Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sage Green Sweater and Loft's Early Fall Sale.

Finally a new outfit post on this blog. This one was taken a few days after I chopped off my hair - I just cut off 2-3 inches and my hairdresser added a lot of layers to it, plus a fresh color, of course. I went darker, almost a full black, as far as the color goes. I wore this outfit on the first week of September, definitely when it was cool enough to wear sweaters because the last 10 days or so, the weather has been swimsuit-ready, tank tops, shorts and sundresses all the way. And yes, I am rocking Light Pastel Colors for early Fall, why not?!

I purchased this sweater in early Summer at Loft. It has a tulip open back and the color is between a mint and a sage green. It is light enough to wear all year long but especially for Spring, Summer nights and Autumn. Since it is still very early into Fall, I decided to wear the sweater with other pastels, such as my off-white/ivory skirt and my new pearl+crystal slip-on sneakers I recently bought at Target. My Mint Teardrop Crystal Earrings (from a year ago from Target) also matched the sweater and outfit quite well and dressed it up, a little. But speaking of this sweater which I love, Loft always has the best sweaters. Their Fall collection sweaters are to die for and a lot of them have fun backs like mine. As a matter of fact I ordered a few sweaters today since they have their "New and Now" 40% off sale going. On top of that, here is a code for you ladies - "INSIDER845" - that Loft e-mailed me, which you can add to your purchased of $100 or more in order to get an additional $25 off. But hurry because this sale and this code expires tomorrow night Sunday September 24th. Below on the widget I have listed my top 12 sweaters I am currently eyeing at Loft and I already picked up a few of these.

I have had this Lacy Off-White Crochet Lace Skirt in my closet since 3 summers ago and it from H+M. I would shop H+M a lot when I was living in Europe. They are a sister brand to Zara but more affordable. H+M always has the latest trends and many styles from everyday casual stay-at-home mom pieces to work-chic, tailored pieces. I love that this skirt is short but not quite a mini and just like the sweater, it can work for all seasons. Speaking of pretty skirts, once again LOFT is killing it this season in the skirt department. I actually own a lot of Loft skirts already. On the widget below you will find some of my favorite skirts from their "New and Now" sale that ends this Sunday. Gosh, if money grew on trees...

As you can see, black, maroon, deep burgundy, gray and navy are HUGE colors for Fall.

Millennial pink is the most worn and most popular color of this decade. Also known as dusty pink, baby pink, rose quartz or blush, this color is not going away anytime soon and I can see why - it is practically a neutral and looks great on everyone, despite the skin of their color, age, size, etc. I also think it is a great color for ALL seasons. It is a big color on clothes of course, but also accessories. I especially love it in bags and shoes. This year alone I have added 3 pairs of millennial pink sneakers to my closet, including this gorgeous pair which are a steal for about 28 bucks. These are Slip-On Sneakers in a satin material with encrusted crystals and pearls. Pearls on clothes and accessories are all the rage for Fall and Winter 2017. My gorgeous new slip-on sneakers are from the Mossimo line at Target and unfortunately I heard that Target will discontinue this line which sucks because I think they have cute things. Mossimo is a line for women (not juniors) but unlike the Merona line at Target (which will also be discontinued and replaced by "A New Day") has more youthful, on trend types of clothes so I am sad to see this line phase out soon. But pick up these shoes while you can. For reference they run true to size and I am wearing my regular size 6.5.

P.S. This just in: I received an insider e-mail that the "New + Now" 40% OFF Loft Sale was extended at least until Monday September 25th which is also the last day you can use Loft Cash ($25 each 50 bucks you spend), if you have any. That will make your purchases a steal! Run, do not walk to the nearest Loft, they have some gorgeous things right now.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday Thoughts and Quotes: Fall 2017 is officially here.

Usually on the third Thursday of each month, I do a "Thursday Thoughts" or "Thursday Thoughts and Quotes" post and just like that September is more than half-way over and it is ALREADY the third Thursday of September 2017, WOW!! Which means tomorrow Sept 22nd is the first official day of Fall. I don't have a lot of thoughts today since I reflected a little bit on my blog and life just on yesterday's Thursday Moda post so today I will share some beautiful Fall quotes and Fall images.

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- But first, as you all know I am a huge Big Brother fan. The finale was this Wednesday and the last few years they have had vets - players who have previously played before - join the next year's competition. This year Paul who made it to final two last year, also had a second chance. Paul is a great player and a fierce competitor and competition beast. But once again he did not win, just second place. And I was truly upset that he was robbed for a second time because he played an almost flawless game both years and two years in a row he got second place just by an extra vote because it was divided 5 to 4. However he lied a lot this year and the jurors that choose the winner were indeed very mad at him.

- One more thing before we move on to some awesome Fall quotes. Pantone launched its color of the year which in one simple 3-letter word is known as RED. They are calling it grenadine as in the famous red cherry juice they use to mix in drinks, called grenadine. Anyone that knows me well and if you visit this blog often, definitely knows that I love red and wear it a lot, for every season. My closet also has a lot of red so it won't be hard for me to keep wearing grenadine from now until the end of 2018. I am super excited about this color because I truly believe red is a color that suits everyone, even redheads.

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Image result for fall quotes

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Image result for fall quotes

Image result for fall quotes

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It   is   Fall   Y' All !!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thursday Moda #81: Reflections and Recaps for Fall.

