Thursday Moda #38 and Little White Dresses for Fall.

Welcome and Happy Thursday! Thursdays around here, are always dedicated to 'Moda' (which means "Fashion" in my mother tongue, Albanian) so come join my linkup at the bottom of this post, why won't you?! シ And, thank you.

For the third week in a row on "Thursday Moda" I bring you A] a Dressy Thanksgiving Dinner type of outfit and B] another (New) Cherry Print Item. Last week I styled a Cherry Print Dress by Loft and the previous week I styled a Cherry Print Skirt by J. Crew. Today I am styling a Cherry Print Pussy Bow Blouse by Loft underneath my Eyelet Little White Dress which I am showing you how to wear it for Fall. The beautiful and smart ROXANNE from Glass of Glam is returning today to co-host with me. Earlier in the Summer we styled the same Flared Eyelet White Dresses as today. Roxanne is a fabulously stylish lawyer (who just passed the bar - Congrats!!) ailing from Washington D.C. This girl is beautiful inside out and I am happy to call her my blogging friend as well as a pen pal. Both of us today are proof that a LWD is indeed a hot item for Fall, even if it is in a light eyelet material. You can check Rox's outfit more in detail, here.

When I thought about how to re-style this Little White Dress for Fall, the bow blouse underneath it, wasn't my first idea in mind. But I had just bought the blouse (pussy bow blouses are my favorite styles) and loved it and I somehow wanted to incorporate another cherry print into my outfit, this week. On the other hand, I wanted to show you all that you can wear a mostly white look for Fall, still. And I mean a Crisp White, not just Winter White. I always love the combination of Black and White so with the White Dress as my main canvas, adding the Off-White Cherry Print Bow Blouse underneath and the Off-White/Soft Blush Pumps, I decided to highlight it with black by adding some Black Patterned Tights and a Black Crossbody Bag. The Black Accessories also brought out the black cherries on the blouse and the beautiful piping on the bow. The pattern of the tights too is almost identical to the cut-out eyelet pattern of this dress (it is all about those little details that make an outfit). Then, once my new Moto Jacket from Shein arrived, I knew it would be the perfect topper to my Dressy Outfit. The color is gorgeous, it is between Camel and Pepper. Or Potter's Clay like Pantone named it. This jacket from Shein is pretty and well-made. I loved the color even more in person and the Faux Suede Material is so soft. You can get your own here. Please remember to size up. I ordered the Large. There is so much texture in this outfit between the Layered Eyelet, Chiffon Blouse and Micro Suede Jacket and I love it. It reads Fall to me! How would you style a Summery White Eyelet Dress for Fall?!

Here is a closeup of the tights next to the dress. Aren't the paisley-looking patterns almost identical?
Below is a flashback photo from back in August on when Roxanne and I styled our LWDs for Summer.
Then (Summer)

And Now (Fall)
Black Leather Mini Cross-body Bag w/ Large Tassel: Gap (New) (very similar, Huge Steal), (similar, Steal, love this), (similar saddle style, Great Deal, my Favorite), (similar, Splurge).
Dangly Light Aqua Earrings w/ Long Oval-Shaped Crystal Stones: Loft (New) (similar, Steal), (similar, Great Deal, love these), (fancy option, on Sale, my Favorite).
Black Paisley Patterned, Semi-Opaque Tights: The Limited (similar, Steal), (similar in floral, my Favorite), (similar, Splurge).

Last week 128 beautiful Fall and some between Summer+Fall Outfits were linked up. That is a lot - thank you all! In the last couple of weeks, I have seen a few new faces in my linkup. The bloggers featured today are mostly new faces during Thursday Moda's Favorites/Features. I couldn't narrow it down to 4 or 5 looks, so you get 8 instead. Thanksgiving is next week, after all. What do these featured beauties have in common you say?! Layers, Cozy Sweaters, Boots+Booties. Oh and they all look great!
This week's featured blogger is SARAH from Trendy & Tidy who linked up a very fashionable style post where she styled Different Plaid Pieces into 6 different everyday Fall outfits, and each one was gorgeous. I particularly loved the two featured above. I have seen this particular plaid post of Sarah's featured on so many linkup posts this week and I can see why. Not only is Sarah gorgeous and extremely stylish but she is also a very tidy, organized lady. I just wish I had more time to comment and let her know how much I love her blog. She has only been blogging for a little over a month but her blog has become a favorite of mine as a source of inspiration for everyday chic style and beautiful organized spaces/home. She recently did another "Trendy Tuesday" similar to the plaid one, but with her sweaters. Check it out!

