" in yummy shades of caramel. Love her button-front denim skirt - so modern.
'70s Vibes' are strong and vibrant on my stylish friend, Roxanne. The jeans, the hat, the pendant, the shoes - I want them all. It all works so seamlessly, too.

Today's Fabulous Thursday Moda Co-Host: Whitney à la Mode.
Here is a peak of some of my favorite latest looks of Whitney - two of which are from her Common Threads Challenge. Whit is a girl after my own heart. Check out how she has remixed that same mustard cardigan and little black dress, below. And can I compliment her beaming smile for a minute. This girl's beautiful blue eyes even smile!

From Whitney's Mouth:
"Bonjour! My name is Whitney and I am a French teacher in Michigan. You could say that I'm pretty smitten with the Mitten State. We often use "à la mode" to order ice cream with our dessert. However, in French, "à la mode" means "in style." Join me on my journey in learning how to be a bit more "à la mode!

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