Poetry - You Learned to Become Unstoppable!

Once upon a time, I used to write a lot. I would mostly write poetry, but some prose and essays too. I'd say I would write 50/50 in both my native language Albanian and in my second language, English. Then, for a few years I didn't really have a lot of inspiration, I don't know why. I almost never wrote again. It just wasn't easy for me. Maybe it was a lack of time, an inability to put the right thoughts into words or a combination of both. But this year especially I have started writing again and I actually wrote this poetry (below) last night. I think most - if not all - of us can find ourselves in at least some parts of this poetry.

Relationships are super hard. Whether they are in their first stages: I am talking feeling giddy, feeling those butterflies in your stomach, sharing that first kiss; or if they are serious and you have been at it for many years - I am talking long partnerships, living together and marriages. I think everyone learns and grows with each relationship they have in their lives, even from something as meaningless as a one-night stand. Everyone can learn something different from each relationship. And that's what makes our lives more fulfilling and more meaningful too. Relationships are hard but they are necessary. They bring us joy. And some bring pain and despair too, that is true. But don't ever stop finding that person who loves you and accepts you with all of your vices, flaws and insecurities. Don't ever give up on love even when a previous relationship left a bad taste in your mouth. There is another person out there willing to make you feel amazing again! Trust me!

I also figured with Valentine's day coming up on Wednesday this is as good time as ever for me to show you this poem. It is dedicated to love and couples (and vulnerable women), after all...

Without further adieu, here is the poetry I wrote last night. Hope you like it. =)

You  Learned  to  Become  Unstoppable!
(February 11th 2018)

You learned to love, to fall and to get up again,
within mountains of pain,
inside the sins of your molecules,
you learned to make love…

You called him by name
but you also made up names for him,
you loved him as he was,
you accepted him from outside-in!

You learned what it felt to feel the passion
that tickles the depth of your skin,
you learned to breathe
when he touched you just the right way…

You learned to kiss like in a fairytale,
soft pink lips and full of desire,
you learned to find the force and beauty
that made you the woman he is enamored with…

You understood his needs and followed his tracks,
you learned to keep him and hold him tight,
you became the woman he desires,
you became the goddess he makes love to.

You became the woman he dreamed of waking up next to,
the woman he checked out the first moment your eyes met,
the woman he wanted in his life,
the perfume he desired to be awoken next to.

You became his lady, his woman, his lover,
you became the little slut he seeks in bed,
you became his arm, his leg and his air,
you breathed his oxygen and he breathed yours.

The two of you became one,
a couple, a pair of sweet birds,
a hot and bothered game of sex,
a sea of kisses full of climax!

The two of you became a pair,
as you learned each others’ flaws and needs,
the two of you became a king and a queen,
a history of notes between a piano and a pentagram!

You learned to love and be loved for real,
you learned to follow your heart,
you learned what it really means to feel,
what it also means to be hurt!

You learned from him and he learned from you,
with every sunset and every sunrise,
you learned to become unstoppable
unstoppable in his arms, inside his body, in his embrace!


  1. It's nice that you found your voice again Ada!! Writing and creating can be so good for the soul, glad you shared your talent!!

    1. Thank you so very much. You put it so well "I found my voice" And I agree that writing is good for the soul!

  2. Wow, Ada! This is absolutely stunning, beautiful, and breathtaking. Painfully accurate and romantically brilliant. I love every word, every image, all the depth of understanding that you revealed here. I am so glad you found your poetic voice again. And so much of our creativity comes from our joy and our pain and the combination of both. You have harnessed all the emotions in such a concise and powerful way! Please keep writing!

    Hugs to you, my friend.


    1. Thank you so very very much Shelbee. Just beautiful heartfelt words and I know you meant every single one of them. Thank you for recognizing my talent and for enjoying this little poetry.

  3. Such a beautiful poem Ada. I used to write poetry too, but it's been so long since I have. This poem speaks to me as I have recently divorced. I am now trying to get out there and find that person who truly sees me. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement to keep going. And I will encourage you to keep writing. Your poetry is wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much. We have already talked after you left this comment but I wanted to say thanks again. And go out there and find your man, babe! I will most definitely continue writing. Check out tomorrow's post Feb 21st. ;-)


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