Currently, February 2017.

The first Wednesday of each month, the fabulous ANNE of Anne In Residence who has a great life+style blog, hosts a fun monthly linkup called "Currently". She comes up with 5 prompts (verbs) of what we are up to for that particular month and since this is February, some are cravings or love-related. Read on below as to what is expected of me to do this February 2017. Happy February you all!

packing: nothing, well nowhere to go at least soon so I am not packing for any vacation. But I do want to pack and have been packing away many clothes of mine and Vivian's that I am either giving away, getting rid of, donating or selling. The struggle is real: too many clothes, little time to wear them and little room for all of them. 

jonesing: for a juicy piece of steak like a filet mign on with a zip butter sauce over it and some sweet baked potatoes on the side. Of course I would accompany it with a delicious glass (or two) of Cabernet or Pinot Noir. My mouth is watering as I am typing this. Seriously though I have had meat red recently, but it has been a long while since I have had steak and it is OK to splurge on it every now and then. 

texting: my dad was the last person I texted and that was last night. Even-though I am only a 30-something and I am attached to my cell-phone like most people, I don't use it to text that much. I send/receive about 10 to a dozen texts a day, some days none even and fewer days there will be more. I am just not the texting type I guess (if I can call it that). 

reading:  I could say I was reading a book right now but I am not. January has been such a busy month I haven't even written on my planner/calendar (barely). I do plan on checking out some new books at my local library, soon, though. Wish me luck that I get some reading done soon, also I welcome any and all kind of book suggestions! Thank you. 

hearting: my daughter Vivian and the way she talks. Her personality comes out more and more each month and my newly-four year old learns new words and their meanings every day. She is so funny. I have so much time with her when I am not working and I post some of that on my Instagram stories so make sure you follow us (I say "us" because the Instagram account is as much mine as it is my daughter's).

There will be lots of pink, bourdeaux, red, white, coral, purple and lavender styled in this blog of mine this month of February, inspired by the 'holiday' of Love - February 14th. But February is also "the heart disease for women" month and women all around the world wear red for that so the second part of this month I will focus on wearing more red than usually - it is after all my most favorite color. Meanwhile, let's take a peak down memory lane with two outfits I have styled at this time of the year a year ago, two years ago and and three years ago. You will notice that I was transitioning into February and Valentine's with reds, pinks, purples and burgundies. =)

A simple, casual way I wore Red (over Gray) and two knits: a sweater dress topped with a cardigan sweater as a pre-Valentine Outfit. I matched my Scrunchy Mid-Calf Gray Boots to my Gray Sweater Dress, kept the look simple with Semi-Opaque Black Tights and dressed it up a bit with a long set of Pearls, knotted. I think an outfit like this is easy, put-together while still comfortable and timeless. Let's face it you can wear a version of this outfit every Winter.

A simple way to transition a Baby Pink Cardigan from a Casual Mom Wear Look (left) to a Polished Office Look for work (right). In the more casual mom look I am wearing Skinny Ivory+Black Ponte Pants which have a Rose design in them and layered my cardigan over a Nude Chiffon Blouse which has Gold Studs. While for the work look I wore Classic, Boot-Cut, Black Dressy Pants and my cardigan is underneath my Hot Pink Velvet Blazer. I am wearing Oxford Shoes with both outfits: Black+Navy Patent Leather Oxford Loafers for the mom look and Brown Faux Suede+Patent Leather Wedge Oxfords for the work look.

A Mommy+Me look for late January which was the first Outfit post of February last year. My next style post will be a Mommy+Mini Valentine-inspired post and there will be several of those this February. I remember this one from last year very well because we both mixed+matched Leopard and Blues and we both wore Ponchos. By the way, both of our booties are in leopard print. It was hard taking photos of the two of us together with our timer on the camera though. Vivian was one very active 3-year old. I happen to think that leopard and florals are the two best patterns you can wear for Valentine's day. What do you think?!

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  2. That pink velvet blazer is gorgeous! Thanks for linking up :-)

    Emma xxx

  3. Ada, thanks so much for linking up with my #SpreadTheKindness link up! I just wanted to let you know that this post is a featured favorite on my new blog post! Thanks for always inspiring us!



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