Recapping My Style from 2017: #bestnine Looks.

I only joined Instagram last year so I am still new-ish to Instagram but I love their #bestnine hashtag they came up with. I also love seeing everyone's #bestnine hashtags as everyone counts their best special moments of the year they are leaving behind. So, since the year is wrapping up by the minute here, I am going down memory lane and counting My Most Favorite Outfits of 2017 that I blogged, because in all honesty I haven't blogged over 40 outfits I wore in 2017 (due to not having time - story of my life). If I could describe my #bestnine collage in just a few words they would be: cute skirts, red, floral and LBDs. 

As a matter of fact if I could describe my style in terms of what I wore the most in 2017, the top 9 words I would use are: athleisure, skirts, dresses, little red dresses, little black dresses, floral, leggings, sneakers and accessories. Everyone that knows me and my style well, knows that I am a huge fan and wear a lot of dresses and skirts, so (even though it was very very hard to narrow it down to these 9 looks) it is no shock that my top 9 favorite looks feature just that: dresses and skirts. It shouldn't come as a shock to no one either that I love a pretty floral and that my most favorite color is red. Also, I wasn't surprised to see that several of these outfits belong to festive shoots like our Mommy+Mini Easter postcards or special occasions and collaborations like the Wedding Look for Fall and the Wedding Look for the Holiday Winter Wedding. Also, both of those adorable skirt outfits from Summer were part of my "30 for 30 Summer Remix" where I picked 30 pieces to style into 30 outfits all worn during Summer. Like I said I wore many adorable skirts in 2017 but by far the two below are my favorites. I also knew (without looking at each OOTD post of every month) that those two skirt outfits would be part of my favorite nine looks. I remember both of those outfits vividly and loved them both so much! As far as brands and stores, I wore a lot of pieces from Loft and Target this year as they are my top 2 places I shop at. As a matter of fact with the exception of the red gown, all the other 8 looks feature clothes by either Target or Loft. So read on to find out WHY I chose each of these 9 looks as my favorites.

February 2017.

Outfit #1
My one-year Thursday Moda Linkup post was a special one featuring not one but two posts. Both were style posts and both featured red dresses. The first post was a celebration with my daughter Vivian and you will see that first outfit (in my other Fashion recap post for 2017 coming in) early January. Since the Oscars were around the corner and part two of my one year anniversary of my linkup "Thursday Moda" was a celebration with some of my blogger friends, I decided to style a Gorgeous Red Chiffon Gown. This Plunging Halter Gown fits me like a glove and I accessorized it with a Fun Trendy Black Choker, Long Cluster Statement Crystal Earrings, a few Fun Bracelets, my Fan-Shaped Metallic Clutch and my Sparkly Iridescent Silver Heeled Sandals. It was also warm-ish for February (in the 50s) so I wasn't freezing when I shot this outfit which got a lot of comments and views both on my blog and on my Instagram account. My blogger friends really loved this look too, especially the shoes and the dress.

April 2017.

Outfit #2
I am a huge fan of "Who What Wear" from Target and worn a lot of their pieces this year. I happen to own several of their floral pieces like this matching pencil skirt, blouse and purse combo. Each of these Marigold Floral Pieces: pencil skirt, bag and blouse were worn and blogged several times this year. But my absolute favorite outfit I created is when I paired all these three pieces together, faking a dress. The blouse tucked into the skirt plus the matching Retro-Style Bag and the Tortoise Heel, Black Suede Pumps were perfectly chic and super elegant to create an Office Look.

Outfit #3
For the past couple of years, I have gotten together with a few of my favorite Mommy Bloggers to create stylish and adorable Mommy+Me Christmas and Easter Postcards. This past Spring this special collaboration post featured my Girly Cold-Shoulder Baby Blue Pinstriped Midi Dress which I paired with a Beautiful Lavender Floral Crown. My sweet girl Vivi accompanied me in a Mint Embroidered Midi Dress with her Chiffon Swiss Dot White Bunny Ear Headband. I paired my dress with Cognac Tassel-Detail Suede Stiletto Sandals while Vivian wore some Millennial Pink Suede Moccasin-style Sneakers. I love how well we coordinated in pastels yet our outfits don't match. I also love our Mommy+Me photos from this post. One of my favorites if not my most favorite shoot with Vivian from 2017.

May 2017.

Outfit #4
The prettiest, most feminine dress I purchased and wore in 2017, was hands-down this Beautiful Toile-Print Floral Cold-Shoulder Beauty from Loft. The combination of coral over an ivory background is so pretty and girly. I also love the midi length of this silky dress and it went so well with those Nude Laceup Stiletto Sandals and Ivory Mini Bucket Bag. I added color pops with my Hot Pink Sunglasses, Fuchsia Lips and Turquoise Crystal Drop Earrings. 