Good morning ladies and happy almost Fall!! Though to tell you the truth Summer is not slowing down around here and the next few days once again the temperatures will be in the 90s. First of all, I am truly sorry I haven't been posting any new outfits since last week's Thursday Moda post, but these last couple of weeks have been so crazy busy for me. As a matter of fact 2017 has been a super busy year in general, I can only mange 3 to 4 posts a week most weeks and that is still too many sometimes. Is it just me?!

Anyway, between Vivian's start of preschool this Monday, my new work schedule (I start a lot earlier), going to bed early + waking up super early since I have to get myself and Vivian ready for the day and on top of that a lot of stuff and some work we are getting done at home, I have been running non-stop. I have been needing a good night's sleep more than ever before. To tell you the truth I have at least 20 or 25 outfits from the last few weeks that I have shot but haven't been editing any pictures, let alone blog them. It didn't help that tonight was the finale of both "America's Got Talent" and my absolute favorite "Big Brother" and I did see both mostly. I usually write most of my posts at night but it is getting close to midnight and in order for me to edit the pics of a new ootd today, link all the items, write up a nice post, add the pictures and blog everything in here in order to create a good, regular outfit post, it would take a good 3 hours and I have to wake up by 7.00 AM at the latest tomorrow. I need to sleep, I really do. So today, I am recapping/taking a look back at all my favorite Fall outfits previously shared on Thursday Moda days from Fall 2016. I figured with Fall officially entering the weather on September 22nd which is this Friday and less than 48 hours away, it is the perfect thing to do for today's post. Plus, most outfits I have shot lately are definitely Summery and don't feel Fall-ish at all. 



So, which of these outfits is your favorite?! My favorites are a toss-up between week 29 and week 40.

Again, I am sorry if I am slacking lately but life comes first, always. If you follow me on Instagram however you will get to see a lot more of my daily life especially through the Insta stories, because I post there almost every day and it is by far my most favorite social media site and the one I use the most so welcome by and follow me!

No favorites today cause like I said I am really short on time but I will be sharing my faves from last week's Thursday Moda linkup, on a weekend post. I always appreciate your comments, likes, feedback, encouragement and of course your compliments on sweet Vivian and I appreciate your support of my linkup, each week.


Now join the linkup and make some new friends!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Vivian's First day of Pre-School.

Today was Vivian's first day of school ever. She is a preschooler and this mama cannot believe it. Viv has a very long journey in front of her but I have absolute faith in her: she is intelligent, smart, witty and intuitive. She will do great! As a matter of fact her first day of school went real well. She chatted and made friends all day and she even drew a nice picture and made a beautiful craft paper (I will show you below, in a picture). To tell you the truth, words cannot truly explain the emotions I felt today - September 18th 2017 - her very first day of school. I was happy, joyful, nervous, scared, and in some ways it felt surreal. And if I am not lying, I cried a few minutes after I said goodbye to her and we hugged and kissed. 

This photo totally shows my girl sassy side and sparkly, fun personality! She is too cool!

Now I always have thought that choosing an outfit for the first day of school is important - a tradition I have personally loved each year when I started school. The first day of school is indeed important. I wanted an outfit that was new, comfortable, colorful and fun like my daughter and which represented her well. We both worked on putting her first-day-of-school outfit together. I picked out the skirt, hair barrettes and bow that matched her "Shimmer and Shine" graphic tee, which she chose on her own with two of her favorite characters from this Nickelodeon show. Viv also chose the shoes and socks - she always calls little ruffle-trimmed socks "ballerina socks". I think we did well. This outfit did indeed suit Vivian as a person, her girly style, the fact that she loves colors and it was also a warm day yesterday in the mid 70s so short sleeves and bare legs it was. But I think a very important detail of her outfit for her first day of school is hands-down the backpack. Absolutely love her White+Black Shimmery Panda Bear Backpack I found at Target from the incredibly cute Cat+Jack brand. It ios trimed with bright pink and it is also lined in bright pink. The size is perfect for Vivian too. What do you think of her outfit for the first day of pre-school?! If you have a pre-schooler, how did you feel when they started Pre-K and do you have any tips to make things easier for both them and you?! Any tips on changing and re-arranging your daily schedule?!

The pink craft paper hanging on the wall is what Vivian made on the first day of school. I am not surprised she chose a pink paper as that is her favorite color. She drew some things on it and decorated it with glitter, colorful pieces of paper and pom poms. 

Purple "Shimmer + Shine", Short-Sleeve Graphic Tee: Nickelodeon (New).
White Skirt w/ Baby Blue + Blush Stripes (comes with the tan belt): Carter's (New).
White+Black Polka Dot Panda Backpack: Cat + Jack via Target (New).
Purple + Teal Furry Pom Pom Barrettes (come in a pack of 6): Charming Charlie (New).
Teal Blue Big Bow Barrette (on her ponytail): Wal Mart (New).
White Lace-Ruffled Socks: Wal Mart.
Bright Pink+White Plastic Jelly Slip-on Sneakers: Natives.

Afterwards I took Vivian for a treat and we both ate Cold Stone ice-cream - neither one of us have had in months. It was yummy, cold and delicious. It was the perfect way to wrap my busy day of work and her long, busy first day of preschool.

I hope you all have a great new week and it is a wonderful, smooth first school week for my Vivi!! Cheers to Tuesday!