Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekend Wants: Sweatshirts for Fall.

One thing I have been loving more and more the last few years - especially since I became a mom - is sweatshirts. They are easy to wear, super comfortable, the perfect year-around piece for those mom days when you have your kids in tow and running errands. Plus, if styled the right way, they can be super chic. And let's not forget that athleisure wear has been such a hit in 2016 and 2017 and this 'trend' is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Sweatshirts are a huge part of athleisure. But they are also a huge part of everyday life. Women cannot be dressed to the nines and standing on 4-inch heels all day long. More than ever before, sweatshirts are perfect to wear from the gym to dinner. Sweatshirts can be super elegant while keeping you warm and being super comfy and cozy at the same time. And sweatshirts cannot be defined to school teachers, college students, school logos and favorite sport teams anymore. Anyone can sport a sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts are not just for lounging at home, doing garden-work, sipping your coffee at the front porch or layering over your gym threads, anymore. Sweatshirts nowadays are not just your once-upon-the-time heather grey plain sweatshirt. They have many many fun details, like my picks on the collage below, also prove. Fun prints like lemons, flowers, cactuses, birds, palm trees, geometric patterns, bananas, strawberries, bears, camouflage, etc, etc. They can have sequins, pom poms, tassels, sequined changing faces, fringe, etc. Other details include statement sleeves like cold-shoulders, one-shoulder, asymmetric ruffles going across, ruffled sleeves, lace-applique sleeves. They can also be studded, laced-up (in the neckline, off each side, on the back - you name it). I also love the knotted-in-front or knotted-on-the-side look. 

And sweatshirts nowadays, are not only in neutral colors like grey, navy, black, cream and beige as we are used to seeing them. How about this hot pink beauty, or this blue tie-dyed one, or this one that I own in mustard (and it is super comfortable) - it also comes in burgundy. Sweatshirts are not just for the sporty gals anymore. They can be girly and super feminine and can be worn to the office with a pencil skirt (and if it is Friday pair them with sneakers), like this light pink sweatshirt with frilly sleeves, or this mixed media piece with ruffled short sleeves or this one featuring oversized bows on top of cold shoulders which is super gorgeous. All of these three I just listed are so cute with that fancy, dressed-up factor. A classic hooded sweatshirt with pockets has also been updated and upgraded into a dressier piece. Below, I found not one, not five, but 15 super adorable, beautiful and affordable sweatshirts for you. I wish all of these would appear in my closet magically. I promise I would rotate through them each day for Fall!!

Shop my list of Sweatshirts below:

Bow-tiful Sleeves (my most favorite sweatshirt in the bunch!!)
Lattice-Back Beauty (so cute and such a steal! Perfect for a workout, too).
Tunic with Pockets (such a great piece, will make a great lyer for Fall and Winter, too).
Corset-Waist Stunner (so fun, girly and very unique.)
Tied in a Knot (I own this one in mustard; runs a little big).
Fly Away Birdie (the best deal by far - less than a cup of Trenta at Starbucks!!)
Cold Shoulder Baby (need this one!)
Frou Frou (how fun and feminine is this?!)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday Moda #76: Maxis and Floppy Hats for End of Summer.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by, linked up, visited and commented on my blog when I was away for almost 2 full weeks while on vacation. I am back with linkup #76 and this time I am joined by the Lovely MARY from The Mary Curator - I love the name of her blog by the way. We decided to style Maxi Dresses and Floppy Hats which is fitting for Mary's style since she wears a lot of maxis and a lot of hats - she looks great in all of her hats. Not only does Mary curate an awesome wardrobe from which we can take inspiration especially when it comes to Bohemian and Vintage-Inspired Looks, but she is also a fantastic photographer and an awesome writer. She recently redesigned her blog herself and also shared 20 personal facts about her. Did you know this girly girl has Lyme's disease, yet she doesn't let it affect every aspect of her life or her good spirits!

We decided to show you two ways how you can (still) wear Maxi Dresses and Floppy Hats especially now towards the end of Summer. Mary sort of Fall-ified her outfit by draping a light collarless jacket on top. I, actually wore this maxi dress yesterday after switching from my work clothes. I left work a little early so I could go register Vivian for pre-school and it was over 80 degrees out. This Breezy Floral Maxi Dress with that thigh-high slit did the trick. To keep it mom-friendly I layered a Magenta/Purple Tank Top underneath it (by Kohl's from this year - I own 4 of these tanks and love them, I linked similar ones by Kohl's). And this dress has an off-black background with dark florals like tan, teal, magenta and brown so you can totally wear it into Fall and even in early Winter with some thick black opaque tights. But since it was hot as f**k and let's face it - it is still VERY MUCH Summer - I wore it with my Gold Leather Thong Sandals by Bebe (RIP Bebe - a brand I loved), which I have had for years and carried this fairly-new Black Laser-Cut Tassel Crossbody Bag by Express. Speaking of Express, this Gorgeous Maxi with the most flattering empire-waist style is from there as well. Express rolls out a version of this dress every Summer. Mine is from last year. The faux wrap style compliments every type of body. Last, I love my Neutral Woven Straw Floppy Hat with the skinny bow around the rim. I have had it probably for a decade. I am so happy I am re-starting to wear hats again these last couple of years. And for early to mid Fall I would simply add a long grandpa cardigan, switch the hat to one of my Felt Floppy Hats and any type and color of Bootie will do: red, gray, brown, black, magenta, navy, olive, burgundy or tan- they would work. What do you think?!