Outfit #5
Another Loft dress paired with the same Nude Sandals as the Toile Coral Floral Dress. This pretty Gingham Dress is also by Loft and I dressed it up this time with Bright Colorful Tassel Earrings and that Fun Woven Blue Clutch (plus the heels), but it is the perfect dress to wear casually with sneakers or flat sandals too. The Double-Buckle Tan Belt was a great accessory to cinch the waist with. I would also love it with a denim jacket or a moto jacket. I remember I loved this outfit in real life as much as I did in photos and got lots of compliments from people who saw me wearing it. 

June 2017.

Outfit #6
This fun athleisure look was one of the first outfits I created with my "30 for 30" remixing pieces this Summer. It is definitely French-Inspired and Super Cute and Mom-Friendly. That "Tres Chic" Graphic Tee is awesome and you can never go wrong with some Crisp, White Leather Sneakers or a Pleated Skirt for that matter. Better yet if that skirt is in a beautiful blush shade of pink. But I also loved the way I tied my Silky Scarf and that I picked a longer scarf than the typical kerchief scarves you can tie around the neck. My daughter's dentist and two of my friends I saw that day, also loved this look and I felt fabulous wearing it.

September 2017.

Outfit #7
I also felt fabulous wearing this dress, which was worn to an early Fall wedding. Floral dresses with ruffle details were all the rage in 2017 and I added a few more to my ever-growing collection. You all loved this Long-Sleeve Red Floral Ruffled-Sleeve Dress. You were surprised it was from "Who What Wear". As a matter of fact this post was one of my most clicked and most viewed posts all of 2017 and this dress was one of the most purchased pieces in 2017, you all bought using my links. I love how I styled this dress and I love how the entire "The September Issue" multi-blogger collaboration turned out. My blogging friends and I all nailed the Fall Wedding Outfits.

October 2017.

Outfit #8.
Apparently skirts+sneakers were a thing for me in 2017 and why not - it is such a cute and fun combo with a girly twist. Hands down the most-complimented outfit you loved from 2017 was this one. You complimented this look so much both on my blog and on my Instagram account. You loved the unique way I styled that Oatmeal Sweater Vest and how effortless, fresh, sporty and chic this outfit felt. I say in terms of street-style this is my favorite outfit from 2017 and I am so proud of how it turned out. Who knew Light Baby Pink Canvas Sneakers and a Khaki Button-Front Cargo Skirt would look so darling together?! 

December 2017.

Outfit #9.
This is not the only LBD I wore in 2017 and it isn't the only LBD in a midi length either but it is my favorite Little Black Dress I wore this year and I love how I styled it. This was an outfit from December where I often style and wear a lot of Holiday Looks. I usually have several Holiday December Outfits I love so again I had a hard time choosing but I knew this outfit would make it into the #bestnine collage. I mean a Black Velvet Dress in a Classic Style paired with Sexy and Classy Blush Pink+Black Velvet Stiletto Pumps - what is not to love?! My hair and makeup turned out great here too. This outfit was part of "The Holiday Series" collaboration that I put together with my blogging friends and it was the Holiday Winter Look challenge.

I had such a fun time looking back at ALL of my Most Favorite Outfits I wore in 2017. I hope you enjoyed my #bestnine looks and I'd also like to know from you: which are your favorite 2-3 outfits from the ones I recapped here?! Two more thorough Fashion recaps are coming in January where I will show you the rest of my favorite looks.

My First Outfit Post of 2018 will be Tuesday January 2nd where I will co-host my friend Shelbee's first linkup of the year!

I wish you all a very Happy, Fun, Cheerful and Safe New Year's Eve!! Happy New Year 2018!!


  1. So many great looks, Ada! I really do love red on you, too. I can see why it is your favorite color! Wishing you a very Happy New Year, my friend!


    1. Thanks for adding this post to my #SpreadTheKindness Link Up!


  2. 1st,2nd,5th,8th outfits are my favourite ones.

    Happy New Year.


  3. Your WHO What Where look with greys was probably my most favourite !!!
    HNY Ada.

  4. I love your nine looks - you wear dresses so well beautiful Ada!

  5. Ada, those jewel colours are fabulous on you! Love it. Mimi xxx

  6. These outfits were fabulous! Can't wait to see what you come up with in 2018

  7. I love every one of these outfits Ada! Here's to another fabulously stylish year! THanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  8. I think these might be my favorites of yours from this year, too! These outfits turned out wonderfully!

  9. You got lots of gorgeous outfits last year dear. Love your me and my mini-me photos! Your mini-me is just sooo adorable!

    Jessica |

  10. You're so pretty! I love the last black velvet dress. It's so classy and definitely versatile. Very cute style!

    Posh Classy Mom


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