Tuesday, March 19, 2019

3 Things for March.

Saint Patrick's Day may be over but that doesn't mean your luck has to run out! Allright that was a bad pun. But, I decided to join LAURA from The Horton Family for the very first time today on her series "3 Things". Thanks Chrissy for introducing me to her. Since this month of March was also the month of 'the gold pot at the end of the rainbow' (think St. Paddy's), Laura's theme was a little luck-based. And it is Spring, the weather is warming up a little and flowers are starting to bloom. Why not feel lucky?! It was a high of 48 degrees here yesterday after all, and under the warm sun it felt even warmer. Ohh and I must say I love Laura's second question. We should always ask that question to ourselves, daily!

1. Yes and No. I believe in luck as far as games, gambling, lottery and money goes. Some people are just lucky, when it comes to winning things, finding things and such. I also think we all have some lucky items like lucky numbers. I have two numbers that have proven to be lucky for my my entire life. But in the big picture of it all I do not believe in luck. I believe we are more in power of our own luck and destiny than we think we are. We control our own fates to a certain degree. I also think the higher power above us is in control so at the end of the day try your best, do your best and let God handle the rest!

2. Great question Laura. The best question by far! My favorite thing about yesterday was that I surprised Vivian by picking her up from school (and I picked her up a little earlier) and had a spur-of-the-moment little dinner date with her. We later went to a bookstore where we bought 3 new books for her and read 3 others while there. It was the perfect day!

3. Number 3 is connected to number 2 question. Below are my last two photos from my phone, from our afternoon/evening date yesterday. A picture of me snapped by Vivian at the Bookstore Cafe we went to and a picture of the 3 beautiful, amazing books we picked for Vivian to add to her library. You can see more of our adventures from yesterday if you follow me on Instagram. I posted some photos and videos through the Instagram Stories and the last pictures on my feed are 10 photos (a little collage) of the day we spent together.

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

White, Leopard and Khaki for Work.

When Spring is close by I tend to look for ways to wear one of my pairs of white skinny jeans. I love them especially paired with neutrals or with pastel colors like periwinkle, soft pink, blush, mint and baby blue. As far as neutrals: tan, cognac, nude, olive green, grey, khaki, beige and leopard come in mind - because leopard is a neutral!

One of the ways to wear a pair of white skinny jeans is to style them with both a khaki piece and some leopard. You could also wear white skinny jeans to work as long as they are not see-through (these Zara pair isn't) and they are not distressed. I paired mine with a Chiffon See-Through Leopard Button-Down Blouse by Old Navy, worn with a nude tank-top underneath so that I don't flash anything unwanted. I have worn this outfit to work with a fully-lined Dressy, Modern, Khaki Jacket over it (it is by Banana Republic). On my drive to work I wore it with my Olive Green Studded Almond-Toe Suede Ballet Flats (also by Banana Republic) but for the office I switched into Nude Blush Patent Leather Pumps (mine are from Von Maur). I went for a bright pink lip, hair brushed off the side with a little barrette and of course that Gorgeous Heart Colorful Stone Necklace makes a huge statement as my main piece of jewelry. But on date night take this exact combo - white skinnies, leopard chiffon blouse, statement necklace and bright pink lipstick and pair the blouse with a black bra underneath. Also I would swap the flats or nude pumps for black patent leather pumps. Last, I would go for a little sexier eye makeup, like a little black eyeliner. This 'new' outfit with just some slight changes from this daytime, casual office look I showed you today, makes for a great nighttime, evening/date night look! Sexy yet polished without showing too much.  Have you ever worn White Skinny Jeans to work?! Do you like pairing white with khaki and leopard?! Are you willing to try it if you haven't?! Look for another version of these colors worn again this Spring, coming to a blog near you!

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thursday Moda #158: That Little Flicker - Poetry.

Hi you all. How is life and the weather in your parts of town?! I decided to post my newest, latest poem this day on Thursday Moda and I just wrote it. The style of this particular poetry is a little different. But it is full of emotions and raw feelings as usual and as with most of my poems there is hope at the end of this one, too. I decided to title it "That Little Flicker" and I love the metaphor of a flicker because it is such a beautiful colorful bird. Most flickers are gold and gold to me represents the color of the sun, it represents hope! I also think with the word "flicker" in its title, this poetry got some Spring inside it, both literally and figuratively. So, read on below to find out why I titled it like this. I hope you like it. Have a great day and an even greater weekend!

[7.25 A.M. March 14th 2019.]

Faces, races, events, things and places,
where we drive every day,
where we are and where we want to stay,
belonging to a universe bigger than reality,
feeling our hearts with grace and our souls with charity!

Beauty, honesty, guilt, truth and fantasy,
whatever we touch, touches us back,
we try to escape and run our own prison break,
I get the feeling that sometime we are scared savage,
we want peace of mind but that is often just an image!