Outerwear and Winter Accessories have never looked better than they do on Kristin. She shows us 'How to Dress for the Office' despite the cold. Love all the red and great wrap coat.
Johanna is 'Rose Tinted' from her mirror sunglasses to her lovely sweater. Those over-the-knee boots!!
'Fall Layers for Work Day' done the right way. Right Jen? The cloche hat I must say is the cherry on top of this sundae.
Konstantina has perfected the 'Ankle Boots with Leggings' look. Her sweater and bag are to die for!
Shelbee is 'Styling a Kimono' in a fancy, elegant way with her LBD underneath. I love her cut-out booties. Between the stunning bib necklace and classic black envelope clutch, she could wear this to a seasonal wedding.
Katherine has a 'Burnt Orange Obsession' too, like me. Her Fringe Sweater is lovely and way to style a black midi skirt with booties+socks. The beanie too adds to the chic athleisure vibe.

This week's Fabulous "Thursday Moda" Co-Host: Glass of Glam.
Roxanne has been wearing lots of distressed jeans lately and looking wonderful. Here is a snippet of some favorites of mine. I want and love all her collection of jeans, bags and shoes below.
From Roxanne's Mouth:
"My name is Roxanne, hailing from Washington D.C.! My blog, Glass of Glam is all about Style, Beauty, and Beverages. I work as an attorney during the day and a blogger the rest of the time! I live with my husband, two kitties...and president Obama is my neighbor. While I always post where you can find my clothing, I like to write about practical things and my daily inspirations rather than over-commenting on a style that you smart ladies can see in my photos!
Come visit me for more style, beauty, and beverages on my social channels:

Also linking with Ana Luiza and Michelle for their "Start Off Stylish" Linkup.
Lastly, linking with the ladies of "The Blended Blog".

F.Y.I. Since next week is Thanksgiving, I will be opening the "Thursday Moda" linkup next week a day early. I will see you here on Wednesday November 23rd at 6.00 AM eastern time.

Now join the linkup and make some new friends!

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  1. Love the rust color on you, Ada!


  2. Lovely layering! I think I have that white dress. I should pull it out for fall!

  3. Your cherry print top is sooo cute! I really like how you layered it underneath the white dress.

  4. what a pretty dress. I love how you added the jacket too! Just lovely

    Life is just Rosie

  5. Love your pumpkin colored jacket Ada! Perfect for fall, and the eyelet lace dress, so pretty! love how you layered it
    have a great weekend!
    jess xx

  6. I love the new haircut! It is very flattering on you.


  7. Love the rust jacket and yes I love wearing white for fall too :)

  8. The little white dress is my favorite, and I always love seeing that it is truly a seasonless piece!

  9. Love how that jacket make your outfit prefect for fall time.

  10. Thank you so much for the feature, Ada! And you are on fire with these cherry prints! Keep em coming because they're all so adorable! hubby knows he has photographer duty Saturday morning so I'm excited for all of the Fall Wedding Looks!
    Have a great rest of the week and weekend, girly!

  11. I love the layers and how you made this white eyelet dress work for fall! Such a great jacket too!

  12. Love how you transitioned this LWD!! Your jacket is fantastic too Ada!!

    xx, Elise

  13. Kinda loving the black tights with the white dress! Thanks for hosting!

    Dawn Lucy

  14. Love the idea of blouse under that white dress, Ada, such a gamine vibe!!

    On the blog today, I'm talking about the hush-hush topic of self-love. Yup. Me, myself and I. I'd love for you to come over and weigh in, and share your thoughts. It's interesting to note that despite it being the 21st century, and we're preaching confidence and empowerment, the subject still remains somewhat risque.

  15. Oh my goodness, Ada!!!! I had no idea I was featured!!!! I shared my posts on your blog this morning but I don't think you had your new post up yet. I am so flattered and honored - I honestly had NO idea until just this moment. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!! You have no idea how much this made my week :) I have had so much fun this past month learning how to blog and linking up with fabulous women like yourself! I appreciate the support and the kind words you mentioned above - I can't stop smiling...thank you thank thank you! Have a great week :) :)

    1. Also, just had to comment on how fabulous you look in that white dress. I love when you can wear pieces throughout the year - I love the orange jacket you layered over it - gives it the perfect fall touch. Still smiling by the way...thank you again :)

  16. I love wearing little white dresses and making them appropriate for Fall!

  17. Love wearing white in winter and fall! How awesome! Love your dress

  18. I love black and white outfits, and this one is lovely on you Ada!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  19. Ada, I love this cream, white, and black combination! The contrast is quite striking. And that bow blouse is oh so cute! I have no idea how I missed this post this week. Thank you for letting me know! And thanks so much for the feature. I am so honored to be featured next to so many gorgeous ladies!


  20. The dress looks so nice with the blouse underneath. The jacket adds a lovely pop of colour to the black and white.

    Emma xxx

  21. Love your white and black ensemble and thank you for the love, girl!

  22. You made this white dress fall perfection! Looks amazing!

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