Thursday Moda #65: Pattern Plays in White.

May is usually the month to start wearing lots of white. But white can be dangerous (easy to spill alert) and hard to pull off (especially head to toe). I am myself doing an almost head to toe white, casual mom on the go look today, however I have a few patterns for a good mixture. I call it "Pattern Plays in White". And yes if you are counting I am wearing three patterns: the "Hello", Black+White Striped Graphic Sweatshirt, Floral White+Blue Tassel Scarf  and Black Floral Sunglasses.

I first saw this amazing "Hello There" Sweatshirt from Old Navy on the every-time stylish Katie from Hello Katie Girl and I literally went to my local store the next day but didn't find it. However, a week later I found only one and it was a small - my size. Though I own a few Old Navy sweatshirts and I want to say half of mine are an XS and half are an S size. I have worn the sweatshirt about 4 or 5 times since two months ago when I purchased it but never was able to shoot the photos. My Nude Canvas Sneakers are also new-ish and I love them. I have worn them about 6-7 times in the few weeks I have owned them but once again haven't photographed them, unfortunately. My Lovely Spring Scarf sort of has a motif floral/paisley print mostly in navy and purple over a white background. The entire diameter of it is covered in these navy tassels which are pretty big. My scarf was on and off all day that day but it is the cutest scarf from Loft (also recent). It was a day of shopping, playground and lunch for Vivian and I, the Sunday I wore this outfit. Speaking of Loft and shopping, we did exactly that - shop at Loft - that day. I have added so many beautiful new pieces from Loft to my wardrobe. I have already worn several but only photographed a few. Anyhow, I am starting a 30 piece capsule wardrobe remix soon and it will include a lot of my newer pieces from both Loft and Old Navy - I cannot help it, I love both of those stores, so much! Have you worn any Cute Sweatshirts or Cute Sneakers lately?! How have you styled them?!

On a totally unrelated note, I am typing this after watching the revival/new version of the movie "Dirty Dancing" that just aired on ABC. "Dirty Dancing" is one of of my old-time favorite movies. Anyhow on a scale from 1 to 10 I would rate it a 4 at the most. The movie was cute and stuck to the original story but the two main characters could and should have been played by different actors. I love Abigail Breslin usually but she couldn't be more wrong for this role. Her character of Baby looked like a very frumpy 14-year old kid in unflattering matronly dresses and high-waisted pants paired with knotted blouses, which added at least another 10 lbs to her already round figure. I think the lovely and super talented Julianne Hough would have made the perfect Baby. I didn't like Debra Messing in the role of the mom either - so frozen and dry. I did love the portrayers that played Baby's sister and father especially - he was an amazing actor. Nicole Scherzinger in the role of Penny was unexpected but she did OK. Long story short, the originals are always almost 100 times better. In this case no one could ever beat Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze together unlike the two lead actors from the 2017 who had no chemistry together. Did any of you watch the new version of "Dirty Dancing" last night?! If so, what did you think?! Unimpressed, right?

Black+White Striped "Hello There" Relaxed, French Terry Graphic Sweatshirt: Old Navy (New) (identical, on Huge Sale, I love it!), (similar, Steal), (similar, Small Splurge, my Favorite).
White w/ Navy+Purple Ethnic Floral Print Light Scarf w/ Navy Tassels: Loft (New) (very similar, love this), (similar, Steal), (similar, Splurge, my Favorite).
White Skinny Jeans w/ Zipper details on the back, in the middle: Zara (similar, Steal), (similar, on Sale, love these), (similar, Small Splurge, my Favorite).
Black Floral, Wayfarer Style Sunglasses: c/o Glasses Attack from Albania (similar, Steal), (similar, Fantastic Deal, love these), (very similar, Great Deal), (similar, Splurge, my Favorite).
Silver Sparkly Crystal "Ayana" Statement Necklace: Perry Street via Rocksbox (New) (similar, Steal, love this), (quite similar, my Favorite), (similar, Great Deal).
Light Crystal Beaded Earrings w/ Navy+Black Beads: White House Black Market (similar, Steal), (similar floral option, on Huge Sale, my Favorite), (elegant option, Splurge, my Favorite).
Nude/Light Beige Canvas Laceup Sneakers: Journey's (New) (very similar, Steal, love these), (similar, Great Deal, my Favorite), (similar dressier option, Splurge).