Bravery, cavalierly, a good sense of humor, sex appeal and generosity,
these are the things we want to see in him,
our partner, our lover, the man to share our bed with,
that knight in shining armor that protects us,
the light at the end of the tunnel of the darkness we try to leave behind!

Friction, conviction, bent-up emotions, loosing our cool, commotion,
life has it all in this long street we walk,
we fail sometimes as we are giving it a shot,
but sometimes we succeed among the best of them all,
we take pride into our work and achieve results!

Wonder, wander, a sense of lust, physical connections and flounder,
we experience it all in this maze of  a life we walk into,
we get tired, we get lost, we get captured, we surrender,
we fall in love, we kiss, we have sex,
we become irate, irrational and insane!

But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger,
the grace of your spirit will take you far,
you won't feel the pain, uncertainty and loss any longer,
you will breathe a sign of relief,
you will aim to win, you will go far and further!

With that little flicker of hope in your eyes,
when you thought you hit rock bottom,
good things will bloom before you,
it is not the end of the rope, it is the start...
of a new beginning, a new hope to catch, a new sun to greet!

About 80 outfits were linked last week. I was attracted to edgier looks it seems. Oh and some bold and beautiful red dresses too. There is a lot of red in my collage, below. Also, notice how a couple of these ladies chose to wear cute socks peeking from either their pumps or their booties. Well done!

Elise is 'St. Patty's Day Festive' in that over-the-shoulder emerald green tunic paired with a designer bag and skinny jeans tucked into camel boots. I am loving the combo of camel with green!
My friend Amy shared a 'Grace Karin Red Hot Dress' which she paired elegantly with all black and that bold, chunky, cluster pearl necklace.
Mica shared not one but two dresses with scarves in her post and I had a hard time choosing which one to feature. But ultimately the feather print won me over. That is a good way to wear 'Scarves for the Office'.
Christine perfectly showed us 'How to Wear Wide Leg Jeans the French Chic Way'. It was the right way to pair those two-tone pumps with little fishnet socks and add a wallet belt to her classic herringbone blazer. Plus the French cap was a nice little nod to her roots!
Leave it to Shelbee to look like a million bucks in a 'Little Red Dress Event'. Her entire outfit was under $50 but looked super expensive while being fun, bold, edgy, sexy and classy too!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pretty Tulip Blouse.

Sometimes - in my case at least 2-3 times a week, usually - we wear a cute outfit but have no time to take pictures of it, at least nice photos that do justice to the outfit. The day I wore this outfit was exactly a month ago. I wore it to work and to dinner afterwards, but I was in a rush to get my camera out and take (proper) photos. Plus taking pics outside wasn't an option since it was under 20 degrees. Therefore, I took these selfies with my phone and I decided to do an outfit blog post because though it is hard to tell, this is a super cute outfit with complimentary colors. I am wearing a Dark Teal Faux Suede Mini Skirt with pockets (by Loft) and I tucked in this Pretty Navy Chiffon Tulip-Print Blouse (by Ann Taylor). On the bottom I have on Thick Textured Black Tights (by Loft) and my Grey Wedge Oxford Booties are (by Target). My booties are also in a faux suede and I love the textures I have going on in this outfit between both suede-s, the chiffon of the blouse and the texture of the tights. My makeup was on point that day too. I got on a Bright Fuchsia Lipstick and these Fun Dangly Green Stone Earrings. They would be perfect for Saint Patrick's Day, no?! This outfit is worth repeating and taking proper photos of, but until then I hope you like this post and in the widget below I have similar pieces you can re-create this look with. =) Happy Hump Day!!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Black and Tan for Winter, Round Two.

Black and Tan for Winter is not unusual, unique or a mind-blowing combination lol. But it is  put-together, chic, perfectly-neutral and a good monochrome look to wear, when the Winter doldrums have captivated your spirit and your closet. However, there is nothing bad about this look, even if it is simple. It is full of street-chicness and modern European style. And pairing black and tan doesn't have to be boring. You can feel like a 'style genius' - meaning looking put-together and oh-so-stylish - even if your colors are dark, Wintery or neutral. It is always about how you wear your clothes, not as much about what you wear! Whether you are walking the streets of New York, Paris, Rome, Prague, Toronto, Boston or Tokyo, being a little tourist in an all-black look featuring Black Skinny Jeans, a Black+White Striped Cozy+Warm Wool Turtleneck Sweater, Classic Little Gold Stud Earrings and some Knee-High Cognac Riding Boots (that are made for walking) all paired with Elegantly-Brushed Hair and Polished but Simple Makeup, is indeed a great outfit full of classic, timeless pieces, don't you agree?! How have you worn Black and Tan this Winter?! Let me know in the comments.

You may also remember this outfit (above) when I did Black and Tan for Winter, round one. Sorry for the indoor photos once again but it is still very much Wintery here in Michigan though it will get much warmer this week.