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Oh my, the last day of August is here which means it will already be September tomorrow. It also marks the second half of the year for my Thursday Moda linkup which is going very well, thanks to you all. As I mentioned in my last Currently post, August 2016 was an extremely busy month for you. Well we traveled a bit and drove a lot and saw a lot of Michigan. We ate out quite a bit too and even Vivian did fun things with my sister-in-law and I. August 2016 was one for the books, a month I will never forget, or as I hash-tagged it on Instagram, "An August to Remember". Too bad it's over now. Let's see what I got planned for September, shall we?! I will be linking this post with Anne, by the way. 

reading: I just started "If I Was Your Girl", as I mentioned yesterday on my Instagram and I am almost half-way through it already. It is a great little book with a touching, very actual story. I think I will do a review on it once I am done. But for the author's (Meredith Russo) being her first book, it is definitely a great debut. The book came out in Spring 2016 by the way. I also just bought the September issue of "People Style Watch" - a magazine I haven't purchased in a long while - so I started reading and flipping through that, too. What are some other fun, easy-to-read books you suggest I read next?

trying: new recipes when it comes to food and drinks too. Anything involving vegetables, avocado, fruits, quinoa, chicken and turkey though I have never been a huge turkey fan. I made a stir-fry over quinoa the other day. I added water chestnuts, shitake mushrooms, snap peas, baby corn, sweet white onions, scallions and broccoli to it and mixed the soy sauce with a few spices and a hint of siracha (hot) sauce for a little spicy flavor.

hoping: for a quieter, slow-down kind of September. It has been a great Summer but a little crazy. We have done a lot of traveling and vacations and obviously as a lot of you have noticed, I have cut down my blogging time in half almost. I haven't posted as often, I don't comment as often, I haven't had time to read all the blogs I read regularly. Which is OK. But I am ready to have a more normal September, more of a regular schedule and I am hoping I get to accomplish the last things on my Summer bucket list, this September, like taking Vivi to the Zoo which I haven't done already. 

decorating: nothing, I haven't done much decorating lately. Because it has been a hot Summer, I haven't even decorated my outfits much (read: no statement necklaces, no statement earrings, no heavy jewelry). But I just bought some new little flowers which I plan on planting this weekend in our garden. So you could say I am decorating our front yard and garden. Also, I have been doing some closet purging and closet organizing. I tackled some of Vivian's drawers today and I even organized her many bows. She sure has A LOOOT of hair accessories. 

to do listing: nothing. I haven't done a to do list or used my calendar, my planner or a journal in weeks. Like I said I want to take it easy in September and relax a little bit. I do have a couple of collaborations in the works (blog-wise) and I have a few things (in my mind) that I want to get accomplished. But I am not writing down a to-do list, per say. 

Here is a little throwback to what I was wearing on this date or close date on the blog, last year or before.  I think this is a fun way to look into my past self and what I have worn previously and how my style has changed and evolved since then. =)

This is a look I pinned (I had just gotten Pinterest, by the way) from a favorite blogger at the time (who unfortunately doesn't blog anymore). She was wearing Kelly Green Skinny Jeans with a Navy Short-Sleeve Top w/ Polka Dots, Gold Ballet Flats and Hoop Earrings. I had just gotten my Kelly Green Skinnies and those Soft Leather Gold Ballerinas so I am glad I did my take on this stylish look which I would gladly wear again this year, right now. My top is different from the original pinned look. I stayed true to myself with a ruffled piece. I ended up loving this outfit. I am still very much into Colored Bottoms as my latest OOTD proves, blogged exactly three years later on August 29th 2016.

Exactly a year ago on August 31st 2015 I wore this Silk Navy Romper which I smoothly transitioned into Fall with an Elbow-Sleeve Faux Fur Shrug and Closed-Toe, T-Strap, Cognac Wedges. In the original post you will see this same little navy romper styled casually for Summer. Well, this was the first romper I had ever purchased (about 7 years ago) and one of the only ones I owned last year. Things really have changed though since now I own a lot of rompers and wear them a lot. And coincidentally (things coming full circle I guess), last year when I wore this romper, I was the co-host with Michelle's Pa(i)ge for her "Start the Week Off Stylish" linkup on Monday and the theme was Jumpsuits/Rompers. Funny thing is that Michelle is my co-host tomorrow for Thursday Moda where we will be styling the romper's sister: the jumpsuit. So stay tuned for that. I have a beautiful piece to show you.

P.S. Also linking with Alison, Allison, Brooke with Erica, Claire, Grace, 
Plus linking with the ladies of The Blended Blog.

I usually tutor on Wednesday evenings so it is a busy night for me. I will leave the linkup button down below so you can start linking up your outfits at 8.00 PM Eastern time tonight. And stay tuned tomorrow morning for a brand-new Outfit from both my co-host and I. Thank you all for reading.



  1. Thanks for sharing what you have in store for September! So glad you enjoyed your trip and are ready now to chill out at home. Love this blue romper!

  2. That romper is adorable! i love the navy and it paired with the little jacket!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  3. Isn't it nice to have nothing planned.

  4. It's so fun to look back at outfits from years past! Cute romper & I love the colored pants!

    Sounds like you had a fun but very busy August! Hope you'll have a fun and a bit quieter/slower September!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  5. Glad you had such an amazing August. Like the throwback pics.

  6. Thanks for inviting me over Ada, I remembered this week!! Thanks for hosting..

  7. Not enough hours in the day are there Ada ? And don't even get me started on to do list's ! I can never keep up with those. Here's to slowing down for winter and cosy nights in xx

  8. Love the romper from last year! Wish I could say I have no decorating going on. We still have so much to do and I ran out of summer. Pretty much every room in the house is in some stage of husband said the other day that it looks like we just moved in even though we've been here for 24!

  9. Can't believe it's September already either & yes I'm totally hoping for a more slow-paced September too!! Have a great long weekend Ada!

  10. I agree it's fun to look back on last year's photos! Also getting some fun fashion ideas! Jacqui

  11. Good for you relaxing a bit in September - I should take inspiration from that. Once I get done with the current to-do list, ha! And I love flipping through People Style Watch too - that would be good plane reading for my upcoming trip!

  12. Glad to hear you are cutting down blogging to spend more time to enjoy life :)

    Thank you for hosting and hope you are having a fab week!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.


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