And of course, today is linkup day and on last week's Thursday Moda about were linked up. If I could describe my favorites this week, three things come to mind: bold stripes, bright colors and pretty florals. Stay tuned below and check out these beauties! And, I also wanted to let you know that I am looking for co-hosts for Thursday Moda. It is a great way to promote your blog, add readers, discover new bloggers you'll love and it is all FREE!! Let me know if you are interested and we can e-mail one another. My e-mail address is under my contact information, or you can leave me a comment here. =) 
This week's featured blogger is SABINA from I've Got Sunshine and in this particular post she linked up a rainbow of tulips featuring a stunning red maxi dress and matching floral crown, and this outfit and photos couldn't suit the name of her blog, better. Sabina's maxi dress with the sexy open back is certainly beautiful in such a ravishing red shade and red is my favorite color. I love her floral crown equally. But look at the artistic, scenic photos from her post guys. It is like she posed for Harper's Bazaar. The prettiest photo-shoot ever in the prettiest, brightest, most colorful sea of tulips I have ever seen and tulips are some of my most favorite flowers. Sabina is new to my linkup, she has only been linking for a few weeks, but I have already featured one of her outfits before and it is my pleasure to introduce her and her amazing blog as my Featured Blogger of the week. She is one of those girls that can wear anything and everything and look amazing all the time. Plus she is as pretty as a model. Make sure you stop by her beautiful blog, today.

Jen is expecting baby #5, but boy is she a stylish mom in her red+tan 'Color Block Dress' with 3/4-sleeves in a flattering length.
Ruth is another mama styling '70s Stripes' in a versatile and classy navy/cognac/ivory maxi wrap dress. Her brown retro pumps and all the fringe between the bag and necklace complete the 70s bohemian look.
Lydia is carrying the it bag of the moment which is 'Bigger Than a Bread Basket' but matches the perfect straw fedora and both are pretty extras to a white+bright floral dress.
Carrie's 'Mother's Day Outfit' is a pretty off-shoulder chambray dress featuring beautiful embroidery floral across the chest. Love her royal blue lace-up flats.
Sarah's 'Striped Jumpsuit' has vibrant aqua stripes and trendy cold-shoulder sleeves. Love her hot pink accessories with it - I missed out on those fabulous sandals!

Now join the linkup and make some new friends!

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  1. I am enjoying this casual look today. Who doesn't love a cozy sweatshirt that can also be stylish?!? I am glad I didn't waste time watching the Dirty Dancing redo last night and from your review, along with FB friends I think I'll just go to the original in I have an hour and a half to watch something. :) Happy Thursday!


  2. You look lovely Ada!
    I haven't seen the latest Dirty Dancing - but I would imagine that nothing could ever beat the original anyway!
    Suzy xx

  3. I love your post today! Everyone is enjoying stripes this season and you have styled them perfectly! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

  4. That is such a cute sweatshirt, and I'm loving the pattern mixing! I didn't watch the Dirty Dancing revival, and after all the negative review I've been hearing, I'll probably skip it! Have a great weekend.

  5. Even your sunnies are a mix of patterns. Cute! LauriePOP Ideas That POP

  6. Oh I'm loving that sweatshirt Ada, it's so fun!! Now you've got me wanting it too :) I could never bring myself to watch the new Dirty Dancing. The old one is quite possibly my very favorite movie, so I know that I'd have a hard time liking the new one!

  7. Love the old one so much I just can't watch the new one. You look fab ada!!

  8. Love the old one so much I just can't watch the new one. You look fab ada!!

  9. Ada, your sunglasses are so much fun!

  10. Oh I'd wear that cool sweater in a heartbeat.

  11. Love how you kept the background neutral and let these prints shine! Very cute!

  12. I didn't watch the dirty dancing revival, but most people I know said it was horrible. I think I might refrain from watching because I love the original so much and I don't want to be upset, haha!

    Your outfit is so adorable. I can't wait to see what you come up with for your capsule wardrobe!


  13. Oh thank you for the feature! I have a black and white striped sweatshirt and love wearing white jeans like this!

  14. I can never get enough white! The sweatshirt is so cute - always lovely when something pops back in stock in just your size!
    Chic on the Cheap

  15. Such a fun sweatshirt! Glad you found it. Loving the jeans with it.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  16. White outfits with pops of patterns and/or color is always a favorite of mine! Happy Thursday, Ada!

    Trendy & Tidy

  17. What a fresh clean sporty look! Like it!

  18. Loving the stripes here, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  19. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies of all time, so IMO No body can touch it, so I did not plan on watching it :-) I love your white pants and fun scarf!

  20. I love your sweatshirt - it's so cute! Oh man I thought the remake was terrible - why on earth they would butcher that movie is beyond me!

  21. Thanks for hosting and the reminder. Great look, love your stripy top :)

  22. Such a great casual look with so many fabulous that gorgeous scarf!!! xo Susan

  23. Great look! Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party.

  24. This sweatshirt is adorable on you!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  25. Thank you Ada for inviting me to join the linkup. Just linked up some posts.
    Love your style.


  26. Love your pattern mixing! Perfect spring look!


  27. Great sweatshirt! I love your floral print scarf and sunnies!

    Emma xxx

  28. Oh my goodness, how on earth did I miss this?? I can't thank you enough, Ada, for the feature and the beautiful words - it truly means the world to me! I'm so glad you found my photos worthy of this feature! <3
    I love your style too and I find myself finding inspiration through your posts as well! Here, I love how you made this casual white outfit stand out and mixed the stripes with the floral scarf - how pretty! xo
    Thank you so much again for all your support, dear Ada - you'll always have mine as well! <3

    Sabina | I've Got Sunshine


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