Today's Fabulous Thursday Moda Co-Host: The Mary Curator.
Mary always rocks neutrals and monochromatic looks. Her style is feminine, girly but not too frilly, a little vintage, a little boho, clean and put together. She loves and wears a lot of tulle, and of course - hats. Also, Mary just started a new job this week - congratulations dear Mary!
From Mary's Mouth:
"The Mary Curator is the curated digital diary of Mary Colleen, sharing her life and style. A storyteller at heart and an information scientist by trade, she shares life stories, outfit ideas, and blogging resources.
You can follow her on: Instagram | Twitter | Bloglovin

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Third Thursday Thoughts (on a Wednesday): Vacation and More + Linkup.

I cannot believe that tomorrow will be the third Thursday of August. WOW, how did time fly?! How, is our annual Summer vacation over already?! I normally do these brain dumps the third Thursday of each month but I am doing it a day early - on hump day - this month. I actually don't have a lot of scattered thoughts on my brain today but here they are, regardless:

- I registered Vivian for pre-school today and she starts in a month. To say she is excited, would be a huge understatement. We were there for a little over an hour today and she was beyond happy, excited and ready to start (from today) pretty much. She actually cried when we left and cried almost all the way home. My poor baby. How did she get so big so fast though?! Like I said she will start pre K in a month but we have orientation before that so we will get a better feel of the school, its programs, her teachers, meet some of the other parents and children, etc. When did my baby get this big?! I am so excited, happy, nervous, anxious and every other feeling imaginable for her to start school. Fingers crossed she will love it. It sure sounds like it, so far.

- That 'train wreck' show "Bachelor in Paradise" - one of my Summer guilty pleasures - started off this Monday. Judge me all you want but I love watching even-though most of these people aren't there for true love or love in general, but to pump up and promote their Instagram, blogs and other social media accounts. How some of these 20 and 30-somethings have been on these shows 3 times now is beyond me. Don't they work?! How much time off do their jobs give them so often?! How can they afford all of the clothes and expenses they have to spend each time they do one of these shows?! I am sure I will never find the answers to any of these questions, but still. This season already started off with lots of scandals. I am sure more fights, more tears, more love triangles and more disappointments will come along the way. But I did enjoy Carly and Evan's wedding last night. It was so laid-back, whimsical and Bohemian. A little quirky and weird which matches their personalities. Definitely not the super elegant, fancy, lavish affair that the Bachelor shows are known to do for these televised weddings. But it was a nice wedding nevertheless and I loved Carly's dress. It was almost a nude color but suited her.

- Speaking of another Summer guilty pleasure, one show I have been watching for a decade and a half now is Big Brother. This is another great season full of twists and turns, such hard games and temptations with money prizes thrown along the way. For the 5th or so year in a row now, Big Brother has been bringing back a fan favorite from a past season. This year they brought back Paul who was the runner up finalist last year. Paul is so likable, with a fun and quirky personality, very smart too and a tough competitor both mentally and physically. Well Big Brother is already half-way through and Paul has been pretty much ruling the house since day one. The thing is all these other house-guests are stupid enough to let him do so. Even when several other house-guests have been in power , what Paul says - goes. Before we know it , he is going to win this all thing and the other competitors only have their own self to blame.

- Our 9-day vacation came to an end this Monday. But we had so much fun. And for the most part, the weather was really nice. Sure, I would have preferred it to be 80 degrees or more but I will take 75-78 degrees and sunny, no rain. The hotel we stayed in was real nice. We don't like to splurge for expensive hotels during family vacations because 1] we don't have a lot of money to spend 2] we don't see it necessary 3] we rather spend money on other fun things like trying out new restaurants, traveling and experiencing new things and of course a little shopping. But the hotel we stayed in was very nice and had everything we needed. Our room had comfortable queen beds, a good size refrigerator, cable TV including HBO, a desk, an iron and ironing table, a hair dryer and a micro-wave. We did a little shopping and minimal simple cooking when necessary. The staff was nice and friendly and the breakfast bar was awesome and had everything. But the best part of this all was the beach. I loved laying for several days at a time on the sand, cozying up to a book. Below, I am sharing a few pictures from our vacation journey, this year. Enjoy!

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer Vacation: Cobalt with White.

We are returning from our New Buffalo, Michigan vacation today. We also visited Indiana and Chicago while on our trip. The weather was mostly nice and warm, usually about mid 70s but that didn't stop us from going to the beach every day, despite my awful cough and this cold I have been fighting. Vivian was sick too when we got there but her medicine has been doing its job and she feels much better, now. 

Of course as always with every vacation I over-packed . I didn't get to wear about one third of my pieces. I had another week's worth of outfits but I feel like I need to have options for these 7-10 day vacations we do each Summer. However I wore these Gorgeous Lace Scalloped Cobalt Shorts 3 times and this Pretty Long-Sleeve White+Blue Patterned Top (by SheIn) twice. On our second day there, I wore these two together and they worked out perfectly, on our way to the beach, with my Cobalt, Floral in-sole Flip Flops. This outfit turned out so cute and it was a great coverup option for my swimsuit. I also wore it for a breakfast by the beach restaurant we dined at. The "Life is Sweet" Floppy Hat was perfect both to accessorize this outfit with and to wear at the beach. What do you think of this look?! Have you been on a Summer Vacation yet?!